Christian Witternigg MA Graphic Design Communication

my name is Christian I'm studied graphic design communication you're the college parts I Virgin Australia house and took over when I'm working on an interactive piece which allows people to alter the shapes to see and modify it also reads renown Daleth on Twitter detects motions and Twitter feeds and I kind of have the feeling I can't want to show something there's the viewer looks of pieces reacts to what's happening right now something that was made like a month ago but it's actually always you need like whenever you look at it really just in this kind of the phone interactive generative approaches for every piece is yeah just the way you look at it right now next owned it might be different again I think yeah this is a great part about living it done that there's so much creativity so much we are artists around so many exhibitions of linkages at least for me this was really inspiring and living in a neighborhood now all fish island which is apparently groups of doctors very creative community and it's just amazing I'm surrounded by creatives artists and constantly getting to inspiring just on the way to college get inspired all the time something like this a fascinating place if you want to work in very few but I'm really interesting about this course is all the different approaches to graphic designs we don't just have here a collection Flyers folks but all different kind of outcomes with animations installations of course poses as well the books drawings and sculptures don't think that's quite unique for graphic design course that there's so many various outcomes you don't really know what to expect I don't really know what to expect for cosmic sometimes so when I walk in like we are really excited about that just be surprised and to experience the show like every other probably do I think it's quite a unique thing and compared to other courses or out of the visuals I've seen it's just a whole variety of people from everywhere across the world showing so many different things all different kind of approaches to graphic design and the thing that's x completo you

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