all right, it’s finally time for the cheap art supply challenge. You guys have been asking for this for ages. I did do a crayola challenge a couple years ago a crayola pencils challenge and I haven’t done anything like this since so I figured it was time to do another cheap art supply challenge, so for this challenge I actually got all the art supplies from the dollar store And so I have some poster board that I cut up to be a smaller size I got some pencil crayons some markers and these watercolor paints just all super basic stuff that I got for a dollar 25 each at dollar tree here are the paintbrushes that I picked out and Finally some stuff I had laying around the house just a bic ballpoint pen a regular HB pencil and a regular pink eraser and Then I decided to get this piece of glitzy scrapbook paper It’s almost like a thick card stock and I also got some glitter Paints that I used for detailing then I had this white acrylic paint that actually got a dollar tree a couple years ago But I had it lying around so I figured out. I’d use it for highlights, so the first thing I did was I did some swatches on the paper to see what it was like I also tried blending with the markers seeing how that went definitely chewed up the paper and I also tested out how the glitter Reacted to the markers into the paint like if it Made some of the color wear off that kind of thing and I found that it did wear off the paint a little bit So when I did end up using that I decided to stipple it on instead of doing strokes because that would cause it to smear So what were my opinions on the supplies um? Really cheap art supplies aren’t that bad to use especially for just casual art. You know if you’re we’re Gonna sell that art It’s not very good to use because it’s not very good quality Materials, and they’re probably not going to last very long before they start to fade or break down But I would say markers are the most difficult thing because water-based markers don’t behave at all like alcohol-based Markers and Copic Markers prisma colors Pro markers all those kinds of markers are Alcohol-based and so you’re able to layer them and blend them without it eating through the paper So with these ones that I got from the dollar store They’re definitely difficult because they had these tiny little nibs and so when I tried flicking the marker it Wouldn’t leave a fine point like the feather blending technique. I couldn’t really do that and When I tried blending and layering it would eat through the paper. I’m lucky that this paper is somewhat thick the only other paper They had at dollar tree was this sketch Pad, and it had super super thin pages, and it was just for sketching and it was not for this kind of Media so That’s why I just bought a big piece of poster and cut it up Since there was really no good color to use for skin except for my brown pencil I decided that I would go with an unnatural color which is pink Because I really wanted to use the watercolors. I did not want to try going in with The markers for the scene because they’d just be too weird no the colors are just very bright colors and so I didn’t want to do that and The pencils when I tested them out, they’re very waxy and not pigmented at all they were They’re really not good So definitely my favorite out of all [of] them was the watercolor set and So that’s what I decided I wanted to use for the majority of the picture at least for the base color and then I could Go in with the other ones to add some detail. So when it came time to come up with a sketch idea I really had no clue But I decided to base it on the glitter colors that I got I got a pink Turquoise and gold and so I wanted to incorporate colors like that into it and I also really really liked the green when I swatched it on the watercolor set because it was almost a little more on the blue side and So I figured it’d be really nice to mix the green and the blue together So I decided I wanted tail in pink And I also quite liked the purple watercolor so I decided to add in some purple as well I didn’t end up going with any kind of gold detailing I just used the glitter you’ll see what I do later on, but them yeah my main colors Where’d the teal pink and purple and some Reddish color like a bit of red and blue? So I just sketched it out directly on the paper since I figured using a [lightbox] Would be against the rules for the two parts of light challenge um it’s not like there’s any hard rules for this it’s just do whatever you want, but I tried [to] keep things as Inexpensive as possible so I sketched on the piece of paper And then inked on top of that directly and the little paper you see off to the side was a little test paper because I wanted to know if the [paints] or the markers would Smear the pen ink and the only thing I found that smeared it was the yellow marker and So I decided to just stay away from that but for the paints it was fine so I made sure to just do a really thin line of pen and Not thick in any areas that I would normally Thicken I decided I would color at first then go back over the line art to fix it up and make it look nicer So here I am going in with the paints and to make the pink I took some red and put it directly on top [of] the white paint and mixed it around and then I decided to use some purple for shading because With such limited colors. There’s not much you can do It’s an [8] color set one of the colors [is] black one is white so there’s not a whole lot you [can] do for shading other than using a different color and Because of this though the shadows aren’t very dark And I didn’t really feel like going over top [of] that with marker at least not for the skin because I felt like I [would] Ruin it. It was just I was trying really hard to stay away from those markers for the most part, but I Would like to do a challenge a cheap art two-ply challenge where I only use markers. I’d probably use crayola ones [though] like the fine tipped ones the skinnier markers I kind of want to buy a pack of those and Try making a complete picture out of them. I already know it’s not gonna be that great, but hey It’d be fun to try at [least] And the pencils I got compared to crayola pencils way worse. Crayola pencils are actually kind of nice I really like them. They’re [a] lot better than sort of random Non-branded pencils that you find like let’s say you get this little art kit and it comes with some markers it comes with some paints, and it comes with some pencils usually those pens will suck and Crayolas are actually not very bad at all So people were kind of offended like oh, you called this a crayola challenge like I use these all the [time] I take offense that you consider it a [challenge], but that’s not really what I mean Sort of the point of these videos is to show that even