Canon L-Series 100mm Lens is a Macro Beast!

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  1. That was fun, Good examples. I like how you displayed the different perspectives. didn't answer my initial question but still informative, i like your style. thank you for sharing

  2. i have the 100mm 2.8usm (non-L one) it's beautiful for macro shots. It's not easy to focus for distance shots (tiny movements required) but it really is awesome in macro. It sees way more than the naked eye. It's basically a micoscope,

  3. You said “Tripod” when the 3 legged dog was running. Well timed pun? 😆 Idk, but hey, it sure looked like it was having fun with the other dogs. I hope this wasn’t offensive, not my intention.

  4. Hi – I am looking for the best lens to be used with DSLR for Product Photography of Spectacle Frames – could you suggest ?

  5. Who cares about the lens!? I'm more interesting in finding that tripod that managed to hold still while semi's driving past!

  6. I just got back from the camera store with this 100mm Macro… cost me $1,200 Australian Dollars though 🙁

  7. Bought it, tried shooting portraits with it, tried shooting products with it. I've concluded that I don't know how to use it.

  8. great video!! I love the real stuff happening around you that you leave in ie: tractor trailers and car accident- lol. I'll have to check out your other videos 😉 This wasn't specifically what I was looking for, but I'm glad I clicked. good info!!!

  9. unsponsored, informative content is ALL GOOD (I don't figure I'm going to win a giveaway, so why bother interrupting the good info you got flowin')

  10. This is the first video i watch on your youtube channel, and let me tell you, youre GREAT doing this!! Keep going!!! already totally suscribed. Cheers from Lima, Perú.

  11. I've not read the comment section yet but the answer "yes" to the question "did you just fart?" I guess is the most people took out of this video. Guys I have to say the video is very good but those 3 seconds will stay with me forever

  12. Carrie is ridiculously photogenic. There is a quality about her I just can't see enough of. …Now that I've typed it, I feel creepy. But, i stand by my statement.

  13. Epic review bro. Great edit. You're funny and know your stuff. Watched this with a smile on my face. Subscribed bro, keep up the good work.

  14. @ Potato Jet please help me understand the mm measurements and why 100mm is a bigger measurement but captures images closer. I don't understand.

  15. Dude!!! Where have you been? I follow a great number of photo channels and somehow I've missed adding you to my subscription list. I can't wait to watch more of your work in the future. Thanks for your work.

  16. Omg laugh laugh laughed at your video, informative, entertaining, fun, and hilarious buddy. Enjoyed that for a Sunday afternoon in the UK. Can’t wait to check out more of your content. Super cool lens the 100mm macro, only ever owned the Nikon 105mm G lens but I never got the Canon for my 1Dx MKII, now I’m Fujifilm, arrrh crap. Maybe an adaptor and I’ll get it. lol ps, you do look like the kid from UP!

  17. lawl, I'm here for the content not the giveaways but then again if I won, Wouldn't hurt. I am here for the content tho so yeah

  18. I don't care for sponsored content but always live a good giveaway. I'm sure you can make it worth while either way. However I have a question. I take pictures of nails. Particularly ones with rhinestones and glitter. And I'm having a tough time trying to find that sweet spot. I have the (kit) lense for my canon t7i rebel. But I don't know if I should buy a macro or spacer. Could you give it a try and help me out? I would greatly appreciate it!

  19. I don't mind sponsored content, as long as it's something random like skillshare. Things get a little weird and wild once it's DJI or a camera bag company.

  20. I dont give a rats ass abt giveaways, you are so funny man, and you farted in camera!!!!!! Awesome!!! i would by you a beer anytime man you are like some of my best friends!!!! Keep up the good stuff

  21. not too bothered about the give aways, but only because the chance of winning is so low. something cheap and a 1 in 20 chance of winning would be better than $1500 and 0 chance, imho.

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