Canon EF-M 32mm f1.4 vs. 22mm f2 | Lens FOV and Exploration

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. Recently had some comments
on my previous videos about the EF-M 22mm lens and the EF-M 32mm lens.
They’ve wanted some type of comparison with those
two different lenses. Let’s get started. I bought a dual-camera bracket just for
this, so I could have the two M50s side-by-side. Build quality wise, they’re
extremely similar. They even focus in a similar way. You have an inner barrel
that moves back and forth from the main barrel of the lens.
They’re both plastic materials. Or some type of composite material
with metal mounts. One interesting thing about the 32mm lens is that it has a switch
on the barrel to limit your focus. The 22 does not have that feature, but it does
not need it. With the minimum focus distance the 22 actually focuses closer
than the 32mm lens. Even though the 32 does have that limiter switch and
it can focus closer than a lot of lenses of its similar focal length. The filter
thread on both lenses is the same. The 43mm… For the first outing with
the dual camera bracket I went to a place called Peace Plaza. Very nice area.
It’s close to the camera shop that I go to. Easy quick photos with that. I just had
the dual camera bracket. Tried to get some examples for you about (FOV). Now,
with 22 versus 32 on a crop camera. You can see the different perspective with
those lenses. Obviously you have a wider (FOV) versus a narrower
(FOV). Also keep in mind that you can focus closer and you can adjust
your position to get similar photos. Even though you can adjust to your position
with the lenses to get similar photos… They will not be the same regardless.
It’s just differences in focal lengths. The backgrounds will look different.
The foregrounds will look different slightly. Really depends on which look you like
best. Another thing to consider with these lenses is aperture. Basically
maximum aperture. In this case, the 32mm lens has more versatility
because it has the larger aperture. In darker situations you will have less
noise if you do use that larger aperture. I tried these two different lenses in
video situations. You can look at the focus. You can look at the (FOV).
Now, they were not right in line. I did use the two cameras again. I didn’t
switch out the lenses. But you’ll get a little shift in perspective. You should
still get an idea of which lens might work best for you in a video situation.
With the video I did not switch on the limiter for the 32mm lens. But
regardless, they seemed to focus relatively similar. I do think the 32 is
a bit slower in general for video situations, but that can be a benefit in
some cases. So I’m going to change to the aperture on lens but leave all our
settings the same. You can see the difference in exposure for that lens. Definitely
helps out in some situations. Now we have the 32mm lens set to F/1.4.
Everything else is the same. See the difference… With the last outing I went
hard mode. tried to do vlogging with this setup. Worked out decently well. I had four
different cameras trying to film all of that with different perspectives. Fun to try
out, but my arm got tired quick! Oh man, this is heavy… Here we go… So you can get an idea of how they look
in a situation like this when it’s at arm’s length. So yeah… Arm’s length with the two lenses
two cameras… three cameras… four cameras. I donno…
So many cameras. I did record some 4k video with this
setup. You get the idea with the crop-in on the M50 plus the two different lenses.
They were in full manual focus. I did focusing with a zoom-in feature
and this is it… Image quality wise, it’s pretty challenging
to get a good result. I did make an attempt. But there are factors like
sample variation. Shaking the photo if I’m hand-holding them. Even with the dual
camera bracket you have the different perspectives of course. After looking at
the photos. The ones where I shifted my position for the photos… I do think the
32mm lens gives me higher quality results. Even at the full maximum
aperture. All that said, I don’t think image quality is something to consider
in this case. Both lenses produce nice results. I do think, in general, if you
care about this the 32 will give you more detail in your photos. All that
said, what are the main factors when deciding on one lens or the other if you
can’t buy both focal? Focal length in this case is the most important factor. And
then after that it’s the aperture. With the F/1.4 you’re going to get more light
in general into your sensor. If you do have the adapter for the system you can
consider EF or EF-S lenses that give you a similar (FOV) to the 32
millimeter lens. You could potentially save some money in that case. And then
also buy the 22. Although there is something to be said about native glass.
In this case the 32 is designed for these cameras and it’ll work as best as
possible. From my personal perspective I’ve always found a 35mm
equivalent lens’s pretty challenging to use. So I am a little bias against the 22mm lens just based on the focal length. But over the years I’ve found
situations where it has worked well. Generally the 32 helps out because I do
have the 11 to 22. In that case if I want to use 22 in a lot of situations like
vlogging. It’s right on there with the zoom lens. All this footage where I’m
talking to you about the lenses is with the 32mm lens. It works well in
my situation based on how much room I have to film. Of course I could use the
22 just as well if I had more room. Overall, I do prefer the 32mm lens over the 22 just based on what I do with the lenses with my cameras. Hope you enjoyed this video
on the two different lenses. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did enjoy this video…
Please consider subscribing. Helps me out a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well. Thanks again!

