Canon Powershot A1100 IS Digital Camera

Hello everybody and welcome
to ComputerTV, I’m Sam your host and today I’m going to be talking
about the Canon Powershots. These are the A1100
and as you can see they come in some beautiful
colors, we have pink, we also have silver and blue and
today I’ll be showing you all around this beautiful pink Canon. Now
this is a 12.1 megapixel camera. You have a 3.3x optical zoom,
and a 4x digital zoom. You also have a 2.5 inch LCD
screen with a viewfinder, ok? Now Canons are starting
to put viewfinders back so that’s a nice little
added option you have. Now you have 15 shooting modes,
12 scene modes, you have movie mode, you have face detection, motion
detection, also image stabilization for all of you people out
there with shaky hands and you have red eye reduction
and this camera comes with a 128 meg SD card already.
Now this is probably too small for you, you’re going to want
something with some more storage so just go out and get an SD,
an SDHC or a MMC card and you can have all
the storage you need. Now this is a great
beginner camera. It’s perfect you know, if you want something
easy, point and shoot, you’re going to get your,
a beautiful picture, beautiful image. With 12.1 megapixels you know
it’s going to be great, it’s going to be crystal clear.
And you know if you’re looking for stylish design this
is a really easy, the curve makes it
really easy to hold on to and grip in one hand and it
has a lot of great features. So let’s start with our tour now,
I’m going to power on, here’s the power button
right here and you have your mode selection wheel to go
through all the different modes of this camera. You have
your shutter release right here and we’ll turn it over
and you’ll see again you have your 2.5 inch LCD screen,
you have your speaker right here, your playback button,
your printer button, and look it’s a dedicated
button for face detection. Now a lot of times you have to
scroll through a bunch of menus and try to find face detection
to turn it on and off, well you don’t have to do that
with this Canon, it’s right there. And you also have more dedicated
buttons around the wheel for your flash, your exposure,
your macro mode and your landscape mode
and right down here this is your self-timer. You
have your menu button here to get into the nitty-gritty
settings if you choose and your display button right
here if all of these numbers are getting a little much for you,
you can have a screen with nothing so you can really really
focus in on that image. Oh look you can see, look face
detection is working already. That box right there it
is detecting my face, I’m going to get the best
optical exposure possible. Right there, look at that.
Ok, cool stuff. Now this is a nice size
lens as you can see, it’s a 3.3x optical, you also
have a 4x digital on this baby and you can zoom in and out
with this control here, nice, go wide and tight.
Now let’s take a look at the inner workings
of this thing. Alright so right now we are
in P mode, which is program mode. Now this is where you can really
customize your settings here. If you hit this
function set button we’ll scroll through some
of the options here. Here’s your ISO, now you have
ISO capabilities up to 1600, however you do have a scene
mode with ISO 3200 so you have to note
those two things. We’ll scroll down and you
have some exposure settings and we’ll go through
a couple of them now. You have auto, you have daylight,
cloudy, Tungsten and you can see all the different others here.
We’ll stick to auto. We’ll scroll on down right here
and now you can set colors if you want to have a
particular tint to your image. Scroll down and you have evaluative,
this is for your incident focus. It’s smart focus actually and
here you can tell the camera what exactly to focus on, if they
should focus on one subject or the whole image. And we’ll
scroll down you have 2 shot modes, single shot or continuous shot.
And here you can set the size of your image, if 12.1
megapixels is too much you can go through
and change it to 8, 5 so on and so on. Ok so that’s
pretty much program mode for you. If you want to do the work,
set your camera into program mode. Now if you want something that’s
super easy, point and shoot, you just go up to your scroll button
and you select easy mode, ok? Now easy mode you
can’t control anything, the camera is going
to do all the work. Now you also have
auto mode on here, and it’s important to note that
the difference between easy mode and auto mode is auto mode you
can’t do anything but when you’re, I mean easy mode. Easy mode
you can’t do anything but when you’re in auto mode
the only thing you can do is change the size
of the image. But look ok, right now
I’m in easy mode and when I go into my menu
nothing, nothing is popping up, it won’t let me because the camera
is going to do all the work for you. Alright now if you notice on
your mode selection wheel you have this scene
selection right here but you have have some
selections along the wheel where you don’t have to
actually go into the menu, ok? So for example right now
we’re in portrait mode and we’ll keep on going down.
Right here landscape, there’s a couple of them, night
time, you have kids and pets, and you have indoor
and then we’ll get to, this is our scene. It says
