Christmas Gift Guide for Graphic Designers

hi everybody happy holidays it is that time of year again it is time for my annual Christmas gift guide for crafters and graphic designers which is a very long title essentially it's just my favorite things that I think would make really good gifts that I want to tell all of you guys about I've been doing this video for a couple years now so if you want even more ideas I'm gonna put links to all of the previous ones right down below a lot of the stuff that I talked about in those is still available and I still like everything from those but I try to mix it up and feature new stuff every year so the first thing I wanted to mention which isn't an official part of the gift guide it's just a thing that I make every year it is the don't break the chain calendar this is a free printout that a ton of you guys are always asking me for and of course I'm going to continue to make it and have it available as a free download this is a productivity tool where you choose what activity you want to do every day and then you can ex out the days that you do that thing and then eventually you'll end up with a very long chain of days that you've done the thing and that becomes your motivation to not break the chain this is not a concept that I invented but a lot of you guys really seem to like the calendar that I make every year so is here again I'll put the blog post right down below it with the free printable download also I just wanted to give my annual shout out to my own merch store my merch store on dftba is a little weird now because I haven't made anything new for a while I'm just kind of trying to sell out of the stuff that's already there maybe next year I'll make some new stuff but for now if you're new here and you want to check it out I will have the link to that right down below as well and that is a great way for you guys to support this channel and also get some cool graphic design stuff okay so now that all of that is out of the way it is time for number one my christmas gift guide which is the entire shop of studio colt last year i featured this pin which is a Microsoft Paint dry erase pin it is like the best thing I've ever seen a common theme that you're going to see in these first couple things are like taking the Adobe and graphic design world and bringing them into real life that's the thing that I love so in addition to the paint pin she also has one for Photoshop and for illustrator and a new color picker pin with a ton of different colors on it she also has a minesweeper pin her patches are like my favorite patches in the world especially this giant word art patch like how does that exist that is the best thing I've everything in the store is the best thing I've ever seen and I'm gonna just keep describing every single thing as the best thing I've ever seen I'm just scrolling through her shop right now I love the tab whore pin that's so me she has a word art as pins as well if you're not into the giant patch she has the Photoshop toolbar as a keychain oh and then the gradient patch I love that one and then of course the Pantone pin also great you can pin it on any color and yeah it's again just kind of bringing graphic design into 3d in a really fun playful way so I'm gonna link her shop it right down below if any of that stuff caught your eye on a similar vein I also picked up this pin while I was at Adobe MAX and I think it is my new favorite pin it says pin final-final oh to that PDF which is so perfect you can actually buy these they were limited edition for Adobe MAX but there are some available online this was created by Isabel Lea who was one of the Adobe Creative residents which is a program that Adobe runs where they pick a few independent artists every year and pay them a full-time salary just to create so I'll put some of the information about the residency program down below as well they're gonna be so many links down there okay this next thing is along the exact same lines I first heard about this Etsy shop when somebody on Twitter posted an image of this keychain that they make it's called tea and buns and they just have a whole bunch of different like design themed keychains the graphic design is my passion keychain is so perfect I'm pretty sure I need that in my life I also love the color picker tool they also have a Photoshop toolbar keychain like the one from Studio cult oh and I love this tote bag which is the blue screen of death I again I need this in my life I think I'm going to be ordering that okay so I have one more set of pins to show you and then we'll be done with pins if you're not into pins this gift guide has been pretty pin heavy so far but anyway one of my favorite independent shops to follow on instagram is punky pins their photography is beautiful I love all of the products that they make and if you say a few months ago they came out with a few new stationery pins including some gel pens one that says planner addict and then this one is my ultimate all-time favorite it's a stack of washi tape is that not the best thing you've ever seen for me so after they posted about them on Instagram I made a comment being like I need these in my life and then they just sent them to me which was so nice and so I want to give them a huge shout out there's such a great company they make so many super fun pins and I think buying a whole bunch of like little pins and just giving them out to all of your friends is a great bulk gift like it's a great way to just get a bunch of gifts all at once for not too much money so these are available both on their website and on etsy and I'll have all of those links right down below alright moving on I have three books that I want to shout out this first one I first saw in this super like pricey independent fancy stationery shop and I am all for supporting small businesses but this book was very expensive there and I just figured I would you know not own it but then months later I was still thinking about it so I ordered it on Amazon don't hate me but it was like $30 cheaper but anyway it is the future a book and I don't know how much of that you can see on camera because this is all holographic like beautiful reverse embossed holographic text and then the sides are also shiny this is just the most beautiful book to have on your bookcase or on your coffee table and when you open it up of course the entire thing is all about the font Futura it's beautifully designed there are tons of pictures tons of examples and si is by some of the best type designers in the world so if you know someone who is really into typefaces or who just likes beautiful books I would definitely definitely recommend this one this next one I saw in a bookstore and I thought it was so funny that I made a note of it to include it in the gift guide if there was room and there's room because here it is it is called oh oh no what now I'm gonna censor that because this is a family-friendly channel