Channel Swap with Draw Ninja KC How to Customize Your Hydroflask Portrait Painting Demonstration

hi welcome to my studio its Dena
Tollefson I’m so glad to have you here today it’s gonna be a lot of fun today
it’s gonna be a channel swap with my wonderful dear friend Draw Ninja KC
and how this works is he’s going to be doing a demonstration here on my channel
and I’m gonna be doing an art talk over on his do you have one of those plain
Hydroflasks and always wish that it could look jazzier well Draw Ninja KC
does these amazing Hydroflask transformations and that’s what he’s
going to be showing you here today is how to turn your Hydroflask into a
beautiful work of art so I hope that you will subscribe to him he is so talented
and such a nice and wonderful and caring person if you’ve gotten a chance to see
his Listerine bottle that he did it looks all of his all of his work is just
stunning but it looks so realistic but yet so
colorful and so vibrant just like he’s a wonderful and vibrant person so without
any further ado here is Draw Ninja KC oh thank you for such a great
introduction Dena as Dena said I’m gonna show you guys how to do a custom
painting on a Hydroflask but before I get into that let me tell you a little
bit about myself I’m very much into realism in the conventional sense as in
portraits and such and also in the unconventional sense of the realistic
drawings of superheroes on my channel you’ll see me do many different
tutorials and drawings in different styles and media including color pencils
watercolor hyper realism comic-book style pen and ink and on
occasion you’ll even see me light matchstick with a spinning kick lately
I’ve been taking to customizing Hydroflasks on my channel now a lot of people
have actually asked how it is that I get my customization so realistic or how it
is that my approach is so simple yet effective and today I’m going to show
you how I do my Hydroflask so that if you want to do one for yourself you can
follow this tutorial so let’s go to protect it I tape off the spout with
masking tape then I take a stripper and spray the entire can especially the
bottom as to move the previous graphic that was on the bottle after you sprayed
let it sit for two or three hours after two or three hours the paint should be
able to come off very easily now it’s time to put the white canvas on
it and you can do that with either an airbrush which is my personal preference
or you can also do it with a kind of spray paint white spray paint I prefer
to use a airbrush with acrylic paints but if you do not have an airbrush it’s
perfectly fine to tape off the top and use spray paint out of the can I usually
start with the bottom I make sure it’s a solid white then I spray it with the
coat of workable fixative to protect it after I turn the bottle right-side up from here on you will just use light
coats on the bottle as you cover each side little by little it’s a very
important tip for you to keep a fan or something of the like on the bottle when
you spraying it because it does help the paint to dry quickly or else you’ll
probably end up with the big runny mess after you finish coloring the whole
bottle in white it’s very important that you again spray the entire bottle with
workable fixative to protect the paint from coming off while you’re working on
it because the paint is delicate at this point but the workable fixative helps it
stay in place so now that you’ve done all the prep
work it should look like this and now you’re ready to add your drawing believe it or not I approach every
drawing differently depending on the detail and the specifics of the during
this particular drawing I’m just gonna start off with light pencils I start off
with light pencils and then went in to darken all the important areas I knew where the color was gonna go so I
wanted to get the basic colors out of the way because it had a lot of black on
it and when you have a portrait or a picture with a lot of black I tend to
try to get the colors where they need to be first before black I have to lay down all the absolute
blacks I like to go back in with a blending stump for shading I do that by
rubbing the blending stump on ebony pencil in order to pick up some of the
ebony pencil and then just use it to shade parts of the face and as you see
here I’m going in with the color and now comes the liquid frisket and
basically when you’re doing a background anything that you don’t want the paint
to get on you’ve covered with the liquid frisket let it dry and then go to town
on your background it’s my preferred masking technique I wanted to do two different pictures of
her so I blended them together one picture
had her with just her white face but I loved the background of one of the other
pictures as you see here so I used that background but I used another picture
another reference material from her but the face was white so I had to add green
to her face in order to make it feasible that she’s in a green atmosphere with a
green face with white face and this is something becoming one of my signature
touches where I outline the face of the portrait to allow it to stand out but
also separate it a little bit from the background and I think it’s awesome now
when you’re finished with your masterpiece
it’s very important to add a clear protective coat on it for the finishing
touch so that it’s sealed in protected basis without worrying about it getting
any scratches or so there you have it I guarantee you if you follow those steps
you also will be able to make a cool Hydro flask like this I mean it’s not a
Hydroflask hydro flask it’s a Hydro flash type bottle
but Hydroflask is a brand and this is a drinking water bottle but I call all of
them Hydro flask because I’m not gonna worry about what they’re called they’re
all called hydro flasks in my opinion all right but I hope you
guys liked it I hope you guys enjoyed the video thank you so much Dena for
having me on your channel this was a blast to collaborate with you I will be
giving away this particular Hydroflask wink wink on my channel so subscribe to
my channel and also check out the video the upcoming video more information on
how you can win that particular hydro flask alright
thanks a lot Dena I really had a blast doing this on your channel and I hope we
can get a chance to do this again oh my goodness
isn’t he amazing I’m so excited to have been able to do this collaboration with
Draw Ninja KC I hope that you will come back again and to my studio and I hope
that you’ll come and visit Draw Ninja KC’s studio as well so until next
time this is Dena Tollefson all my best to you bye bye

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  1. Thank you for stopping by today! Isn't Draw Ninja KC fantastic? This Channel Swap was a lot of fun to do. The process to make a custom hydro flask has a lot of steps, but Draw Ninja KC takes you through the whole process and he makes it easy for you to follow along so you can make your own version. Be sure to subscribe to his channel, and then watch me over on his channel as I give you 7 tips to help you get in an art gallery. Take care art family and see you next week!

  2. Really fantastic Draw Ninja KC performance πŸ™‚ Thank you Dena for amazing sharing! Like and enjoy, Joseph πŸ™‚

  3. Just came over from KC's channel! I loved your video, Ms. Dena! and I love his art work as well! Y'all are both AMAZING and TALENTED artists!

  4. Awesome. I'm subscribed, not only a cool realism channel- he's also apparently a genie who will grant you a wish to come true if you subscribe to his channel it says πŸ™‚

  5. Splendid, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Dena!! What an interesting collaboration ^^ I loved it ^^ you have the best ideas ^^ Draw ninja Kc made an amazing… wait no… a MINDBLOWING artwork of Maleficent, omg he draws so good!!!! I immensely enjoyed watching lovely Dena ^^ have a beautiful weekend ^^

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