Canon M100 vs. M50 in Wireless App Control | What’s different?

Today we’re doing a quick video on the
Wi-Fi capabilities of the M100 and the M50. They are quite different. There is a
lot less in the M100 than the M50. I did have a question about that recently, and I have
it in the past. I wanted to just go over it in more detail. So this phone here is
connected to the M100. This is a newer phone than that one. If there were any
software differences this would have the best stuff. Now it is set up in video mode at
the moment with the M100. You can see all we’ve got in here is just photo. See the back screen is not working at all when it’s connected. Just make sure,
but you can see we can’t touch to focus. We can adjust autofocus type. We have
faced detect, which does work. Single point, and then area… Take single photos,
multiple, 10 second timer, or 2 second timer. In this specific setup all you’ve
got is ISO adjustment and exposure compensation. It’s basically in program
mode, but if we switch to photo… Let’s go back.. go back.. and try that again.
So in this case we got into manual. I had the camera set to manual previously.
So it does actually allow this, I wasn’t sure. But in this case we can still do
photos. We can focus as we want. And that beep.. I can’t turn it off with this setup
for whatever reason. So you can adjust all the settings that you would like
here with the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. And actual extra settings there really
isn’t anything else. Touch AF.. you can adjust where the screen is positioned,
but it’s not related to the camera. Very limited within the M100, but it is nice. You
take photos very easily. You can focus as you want. You just can’t do video. You can’t
do anything related to that. But with the M50 you have pretty much full capability.
So we’re in manual. I can adjust stuff on the screen and it shows up in the app,
which is very nice. For whatever reason you wanted to do
something here or here you can actually switch the dial on the top. You see it
switch to video mode, and it only does video now because it’s in that mode. So
you can start your video, stop your video… You can focus. Adjust the types of
focus. Let me just stop it real quick. So you can see I stopped it from the actual
camera instead of app and it still worked just fine. Levels on here, which is
nice. You have all this stuff down here.. So you can do white balance, auto focus
type, you can change the type of video recording in this case. Do all the levels.
You can see that’s adjusting as I’m talking. In here you can adjust the actual
levels with this slider. So very good with the app and the M50 for video. I used
this a lot in the past with my videos. Most of my setup now is not where I need
to do this, but it is extremely convenient. So you can easily adjust all
the settings you would want, and I have it set up in manual video mode. If this
were not in manual video or if you’re in the standard one you can see all the
settings changed instantly when I switched. So we go back to a photo mode. So
in this case manual. All the manual settings, or it gives us all the manual
settings… Switch to aperture priority, gives us all the aperture priority
settings. Tv, program, so it’s all changing instantly in the app with the camera as
I change it on the camera. Go into manual. All the settings.. all the autofocus
settings… You can focus as you want. It’s just very nice. And if you’re in a photo
mode you can actually switch to video from that mode and just do video or
photo. But you can’t do photo from video. So it’s just a little quirk, but it
doesn’t really matter because it’s all in there and it works nicely. So that’s
pretty much it. If you want any video capabilities wirelessly you want to get
to get the M50 instead of the M100. Now, this isn’t terrible.
It’s pretty decent. It works relatively well. It gives you all the settings I can
see. It just does that beep for whatever
reason. If you wanted to do timer-ed photos this is just fine. But I would
definitely go with the M50 for most situations if you really wanted the Wi-Fi.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this quick video. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did enjoy the video, please consider subscribing. That helps me out a lot. Likes and shares
help out a lot as well. Thanks again!

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  1. Hello, I am planning to buy canon eos m50 kit w/ef-m15-45mm lens for ceiling mount (top view) product photography. I want to know if the canon app supports zoom functions where the camera lens actually zooms in and out as I shoot products as small as 2×3 ft upto 5×8 ft. Thanks

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