but once again I love the spine of this one I think it's so fun a bright pink it would look great on any bookshelf oh and I didn't even read the second part of the title which is honest advice for new graphic designers so the pages are really thick so it's like it's not a long read but the book is just super beautifully designed I love the colors so if you know someone who is like graduating from art school or who is you know just doing graphic design work or who just loves beautiful pink books I really like this one and then finally at my third book is craft a life you love which is by Amy tangerine she has a like a business and an Instagram online of scrapbooking is her main medium and I've been following her work for years now I love everything that she makes so much and every time I see her around at events and stuff I always love getting to like hang out with her but she released a book which I love the cover of you guys know how much I love rainbow things this is so much in my aesthetic and it's not a crafting book like I had thought there aren't like craft projects in here what it is is a book full of exercises of how they like to figure out your priorities and keep your creativity going you'd like to keep making creative projects and not get burnt out or too busy so I think this would be an amazing Christmas present because with New Year's resolutions sometimes you can't like think of a resolution or you don't have a lot of like action items to actually make that resolution happen and this is like a much more structured New Year's resolution type of book so moving on if you don't know over the summer I launched a brand new at YouTube channel which is called Karen puzzles and that's all about jigsaw puzzles which is my favorite hobby and through doing that I've become a lot more like familiar with different brands and the differences between them so I could not make a gift guide video without mentioning a few jigsaw puzzles my top two brands this year are eboo and cloudberries and if you watch karen puzzles or if you follow my puzzle instagram you know that i cannot shut up about them but i just love their puzzles so much eva has really beautiful illustrated colorful puzzles i have a review over in my channel so you can see all of the little details all the stuff you never knew you wanted to know about jigsaw puzzles and I think that would be a perfect gift for like the whole family on Christmas to work on a puzzle together the thing about their puzzles is that there is no top or bottom so you can have like people working on it from every direction and it's just super high quality just beautiful beautiful puzzles and then cloudberries is a fairly new puzzle brand based in the UK and I love their puzzles I've been talking about them like pretty much ever since they launched and they got in touch with me to send me some puzzles and I was instantly obsessed but the exciting thing about cloudberries is that a bunch of their puzzles are now on Amazon Prime so it used to be that if you did not live in the UK the shipping was like as much as the puzzle was but now you can get a bunch of their puzzles over on Amazon for a lot cheaper than it used to be and then my very last thing that I want to talk about is Fiskars which are a craft supply tool I guess I haven't had a lot of craft supplies in this video but that's just the way it works out sometimes anyway as I mentioned in my halloween costume video over the past year me and a bunch of other crafters have been going to these secret secret meetings with Fiskars and giving our feedback on their new line of like scissors and other home improvement tools and that line is finally out these are my all-time like new favorite scissors the other thing that I love is a tape measure and here's the thing I had a really beautiful like super high quality tape measure years ago at some point in one of my moves like I lost it and I have not had a nice tape measure since so if Fiskars had not given me this I definitely would have put a really nice tape measure on my Christmas list but what I love about this one is that you open the tape measure and then it stops you don't have to like press a button to get it to lock it just automatically locks which is so handy and then you press the button to retract it so these two are my favorite but they also made saw a hammer a screwdriver a few other things all of them are great Fiskars is such a high quality company like every single thing that you get from them is just gorgeous so they might be a little pricier than other more generic tools but they're gonna last you a really long time so if you anyone who is like buying a house or moving into a dorm room or just needs like better home improvement supplies I really recommend these new tools I think they're all really great and that is everything that is my 2018 Christmas gift guide I hope you guys liked my picks this year I would love to know in a comment what was your favorite thing that I showed everything that I showed that is available on Amazon I'm gonna have Amazon affiliate links right down below in the description which means that if you order them through my link then I get a small part of that procede and I'm pretty sure the way that it works is that if you click my link and then buy literally anything else on Amazon I'll get a portion of anything else that you've high on Amazon so as you're you know doing your Christmas shopping or buying Christmas decorations or whatever it is just you know come by and click my links and that's just a great way to support my channel without costing you any extra money so there are just gonna be a ton of links down in the description so open that up go check it out and I think I've been talking at you for a really long time so I'm gonna go but Merry Christmas I hope you give and get all the presents that you're hoping for and I'll see you all next time

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  1. Sorry if you've answered this, but what are your thoughts on the puzzlewarhouse website? I'm interested in a few they have but don't know the quality.

  2. Merry x-mas Karen. I've been watching your channel for several years now, and it is so nice to see you are still full of life, enthusiastic, and excited by graphic design and crafting (and congrats on all your success with YouTube!)

  3. My fave is the Futura book. I bought one of your book recommendations last year and wasn't disappointed!

  4. I think it would be a cool video if you did “DIYs to do when you’re bored; thanksgiving edition”. I’m not complaining about the Christmas videos cause I love them. Just a suggestion

  5. I love your videos, especially the holiday gift guides! A few years ago I won the graphic design swag from your gift guide video and I still love and use everything!! And the puzzles you showed are awesome – the gradient puzzle is on my list this year!

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