Canon EOS M50 Issues, Quirks, and Missing Features

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. Today I’m going to talk about some of the
quirks and issues I’ve had with the Canon EOS M50. A few things I wish were different. Of course, it’s a very nice camera, but I’ll
go over the quirks today. First one, CR3 RAW and the support. With all the software. All the software that I use doesn’t support
CR3. I know it’s newer, but maybe Canon should
have pushed harder with software companies to make that work. Make it supported. Of course, all of the Adobe stuff does support
it. The Capture One I think now does support it,
but a lot of the smaller software don’t. High ISO performance with the Canon EOS M50
I would consider not great. Now, I’m coming from large sensor cameras. Cameras with Sony based sensors from Nikon. And of course that’s not really a fair comparison,
but I do think from what I’ve seen the Sony sensor that are APS-C… Fuji cameras with their specific X-TRANS sensors
and all that. I do think are better in those situations. But it’s… it’s manageable, especially…
what you wanna do, at least what I do is get faster glass. Get better glass to compensate for that. Right now I’m shooting on a 22mm f2 at f2. And I have the 32mm f1.4. Those really do help in a lot of situations
with this camera. Kind of an ergonomic issue. It really depends on how big your nose is,
but the EVF doesn’t come very far out from the camera itself. When I use it I can sometimes touch my nose
to the screen. In certain situations, depending on the settings… It will change the focus point and issues
like that. Now, there are ways to get around it of course. You can even flip the screen into the camera
itself. So that of course it’s not going to happen
in that situation. Just use the EVF, but like I said there are
ways get around it. But it is irritating sometimes to touch the
screen accidentally with your face. I think the Nikon Z cameras have a much better
setup in that case. I’ve used those, and it pops out quite a bit
from the camera. Of course that’s not a fair comparison. This is a lot smaller camera, but it’s how
it is. The battery on the M50 is smaller than the
M5 and M6 cameras. Of course there is a price difference, or
at least there was a price difference and those came out before this camera. But I wish they would have used the same battery
for all of the M cameras. Use a slightly larger battery. It’s a mirrorless camera. It uses a lot of power. I really think they should have stuck with
that larger battery throughout the line. There is not simple dedicated cable release
port on the camera. I guess they want to save a few bucks, but
that causes some issues for certain types of photography. It’s a pretty big hassle if you wanna do timelapses,
anything like that. Now, the camera does have timelapse, but it’s
a movie specific feature. It does not take single frames. You can buy a bluetooth thing to take photos
in situations like that if you want to have some type of cable release. But it’s an added accessory. It’s wireless. That means you have to have batteries and
stuff like that. It’s not ideal and if you are interested in
that type of photography, you do a lot of it… That’s a big consideration. In my opinion, this camera has a poor implementation
of aperture priority. I used that feature a lot in my older cameras. It was really simple. You set a minimum shutter speed in those situations. The shutter speed will be fast enough to not
have blur. This camera doesn’t have any type of shake
reduction. It doesn’t have that feature where you want
to set that minimum shutter speed. And you can adjust your settings to use shutter
priority and then have auto ISO and that’s decent in some situations. I have used that quite a bit. But again, I don’t think features wise for
photographers… features that are very convenient and useful to me personally. I really do like aperture priority when it’s
implemented well. But in this case, not so much. Not all of the settings are saved per mode
on the camera. So if you wanna change to dedicated video
mode. You’re in a photo mode… You’re in a different photo mode. All of the settings won’t save. Things like autofocus settings. Trying to do high speed action photography
and then switch to simple portraits. You have to change some settings extra again. And it’s kind of a hassle. There are not custom modes on this camera. You can’t save all of those settings as a
group. I make a lot of Youtube videos, of course. And one of my main issues is where the memory
card is on the camera. Right in the bottom by the battery and I have
an AC adapter. I have one of the DC couplers that goes in
the battery slot. So you can have AC power connected to the
camera. Very good in situations… I’m filming myself right now with the other
M50. The AC adapter is connected to it. So that’s good, but then issues of getting
information off the cards easily… When I wanna pull the card itself I have to
disconnect the AC adapter and all that, and it turns into a big hassle. I’ve been trying other ways to transfer stuff
from the camera directly. Now, WIFI does work. There’s a feature in the camera where you
can automatically send photos and videos to a computer. The biggest issue with WIFI transfer is that
it’s very slow. 2-3 megabytes a second in my testing. So that’s not a good feature for anything
that are large files… Video files in my case. Now, I’ve been using USB. A direct USB cable to the computer. And that is the best option. Now, there are some quirks with it. If you use basically the Windows file explorer. You have the cable connected. Any files over 4 gigabytes will not be able
to transfer. They’re basically just zero byte files on
the computer and you can’t do anything with them. Now, if you use the EOS Utility application
you can actually transfer those extra large files. Now, of course, those are just really large
long video files in that case and it’s somewhat of and edge case, but it was an issue for me. With some situations where I record really long
takes, and it does happen. I make a lot of mistakes. So that took some work in trying to figure out
what the issue was and eventually the Canon support people were like “you should use the
EOS Utility in this case” and it does work. It’s an added layer of hassle. There are definitely some features of the
camera that are missing, I really wish they were in there. They would help me out a lot in what I do. The first one is audio levels while recording
video. Now, there are audio levels in the camera,
but it only shows on one specific screen. You have the info button. You can cycle between different screens for
the camera. It only shows in the screen that I don’t use…
and I don’t really see a huge purpose for in a lot of situations. Maybe if you are using the EVF and you have
a black screen with all of the information and then audio levels, but who films a lot
of their stuff like that in video… I don’t know. I really wish that audio level feature was
there while I’m recording videos so I could see that it’s working. It just makes sense to me that it should be
there and visible. It should also be on the screen before you’re
recording as well. Just should be there and the feature exists
in the camera. Even though this doesn’t have any dedicated
button to switch between custom modes. I really think it should have some type of
software version of that. There is really only the excuse that they
want to tier their cameras based on price and feature set. But it’s really irritating. Give me some type of way to save all of my
settings. That should not be a professional feature! That should be a basic feature for any photographer. This camera does have 4k video as they tout
and it also have the 120 frames a second. Now, the issue, of course, as a lot of people
say is the 4k doesn’t have dual pixel autofocus. It has a huge crop. And also with 120fps it’s at 720p… it has
not autofocus at all. Now I would of course like to see those features
improved in this camera. It’s not going to happen, but that’s how it
is. I don’t see those two as a huge issue. I’ve definitely interested in having those
features enhanced in other, but that’s really not a huge quirk for me because they put something
in… I really wish they wouldn’t have tried to
push those features as something good in this camera, but they are usable in some situations,
they’re just not great. It’s just… I’m not going to hold those two against them
like I would with the custom mode being not in here… the custom save modes. All that said, this camera is very good. It is very useful to me for a lot of the stuff
that I do. Especially with video. I do think this camera and the SL2, which
is a traditional SLR I had before this from Canon, have really changed my ability to make
videos quickly… effectively… and decent quality. So that said, they are very good cameras in
many respects, but you’ve seen my quirks so far. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did enjoy the video, please consider
subscribing. Liking it… all of that. Helps me out a lot. Thanks!

