CANVA: Free Tool For Quick, Easy Graphic Design

hi guys this is tony with sites out youtube now you may not be a graphic designer but you still want to create stunning images for your business and online marketing then you're in for a treat today canva is a free tool to design images from pinterest facebook your blog or website offline presentations and a lot more the user interface is attractive and sexy and the tool itself is intuitive and easy to use after you sign up get started by clicking on start a new design and select from the options social media presentation poster facebook cover blog graphic Pinterest document card photo collage business card invitation or Facebook app click on one and the next screen presents you with your working palette choose a layout fill in any text you want choose from dozens of backgrounds or upload your own graphics for use manipulate make changes to your heart's content canva offers tons of free content to use and also premium stuff that only runs round dollar which is really cheap for stock images now take a look at how quickly I put something together pretty sweet huh after you're happy with your completed project you can share it on Twitter or Facebook link to it your designs are archived for you download it or publish it if you don't want to dig deep into graphic design and need some good stuff spice up your projects be sure to give canva a try thanks for watching please subscribe to this channel if you haven't already so we can keep you in the online business blue this is tony this I tell you to

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  1. i'ma gonna give it a try as well cause I need a picture for my intro maybe I'll do something awesome

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