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  1. translate me) не понимаю откуда у вас столько денег на такое оборудование ) и еще вы очень классно рисуете удачи в будущем )!

  2. I would both work with a tablet of this, but here in Brazil this tool is for little cost much, but the gain to make here is expensive , but in the meantime I 'm drooling in his work, I have the designer touch well but for now I 'm just on paper, very sorry for this lamentation , I liked your videos, I travel in the world of cartoons , thank you … if you see something wrong in Portuguese is because of kkkk translator

  3. Nice Drawing, but I really dont know why the guy got to go through all that software, from auto-desk sketchbook express to Illustrator to Photoshop when all this can be done in Photoshop alone…

  4. amazing cartoon, love the moviment and expression on your drawings, btw how do you set up your brush configs on illustrator? I've been experiencing some difficulties on it.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. I find the forest too much realistic compared to the two cartoon personnages, but this is just my opinion  🙂

  6. I subscribed just so I can ask you if you could please do more videos! It's enjoyable to watch your drawing process. 🙂 

  7. いいね!外人のこういうセンス大好き!

  8. i love doing  cartoons and caricatures    my question is where in chicago  il. can i learn  how to use this . what should i look for '  this is truley amazing and would love to learn how to do it ' can anyone help 

  9. I have this tablet as well, and I love it but the thing that bugs me is the sweat factor.  I have the smudge guard glove same as you but that doesn't help keep me from having to stop every 30 minutes to clean the screen off.  How do you reduce sweat? Or are you keeping your hand hovered above the screen?

  10. @TheMrA33

    – I can't comment on your comment for whatever reason so I post it in a new comment –

    That's great news man! You 're gonna love it!

    Starter tips… let's see…
    1) Set up your expresskeys: one step back, one step forward on the top buttons, pencil size on the touchstrip and zooming are gonna save you a lot of time.
    2) Set one of the pen buttons to spacebar (in Photoshop) so you can pan around your drawing when tou press it, draw further when you release it.
    3) Know you can set the expresskeys and penbuttons per program.
    4) Inking in Illustrator will help you make smooth lines and because your drawing is gonna be vector based it's gonna be free of resolution. 
    5) Make your own brushes in Illustrator and set size to pressure.
    6) Try different software, brushes, settings and sizes because it's not only personal but different jobs need a different approach sometimes.
    7) Tie the cables from your Cintiq together for it's a jungle otherwise.
    8) Use a "weird glove" 😉
    9) Put on some AC/DC while you draw. Everything is better with AC/DC!

  11. Hey dude! thanks for your advice on the cintiq!
    I am going to buy one within the next few days!
    I was wondering if you got any starter tips? 🙂

  12. It's much more natural. I first tried a Wacom Bamboo tablet but that feels very different than drawing on a piece of paper. It worked better than I expected though but you can't rotate your "paper" without loosing track which makes drawing large curved lines difficult for example. (At least for me) Maybe I got the hang of it if I had practiced more but I rather exchanged it for a Cintiq 😉

  13. Well i am very young and pretty much new to digital art. but i am so sure that this is what i want to with my life.
    And i think it could be more natural for me to draw on something where i can see what i draw 😛

  14. It depends on what artist you are I guess.
    It sped up my workflow quite a bit. Not only can I leave out scanning and inking with a brush and Indian ink, the expresskeys allow me to correct a wrong stroke immediately, zoom, change brushwidth fast and a few more handy things. I never touched a brush and rarely a pencil since I have the Cintiq. It's truly an awesome machine.

  15. Always a clean screen because you don't get sweat smudges and you are constantly wiping it clean by moving your hand across it.
    And much smoother movement because your hand causes no friction on the screen.
    It's almost a must when you draw on a screen.

  16. What does that half glove thing do? I thought those were worn to protect you from smudging drawings so I'm curious now as to what they actually do since you're wearing it while drawing on a Cintiq.

  17. Ha Roy, bedankt voor je complimenten. Tof!
    Dat muziekje heet Jingle Time Loop B en komt van iStockphoto

  18. Ha Jeroen, grote complimenten voor je teken kunsten heel mooi. Vraagje, hoe heet het eerste stuk muziek in de video vindt het erg leuk:-)?? Greetz Roy

  19. Thank you very much!! And ofcourse I totally agree with you… you can't have enough subscribers! 😉
    But I'm not complaining, I just uploaded my second drawing video 2 days ago and it took a while before the first one came to the attention.
    So I'm actually pleasantly suprised by what's happening lately here on Youtube, thanks to people like you!

  20. Easy on the compliments! Your elaborate feedback makes me blush. 😉
    That said, I used the Live Paint tool in Illustrator. If you select your lines and go to Object – Live Paint, Illustrator kind of makes paths between your lines.
    Use Gap Options to finetune how it handles the gaps between your lines.
    You can fill these paths with the live paint bucket (shortkey K).
    If you 're smart you copy your lines to a different layer before you use livepaint as it destroys a few line settings. Succes!

  21. Haha, sounds like you finally found the Christmas card making machine you 've been looking for so long.
    You know you can do more with it than making Christmas cards, do you? 😉

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