39 Replies to “Canon EF-M 32mm f1.4 vs. 22mm f2 | Lens FOV and Exploration”

  1. Bro my work is both for photography and youtube videos which one should I buy canon 200d or Nikon d5600???Plz tell. I need for 45 percent videos and 55 percent photos.

  2. Thank you Scott! I have been waiting for a review like this. I own both lenses and still trying to decide which focal length I like better.

  3. Awesome video. I am deciding which of these 2 lenses to buy for the M50. I really like the 32mm but i am having a hard time convincing myself that it is 2x as good (or as useful of a focal length for myself). At $229 the 22mm is hard to pass up. At $479 for the 32mm i think you are on to something about looking into EF mount glass to have more options and possibly future proof your gear.

  4. i looked at both, but for the time being I am using the Canon 24mm, f/2.8 w/adapter. It is also an STM lens and I am getting excellent results.

  5. Thanks for this review. Really helpful, still hesitating for the f1.4 already having the f2.2. This comparison helped me a lot

  6. hi, great review, i have m50 with 22mm also and 50mm 1.8 stm with adaptor, do you think that m50 + speedbooster vitrox +50 1.8 stm is near image quality of 32mm 1.4?

  7. Great comparison vid, thanks. One question: if already have 22mm is it still worth picking up the 32mm for lower light situations?

  8. I can see that with 22mm there is quite more versatility especially in filming and vloging. While 32mm is more like a portrait focal length

  9. You are constantly confusing field of view with perspective. If the cameras are in the same spot, then their perspective is identical. Perspective refers to the spacial relation of the viewport and the subject. That doesn't change with focal length.

  10. M50 owners should get the EF-M 32mm instead of the EF 50mm and the speed booster unless they just want a little more light or close to an 85mm focal length using a regular adapter.

  11. The 32mm focuses a bit slower in video? To be that seem like wayyyy more slower than the 22mm. For a $500 lens that's plastic and it focus slow i'd rather get a fuji or a m43 prime with superb build quality and silent focus fast focus..👍

  12. I'm thinking of getting the 22mm for everyday, street, and candid photography, the 32mm for portraits and low light, the 11-22mm for landscapes, videos, and vlogging.

  13. Great video mate. Fellow m50 youtuber here. My usual setup is the 16-35 f4 on the speed booster however I’m starting to see how soft it is so I’ll mainly be using it on the regular adapter and the 22mm f/2 going forward

  14. I have a canon m50 and I want to do street photography. Which lens has stabilization and fast autofocus ?

  15. I recently returned the 32mm f1.4, and kept the pancake 22mm f2. The 32mm is unworkable for vlogging, slow to focus, and focuses on a single subject only, heavier, much more expensive, and less versatile. Th pancake is a much better all rounder and to be honest does everything right.

  16. I have the 22mm pancake lens on my m100 and I must say it works really well for video and photography. Image quality is nice. Either that or the 24mm pancake lens with EOS-m adaptor. Both lenses i use the most. Thanks for the review. Although I think you have a biased opinion when favouring the 32mm lens here.

  17. Hey I have m50 whit kit lens and I would like to get more bokah in portraits 🙂 should I buy 22mm lens for that? Thanks

  18. Hi,
    I am a beginner thinking to buy m50 as first camera.Can we use Canon EOS M50 for all kinds of professional photography , cinamatography and videography work.Can we use this camera with third party flashes,light trigger's,gimbals , intervelo meter (for timelapse photography) and remote.Is there any way to monitor audio on this camera while recording audio while recording video with some device and also use some device to connect earphone to monitor audio.

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