Canon EOS M50 photography Canon and Nikon Lenses

Canon EOS and 50 is this camera and
these are all my Canon lenses I use and in today’s video I will be reviewing
this camera and these lenses in terms of photography. I also have a special guest
coming up in today’s video which is a Nikon shooter and he has a Nikon lens
which he will put on this camera as well. So we are both going to review it and we
are both going to show you a lot of samples. And for those watching my channel first time, my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer. I’m a former model and few other things. I make tutorials and fun
vlogs so don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. I have been shooting
with Canon M50 for a while now I have it for a few months and when I was
buying this camera, I had a choice to decide between 22 millimeter lens or 15
to 45 millimeter lens as a kid lens. I decided to go with this lens which is 15
to 45 millimeters just because it’s got zoom. This lens is my general lens. I
shoot pretty much everything with it. I’ve shot lot of selfies with this or
self portraits as some of you might say. I’ve done a lot of nature photography
with it. Outdoor photography and also a lot of thumbnails for my videos were
taken with this lens. Next lines I have here is 50 millimeter
lens and this one should be in everybody’s bag. It is about $100 so it’s
very affordable. There is no zoom on this so you’re not
gonna get any distortion. Whatever you see normally through your eyes that’s
what you will see through this lens. Mostly I use this lens when it comes to
portraits, headshots and modeling photos. This lens performs excellent when it
comes to natural light so sunset, sunrise, you will get beautiful light through. Highly recommend it for portrait photography. If you want to place this
lens 50mm on Canon M50 you will need adapter with it. And I chose
Comlite. You can get a Canon one as well but this one for me was
budget-friendly. It works amazingly. I have no issues with
this. So all you have to do really, is just attach it to this lens. There you go
and then add the whole thing on your M50. Here you go here we have 50 mm
lens with adapter attached to Canon M50 and here are some samples taken with
this setup. Now with the adapter and this lens you
will add a little bit of weight to the camera but it’s still extremely light. If
you enjoy taking macro photos. I love them myself because it’s just so cool
when you look at them. I don’t know something about the macro shots. The
setup I was talking about 50 mm lens and the adapter. All you have to do
is buy this extension tube and it is Canon extension tube EF 25. It’s fairly
inexpensive as well so all you have to do is just add it to this setup. So I
mounted this extension tube on the adapter and then on top of it I just add
50 mm lens. There you go, here is a perfect setup for macro shots. And here
are some samples I took the other day just to test out the macro lens. I have two more lenses for you to look
at so I’m still gonna keep the adapter on MF 50 here. The next lens I have in
front of me is this one and it’s a zoom lens. It’s
also Canon lens obviously and it is 24 to 105 mm and I use this lens a
lot as well. I usually shoot weddings with it or family portraits, interiors, any other events, you know anytime I need a little bit wider shot. So now
obviously I’m gonna show you how I attach it to the m50 with the adapter. So
this is how it looks like. Now obviously it’s a heavier lens so now this
setup you will start feeling it in your hands quite a bit. It’s still quite small
to hold it. Let’s look at some samples with this setup. And my last lens here is the beast. And
it’s a 70 to 200 mm Canon lens. I had this lens forever. I had it forever, forever, forever. It’s my very, very favorite lens. It’s heavy but
it’s very favorite of mine. So let me put that thing on M50 and you know it’s
kind of funny because this is such a tiny camera and such a big lens. Now if
you’re spending the money on this kind of lens I highly recommend you to get
one with stabilizer. Once you try it out you don’t want to go back. It changed
everything for me, all my shots suddenly became sharp and I’m a fast
shooter so especially when I’m shooting at the weddings I constantly walk around.
I have my lens on me like this and I’m looking for the candid moments, so that’s
the lens I’m using for. I’m using it for fashion shoots, for glamour shoots, any outdoors you know model related shoots and I also use it for candid
photography during weddings and other events. Normally I would shoot on this
lens during weddings but as soon as I am standing very close to the people and I
pointed at them they do that cheese smile at me and I really don’t want that,
so I prefer if I’m walking around and from distance through this lens I’m
looking at people and I’m seeing what they are doing and I’m going to get
those beautiful natural smile shots, the natural moments, natural cries, whatever
is happening. So this is the secrets to the candid photography. Love this lens 70
to 200 mm. Here are some samples I just took randomly outdoors
with this lens and M50 on it. Obviously this lens is super heavy but
when you have this tiny camera on it is not such a big deal. if I put the full
frame camera which is 5d mark III I feel it after a few hours of shooting I’m
regretting it. So these are all my lenses when it comes to Canon and those are all
my shots I took outdoors it was chilly so I was just running around and
shooting it very quickly and I’m happy to be indoors and I’m kind of still
warming up with my coffee here. Now we are getting to the point I need
to introduce my friend which is a Nikon shooter he’s actually my youtube friend.
