Vloggers…prepare to meet your match! This is the Canon EOS M50. Hey guys, I’m travel vlogger Juliana Broste, “TravelingJules.” One of my favorite things to do when I travel
is discover cool street art! It’s a good way to get to know the area
and a fun excuse for a photo op! “Hey, welcome to the Denver Graffiti Tour,
we’re going to be seeing some Street Art today.” Love this city! Today, I’m teaming up with Canon
to discover Denver’s colorful RiNo neighborhood with the Canon EOS M50. And we’re using only M50’s for this production. So we’re gonna put this camera to the test! Now this one of my favorites. I love the colors. “Love This City” is part of a series of
murals you’ll find all over this city. We vloggers have a unique set of needs
when it comes to choosing the right camera. And for me, I want the quality
and creative control of a DSLR, and I want something compact, and lightweight
like a point and shoot or a phone. Honestly, I’ve been guilty of carrying around multiple cameras at once to get the job done. That’s why I’m excited to see so many
features packed into one little camera. The Canon EOS M50 is a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and an APS-C CMOS Sensor. The highlights: dual pixel CMOS autofocus in 1080p, an electronic viewfinder, and 4K! It’s considered an entry level camera and
not too pricey, but I think you’ll be surprised by all it can do. It’s compact and lightweight…the body
is under a pound, 13.8 ounces to be exact, and it’s much smaller and narrower
than Canon DSLRs. There’s a hot shoe for adding a microphone
or small continuous light. And, there’s a microphone input… There’s no headphone jack, but you can see and control your audio levels manually before you start rolling. As well, there’s USB and HDMI connections,
Wi Fi…Battery, SD Card. For photographers, you’ve got a built-in flash. And, there’s a rubberized grip, and comes
in black and white. Oh, and one more very important feature…
the LCD screen! The M50 has a vary-angle screen that rotates
and flips to the side. And you can touch to focus, and access the menu. Got the shot. Ok so right across the street is one of the
coolest mural’s I’ve seen, if you look carefully, there are two people
hiding in that beautiful colorful mosaic. Ok so the big news with the Canon EOS M50 is
that you can shoot in 4K! Hooray for 4K! Seriously, this is Canon’s very first
compact camera to shoot in 4K. You can shoot in 4K UHD 24p. 4K is all the craze, but you’ve got to remember
that if you shoot in 4K, you’ve got to edit in 4k… depending on the speed of your computer,
mmm, it could be a commitment. So you have to decide if 4K is really, really
important for you. OK so 4K is definitely not the standard yet but it’s always nice to shoot in the highest quality possible. So let’s do a little 4K test, shall we? So right now I’m shooting in full HD, and
I’ve got my go to vlogging lens, the 11-22mm, OK, now this is the 11 full HD. I am going to switch into 4K so you can see
the difference. And welcome back, we are back live in 4K. We are very close. OK so when you shoot in 4K it crops in 1.6
times ratio on an APSC sized sensor, so it’s a bit more close! So what’s great about shooting in full HD
with the mM50 is that you’ve got dual pixel CMOS autofocus. But when you switch into 4K,
it goes back to contrast based autofocus, so it’s not quite as precise.
It has to hunt a little bit harder. You’ll have to see in different situations
which is more important to you– 4K or dual-pixel CMOS auto focus. Hmmm Pblaaa. Sudden wind storm. Dustapalooza! The weather today is just crazy. A couple other really awesome features… You can use your smartphone as a remote control
to compose as well as take photos and videos via the Canon Camera Connect app. You can also change exposure
and focus modes too. The M50 has built-in wifi, NFC
and bluetooth capabilities so you can connect and transfer your footage
directly to your phone from the app. It’s really helpful when your camera’s
out of reach. A couple other really awesome features,
you’ve got dual pixel CMOS autofocus– so it’s really great for running around–tracking your face, tracking other peoples faces. OK so this artwork is Larimer Boy Larimer Girl, it’s by JaySayBay, it is so cool because it’s so interactive. When you walk by you see a boy from on direction and a girl from the other direction, and when you walk directly across, nothing. It just disappears. Super genius. You’ve got image stabilization built in the camera, so, if you don’t have image stabilization in your lens, or if you do– you’ve got double. So it’s extra stabile. And you’ve got so much creative control you
can shoot in 4K, you can shoot in slow-motion, 1080p 60 frames. It’s a nice way to make your footage look
more artistic. Overall I’ve really enjoyed using the
Canon EOS M50 It’s been such a great little vlogging camera, it’s so lightweight, easy to carry, it’s not
something that you feel a really big commitment This is a piece by The Lost Object. I just love how he has such a unique style
of lettering. And there’s some really fun features if you
want to get artistic with your shots…its it’s built in 4K timelapse feature, the miniature effect of course, there are a variety of EF-M series lenses which are especially lightweight and versatile. I have an extensive library of Canon lenses,
so it’s really awesome to be able to use any Canon lens that I have with the adapter. I love that you have a microphone input and
you can do manual audio controls. The city of Denver doesn’t really know how
they feel about street art. Is it vandalism is it high end art? So overall I’m very impressed with the Canon
EOS M50. It’s such a wonderful lightweight portable
camera, but it’s also got a lot of abilities, a lot of creative control
for people who like to be artistic. So, for anyone who loves to run and gun but
also wants to have creative control, this is an awesome option for you. And, it’s super affordable, it’s got a really
wonderful price tag. For vloggers, the Canon EOS M50 is really
a nice tool to add to your kit. Thanks for joining me here in Denver, Colorado. Big thanks to the Denver Graffiti Tour for
letting me tag along, and all the talented artists who let us film their work today! For more travel adventures and camera gear,
find me online at TravelingJules, and for more info about this guy– the Canon EOS M50— go to Canon.US/M50 Leave a comment, give us a THUMBS UP,
LIKE, SUBSCRIBE… and enjoy your new camera!
Happy Travels!

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