9 Replies to “Canon EOS M50 Issues, Quirks, and Missing Features”

  1. Three things:
    1. I would say; remember the EOS M50 only costs 550 quid!… NOTHING touches it in it's price range
    2. Totally agree with you on the audio levels indicator, and the smaller than M5 battery. These decisions make no sense at all.
    3. This video sounds to me like a self-prep talk, to justify upgrading to the up-coming EOS RP…

    I love my M50 even though it has all these faults, I feel the price makes up for it. If Canon hope to migrate us M50-ites over to the EOS RP, they better have learned their lesson. I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I agree that the lack of custom modes and being able to view audio levels in live view is very frustrating. I too have picked up all the good glass for the M-Series; 22mm F2.0 & 32mm F1.4. Hopefully Canon releases a body that’s a mirrorless equivalent of the 7D line. I need a body to match all this nicer glass. Hopefully it’s bigger too. I would prefer not to have to move into the RP model if I don’t have to. But FF EOS Mirrorless would be pretty sweet!

  3. The custom mode would love to have that. its a bit hassle changing the shutter speed when you change from 24p to 60p video or vice versa. Sometimes I forget to change the shutter speed at all so the motion blur gets wonky.

    Agree on the audio levels. I hope it would be added on future firmware updates.

    To add to this: The 3×3 grid shows up if you enable it but it disappears once you start recording. 😂

    Still, this cam cant be beat for its price.

  4. My issue of my M50 theres a banding or thin black line of my photo when i'm doing a Highspeed sync when my Shutter speed between ss1000-4000 specially indoor shoot.. in outdoor i dont see any banding… how to solve this issue? (Godox Xt1c + Ad200)

  5. Is there a way to have the m50
    Screen display at the same
    Time that you plug an external hdmi monitor into the camera? (Dual screens playing )

    It seems that the canon R is able to have this – as well as almost every other brand.

    I’m not sure how to enable this function, or if it’s an option on the m50

  6. How are the ISO performances with the 32mm 1.4 & 22mm?
    I notice grain with the kit lense 15-45mm at ISO 1600

  7. Annoys me that features like a minimum shutter menu option, that an intern could probably code in an afternoon with access to the firmware code, isn't in there. And won't be. Year after year, model after model.

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