though you have cheap art supplies It doesn’t mean you can’t make nice art sure it will hold you back to a certain extent but ultimately it’s your knowledge of how to draw in color and lighting and All that kind of stuff plays a bigger role than what the art supplies are it’s your Actual knowledge that matters more sort of like what I did the right hand challenge Because I’m left-handed. I tried drawing with my right [hand], and I’m not ambidextrous [it] was just that like of [course] it turned out decent But that’s because I was going really really slow and my knowledge of drawing is still there [just] because I’m using a different body part or a different medium [it] doesn’t mean I suddenly forget how to color or forget how to draw you know so Yeah, so I actually think this fixture is pretty nice even though it’s cheap art supplies markers like I keep saying That’s where things get a little iffy [for] me But like pencils and watercolor not bad and just a disclaimer I’m not very used to watercolors at all so I can’t really say [how] this compares to professional watercolors because I’ve never used Professional watercolors, and I’m also not used to [watercolour] painting techniques, so that probably held me back a little bit in this picture but um I Think they’re pretty nice one thing though is that when they dry. They’re not all that pigmented. They’re [alright], but not a whole lot of pigment there and so Yeah But I overall quite liked him, and I really liked my brushes. I thought they are pretty nice brushes like Probably on Par with what you would find in an art store for [they’re] really really cheap brushes obviously not They’re not the same as the fancy ones, but the really cheap ones you can still find in our stores The same kind of [paintbrush]. I think so. I was pretty pleased with that. I didn’t use the filbert at all I just used the round brush and the stipler Mostly just used to round throughout So I was really pleased with this and like it just proves you don’t need the fancy stuff like eventually you might want to upgrade but Don’t feel like you need to have brand name supplies, and you need to have [Kopecks] I can I mean [if] I would still stay away from water-based markers if you’re really passionate about art, but there’s You know you don’t have to go for all the top brands So yeah, I feel like I’m kind of being a broken record now, so I’ll stop saying that But yes, also a point. I wanted to mention. Is that I was actually live-streaming during this entire process and is Super fun and I’m gonna be live shaving a lot more often now So I want [to] get into a schedule where I’m live-streaming once a week for art and once a week for video games I don’t know if I can commit to specific days like I want to say Mondays and Fridays But I might say [okay] the art [streams] gonna be like either Sunday or Monday and then the [games] [room] is Gonna be either Thursday Or Friday like I can’t I kind of have to give myself a range I can’t just pick one day cuz there’s always something that’s going to come up but I’m not going to be able to stick to that schedule because it’s different than a Youtube video schedule because You know I don’t sound like I’m drawing this live. It’s I Do it on my own time and then all I’ve to do is post it at the scheduled time It’s not like a live stream where you’re committed to staying there for several hours at that post at times Yeah, as you just saw there I used a marker to add in some detail Into the hair and then I went back over with some of the pencils to add some more color like I used to light green And I used some white and some blue for the shaded areas And then I also used the purple pencil to add some Scales to her and used a couple other colors just to add I’ve been a detail to the scales Mm-Hmm, and what if I touched on [everything] I wanted to mention. I feel like there are so many things and Yeah, hope I didn’t miss anything [that] [I] wanted to say okay, [now’s] when I’m going back in [with] my ballpoint pen too thick in some areas and just go back over the lines because they Did lighten when I erased and they lightened again when the pink covered them and so? Yes plus I just left all the lines thin initially like I mentioned just to minimize Smearing and I’m going in [whit] for the background And I decided to just mix some blue paint and black paint to make kind of a dark background but did it really hit up being that dark, but then Yeah, just to sort of indicate she’s underwater. I don’t know it you know Just fill it on with some colors and here. I’m going with them in with the white acrylic paint and adding some details there Adding some dots to the bra area and now we’re going in with the glitter and this stipple brush So office is when everything turned magical. I think what I really really liked is that I used pink glitter on the purple areas Because I didn’t want to make her skin glittery But that’s the only pink area and so I use the pink on the purple which I think is so great how it’s just slightly Different color it makes it really pop and then I use the teal on the teal hair But then it also added some gold into the hair and that’s when it [really] just is like, [haha] I thought it looked so good and I’m probably going to be using this glitter a lot more. It’s not very Dense glitter It’s like a lot of clear gel and a little bit of glitter. Which is understandable because it’s a dollar store item You know can’t complain [and] then I had to mount it onto the glitter paper. I tried using a glue stick I didn’t think it would work and sure enough. It did not so then I tried tape I’m like I don’t know if this is [Gonna] stick to the glitter It did not it kind of worked, but I gave up and I used my E6000 glue Which is the only Liquid glue I have So I hope you guys don’t think this is cheating [cuz] really mounting it is totally optional [it] it’s not really even part of it but it was the only thing that I’d actually stick [to] the glitters, so [Aha], that is the finished picture and at the end of the video there’s going to be an annotation that will link you to my Crayola pencils challenge that I did a couple [years] ago And there’ll also be a link in the video [description] if you want to check that out and if you want to make it to My other live streams be sure to follow me on twitch again link in the video description So you don’t miss out because I won’t [always] make a youtube video to announce it. Anyway, glitzy glitzy mermaid girl! I like it! So thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next video Look [you’re] back under there, and they’re happy yeah, and that happened what you want to be back over here with me I’ll build you a bridge the leg bridge come on, baby what?


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