That’s right we met for YouTube, we never met in person but we’ve been in touch
quite a bit. He’s a Nikon shooter, so Ryan are you there? Ryan…. Wow look at this place. They don’t have any snow. He’s shooting nicely and
t-shirts not like me freezing outside. Look at those palm trees … well he is heavily into it… . Ryan stop shooting come here please for a second and show us the 18 to 200
millimeter lens you have there. Hey there Zdenka, how you doing? I have
my M 50 and I’m using a Nikon lens on it but that’s simply because we already had
a Nikon lens here at work and I just got a a Nikon lens adapter for the m50 from
B&H it was I don’t know 40 or 50 bucks something like that. Not too bad. Now as
far as lens performance with the Canon body and Nikon lens and this adapter it
does make this a fully manual lens. Manual focus, manual aperture on this guy
right here but overall if you can get that sharpness down if you can get that
focus right right on point the m50 does focus peaking so that helps out with
that a lot. Even shows you the focus peaking in the electronic viewfinder
which is really really helpful when trying to manual focus this lens but
overall I found the images to be super crisp super clear super sharp
with this whole setup so no complaints with this at all. I haven’t really used it for video yet
but for photos I’ve used it on three separate occasions in one location to
shoot a bunch of employee portraits wide range of exposures wide range of
lighting situations and have been able to take all of those and match them very
very closely so they look like most of them were taken on the same day.
I’ve had some underexposed I’ve had some overexposed but I was able to pull them
all together in Lightroom and make them look really really good but so far on
the size of this thing I think it’s actually a little bit too small I I
don’t have big hands but I do feel like this is really hard to hold on to with
the size of it I would find myself grabbing a little lot with with both
hands but what do you think of this? What do I think about the size of the camera?
I gotta say as a female actually like it that it is smaller and my fingers are
not exactly tiny I have pretty big hands for a girl but I have to admit the first
two days yeah I had to kind of get used to the small buttons because moving from
the huge came out to the smaller one it was a change even for me. The only thing
which I didn’t like is the record button which is tiny red dot right here. I
switched the settings right away to start and stop recording with this big
shutter. Yeah it is small it’s pretty tiny but the more I should with this I
think I’m not getting bothered by the size anymore I’m getting used to it. I
could see this being a very very nice vlogging camera if you have that
gorillapod to hold on to it it’s it’s very nice and light I mean this is small
you can throw it in a bag pretty quick it’s pretty unobtrusive but it takes
really great photos. By the way this is an 18 to 200 lens it’s not the best lens
but it’s not the cheap lens and it’s very very versatile not that I’m
promoting Nikon if you can buy this in a Canon get the Canon version of this
because Canon is better than Nikon I’m just gonna go ahead and say it Canon is
better than Nikon that yeah you heard it from me. There we go… That’s funny that you said that because I sometimes say the
opposite Nikon is better than Canon you know when I shoot weddings I usually
hire second shooters which are Nikon shooters just because my camera my
lenses shoots in a warmer tone and Nikon shoes in blue tones a little bit cooler
but when I combine my photos with the second shooter photos the clients are
getting oops the clients are getting good results so I don’t know it’s
personal preference. I’m saying Nikon is better you are saying Cannon is better.
I think we all like different things you know I mainly we actually like the
things we don’t have. Any other thoughts on this camera compared to the EOS R?
DSLR obviously is a much bigger better like beast of a camera this for the
price point if you’re just starting out this little m50 is like it’s the way to
go it’s really good I mean I think you can pick these up for 600 bucks now
probably less than that now that a new mirrorless line is coming out… all right
I’m let Zdenka take it right back over and let you get her thoughts
on this in 50 and hopefully you guys like it, all right thank you. Thanks so
much Ryan for doing this. Thanks so much for the collab we finally did it
together if you guys want to check out Ryan’s
channel the link is in the video description below also the link will be
at the end of this video he does a lot of tech reviews and he has some
tutorials there as well he’s worth to check out. What do I think? You mean
comparing m50 and Canon R? For the money for the bucks is amazing piece of
tool honestly I’ve been shooting with this submitting the photos to stock
agencies they were accepted no problem I’m making money with this camera on a
budget so I can’t complain at all. Also if you are interested in
video, if you would like to see those lenses in action when it comes to video
and this camera I have video out there which is very similar to this one with a
lot of samples the link is the video description below and also right here. So
that’s it my friends that’s the end that’s all for today’s video. I hope you
liked it and I hope you liked Ryan. Again don’t forget to check him out. If
you like this video please give it thumbs up if you have any questions
comments or simply want to say hello please do so in a comment section below
this video I mean you know I read them all and I always respond and I’m out of
breath so I will see you next time again Cau…. Ahoj….

