Canon RF 35mm F 1.8 macro – Video Test and Sample Photos!

Welcome to touch technology review today
I’ll be taking a look at this bad boy the canon RF 35 1.8 STM lens designed
for the brand new EOS R mirrorless range of cameras. This is the first of the RF
series of lenses that I’ve acquired and I’m using it mostly for video production
where I’m shooting in 4k and the reason being for those of you aren’t aware is
that when you’re shooting in 4k you actually get a significant crop factor
of around 1.7 so my go-to lens for this type of shot the 50 1.2 L Series prime
that I was using previously essentially acts as an 85 to 90 millimeter telephoto
lens but I’m shooting in 4k so for me as a solution when I’m shooting this type
of video I’m going to be using the 35 millimeter as my main lens in 4k and it
will essentially act as a 55 millimeter focal length lens and that’s what you’re
seeing right now the 35 is sitting on the tripod there with my EOS R about 2
meters away and it’s recording this at the 1.8 aperture which allows me to get
significant amount of background blur and gives me that separation from the
subject and the background and has that really nice shallow depth of field look
that I’m accustomed to when I’m shooting with my 51.2 so when I’m shooting in 4k
the 35 is gonna act as my 55 me lends when I’m shooting in 1080p or still
photos it acts as its native focal length at 35 millimeters which makes it
ideally suited for interiors travel photography landscape and even product
photos taking advantage of that macro capabilities so there’s a lot of
versatility that I can get out of this lens when shooting with my EOS R, I’m going to show you some of the photos that I’ve taken with this lens and some video
clips as well so stick around and check those out next in terms of build quality
it is rather solid but it is mostly made of plastic and doesn’t have that heavy
durable feel that you get from an L Series lens the glass elements are
noticeably smaller but despite this the actual
image quality get out of the lens in my opinion is really quite comparable to
what you would normally expect from a much more expensive L Series lens and of course one of the advantages of RF Series lenses is the user customizable
control ring which you find on the front of the lens that allows you to apply any
custom function be at ISO aperture or shutter speed onto that control ring and
use that whilst you’re out and about in the field very useful in manual
photography and you can put your favourite most used setting on that
control ring for easy access a really nice feature so now I’ll show you some
photos and videos that I’ve taken with this 35 millimeter lens thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed
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if you’ve got any questions whatsoever about this 35-millimeter 1.8 lens or anything in general feel free to put those questions in the comments box
below thanks for watching see you on the next one bye for now you

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  1. i have this lens also the sigma 18-35 but wondering if i should get the rf 24-105 or 100 macro 2.8 for video and some photography

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