100 Replies to “Chewy Crunchy Food vs. Crunchy Chewy Food Taste Test”

  1. I wish I get notifications when episodes go up i have my thing set to all yet i didnt get this 7 hours ago I never do

  2. It's odd how now they HAVE to do food videos all the time now. It's all people watch. This is basically a cooking channel now…

  3. Litterally just started thinking about the Tokyo bit, but didn't think it was gonna happen in this episode xD

  4. OPINION: Rhett and Link have seemed very hit and miss lately for me… Maybe the stress of touring and the book, etc, but they've also seemed a bit… Um… Aggressive toward each other. Today seems like they're really on their game, thanks for being your Mythical Best™.

  5. Haha, Link said "monumentous." I've done that too, but it's not a word, though I think it should be. It's a portmanteau of monumental and momentous. :3

  6. Had to make celery chewy the hard way. Freeze it unprotected and thaw it. Done this by accident with other similar vegetables and they get floppy from all the water in the cells exploding as they freeze.

  7. i literally said to my myself before i watched the episode i havent heard rheet do the tokyo thing in forever and today was finally the day 😃

  8. Link wouldn’t have to worry about breaking a tooth. He’d pull back a nub the first time he tried to finger my food, when he has the same thing.

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