foliage but I set that ok? So keep in mind you have
15 different shooting modes, 12 different scene modes ok?
Ok we’re in scene mode, and right now we’re on foliage, if
you’re taking you know pretty pictures of flowers or landscapes
but if you scroll through you’ll see all the different
other options you have. You have snow, look at the
snowman. You have ISO 3200 if you’re shooting in low light,
and remember I told you about that in the beginning of this video.
You also have sunset mode, night scene, fireworks,
you have long shutter mode. Now this is going to really
add some cool motion blur effects to your picture. Have you ever seen
pictures where cars are driving by and their lights kind of,
you know stretch out, you know this long look,
they look like streaks almost? That’s what long shutter
mode is going to do. You also have beach mode
and aquarium mode which as you can see it’s going
to help determine your flash so if there’s a lot of glass
it will turn the flash off to make sure you
don’t get a glare. Alright so that is
scene mode for you and we’ll go back up to
our selection wheel and go into movie mode.
Now movie mode is great, if you’re taking you know
picture, if you’re taking video, while you’re on a road trip or hey
you’re going away for summer camp, you want to have some really
good memories of your friends and family trips, whatever it
is movie mode is great. You can just upload to
YouTube, upload to Facebook. Alright so right now we’re
in movie mode and again if you hit the function set
button right here and scroll down you have exposure
settings, you have color settings and right here you can set
the size of your movie. Now you have
640 by 480 resolution, or if that’s too big you have
320 by 240 resolution. So again if you’re uploading these
videos to YouTube or Facebook you’re going to want to make
sure that you’re shooting with the 320 by 240
because if it’s too big it’s going to take a really
long time to upload. For nicer quality go for the 640.
Ok so that’s movie mode for you. Now you’re probably
wondering you know what happens after you
take all these pictures. Well let me actually
take a picture first, I’m going to go
into easy mode because I don’t feel like
setting any settings right now. Alright I’m going to
take a picture of myself, we still have face
detection? Oh yeah. Ok take a picture, now
to view my picture I just go into
playback right here. Ok? Now once you
are in playback, kind of looks like I have a
mullet on or something, what’s up with the hair?
Ok, you can start a slide show right away by clicking
this set function button. Alright there’s my slideshow. Ooh
it has pretty transitions as well. Now let me take it off easy mode
so I can go and get into my menu. Ok. Made it into program
mode. Now if you go into, oh we have to go
back into playback. Go back to playback,
so here is my photo and if you go into
menu, here. This is where you can customize
your slide show even more, i-Contrast which is really going
to help you with your shadows if you’re looking for even
more cool effects. Red eye correction, you know kids
and people with really light eyes they always get red eye and this
will help you correct that and you don’t even have
to plug into your PC. Alright you can resize,
you can protect your image so nothing can happen to it, nobody
can erase it or change it in any way and you can rotate
your image as well. And here are some more effects
right here for your slide show. Like I said you can, you saw
that cool transition before well look you can change
the transition as well. So a lot of neat features
in playback mode that you don’t even need to
hook up to a PC to edit which is really nice especially
if you’re on the go and you don’t have a
computer near you. Ok so this is it, this is the
Canon, this is the A1100. Now let me show
you one more thing. You have your A/V and
your DC port right here as well as your
USB port, ok? Now this is how you’re going
to charge the camera, also hook up to your PC so
when you get back from your trip, you must you must remember to take
all your pictures off your camera and let the whole world see them
because what are pictures if they just stay on your camera.
And if you turn it over right here you’ll see this is for your tripod.
Now this takes two AA batteries and I’m going to
open it like so so you can see. There you go.
Two AA batteries right there and there is your SD card. Remember
it comes with 128 meg SD card but you’re probably going to
want a bigger one if you ask me. There you go. Alright so we are
really now all done here. This is the Canon,
this is the A1100. It comes in pink, also
you have pretty silver and you have pretty blue so
whatever favorite color is yours definitely check this one out
and we’ll see you next time. For more information on the
Canon Powershot A1100 just visit any of
these major retailers and type in
Canon PowerShot A1100 into the search box.
For ComputerTV, I’m Sam. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Channel: TigerDirectBlog

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  8. Great vid!!
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  9. @retrogamerSam The new Canon a1200 has a viewfinder and it now has HD video recording at a very good price.

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