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  1. I own the M50, ! have been shooting Nikon forever. It was very interesting to see that was an adaptor that allowed Nikon glass on a Cannon. Keep up the content!

  2. Everyone always talks about the M50's video capabilities, but it is also an excellent stills camera. Remarkably versatile camera for the money!

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  5. Hi! so i have one question for you …it is a big difference betwen Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens ?? is it worth extra money for 50mm f/1.4 USM or it is enough for good photos for 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens ? thanks Zdenka!

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  7. I really like your content Zdenka, i've learned a lot so far. I've been looking at other lenses for a while (other than the 50mm) and the 24-105 and the 70-200 are exactly the ones i'd go for too if i had the money.  
    I got a smallrig cage for my M50, which slightly increases the size of the grip and makes it more natural to hold (for me anyway).
    Literally the only thing i'd like you to change is tiny but annoying. It's "vlog", not "veelog", just as it's "blog", not "beelog".

  8. I love my M50, and I use 6 lens with the camera the 15-45mm, 18-150mm, then EF-S 15-85, 10-18 and 24mm, 50mm. I like them all for different reasons

  9. Hi Zdenka, thanks for this video. I've just bought an M50 and it's my first interchangeable lens camera having come from a g7x. I would like a prime lens to go with it and I'm considering the efm 22mm. I considered the 50mm with adaptor but its too big for my type of stuff. What do you think of the efm 22mm assuming you've tried it?

  10. Hi Zdenka, thanks for the video. Now I'm testing the adapter Viltrox EF-EOS M2, very interesting for wide angle because their factor is 0.71x near to full-frame with the M50 and it offers more light too, one stop, for example my full-frame wide angle 16mm 2.8 is with this speedbooster f2. More expensive than a normal adapter 135€ like 135$ Let me know what you think about this speedbooster very good for your 24-105mm. I'm not a seller 🙂

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  13. Thanks for the video.

    I have a 70D, so I'm wanting to go for an upgrade. I do general photography.

    But I'm interested in wildlife photography as well. Specially on birds.

    What would you recommend? 80D or M50?

    Will the EVF delay cause trouble to miss wildlife action?

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