Canon 80D DSLR Camera Reviews

Look at the cannon a TD specifically for video what I like about it what I don’t like let’s start with inside the camera the improvements that we Can’t see so the sensor itself has gone from twenty point two megapixels on the 70d to twenty four point two megapixels on the ATD I’m not usually a big fan of Increasing the pixel density because I am actually Using it for video in less pixels like these sony a7s Gather more light because they’re larger so this one does make the image sharper it looks great And it seems like ken has been able to do that without sacrificing low-light performance and part of that is the new digit 6 processor up from the 5 plus in the 70d and that is helping with the sensor to make everything Even the expandable iso is another feature up to 25600 all those things together are producing nice results inside the camera even in low-light situations All these features actually exist in the t6i which actually came out before the ATD however the adb has a better Autofocus system. It’s dual CMOS AF Is better than the hybrid system in the t6i We also get more focus points going from nineteen on the 70d to 45 which again is going to help us with that continuous autofocus in video mode They’ve also improved the auto white balance features of this camera basically helping with color cast But what’s cool is every white balance option. There are a whole bunch of them Including full manual they all have white balance shift, so if in a really tough lighting situation you can almost shift out of any bad color situation with the ATD They’ve also put in mp4 format along with the MOV so if you want to be really quick and deliver to the web right out of You can use mp4 if you’re gonna do more extensive post-processing on your video then you can shoot an MOV for the max dynamic range a Big one for me when it comes to video is they upgraded the 60 frames a second to 1080p so you no longer have to Drop down to 720p to get 60 frames a second you can choose to do 1080p Give you your slow motion at the same resolution. You don’t have to make that compromise They build a time-lapse option into this camera, so that’s really nice if you want to fire off the time-lapse Also, the 70d had Wi-Fi so does the ATD but they added NFC capabilities if you have as a compatible smartphone? You can touch it and transfer to your phone easily And they’ve increased the max ISO to twenty five thousand six hundred which should help with low-light performance at ISO s that are lower than that maximum range Let’s take a look at what’s new on the camera itself those things We can access and actually see and touch on the ATD starting with the much-heralded Headphone jack. They’ve now added a headphone jack for people shooting video this can be really nice because you can monitor the audio While you’re recording before your recording whenever you need to if you’re recording audio into the camera Going along with that some of those inputs like mic and headphones have actually been shifted forward so that when you open The tilt screen and it’s facing you you can actually spin it around without hitting those cables, so that’s pretty nice They’ve upgraded the battery just a tiny bit. It’s basically the same LP N6 except this is an LP n6 in so you can use your old batteries But the newer one is going to actually give you a little bit more life The onboard microphone on the 70d was on top now. It’s in front not a big deal You’re not really going to be using that more than reference audio anyways It’s better off if you record with a microphone either attached to the camera. That’s going in or Audio separately like I’m doing now In fact having the microphones on the front may actually pick up more Auto focus noise which could be bad if you’re recording your audio on the camera itself So let me talk about the additions to the ATD that I Really like again 1080p 60 frames a second you can shoot sports at full 1080 now to mix in with your other 1080 if you need to you can shoot slow-motion and not have to downgrade to 720p as I mentioned so you don’t have to compromise that 1080p image the touchscreen is not new but it’s very critical to video shooting has become very critical to my video shooting and It’s hard for me to go back to the 60d and not have a touchscreen Because it’s so easy to access all the functions and when you have a good continuous autofocus The way you do on the 70d and this ADB you can tap and do a rack focus you can tap to focus Just like you’re used to on a smartphone here. You can actually tap and hold and move around the screen with the Subject and keep it in focus so the touchscreen is very handy on this and in fact Something that you don’t get in some of the other cameras that may be considered better Such as some of the Sony’s at the same price level But the touchscreen to me has become pretty invaluable The manual audio controls I do record into the camera a lot of times I will do wireless mics right into these cameras and the preamp is good enough if you have a good wireless mic But now you can change the level of those manual audio levels while you’re recording before you’d have to stop and set it now The headphone and the microphone you can both adjust those while you’re recording And again not needing an intervalometer an extra piece of gear to shoot a time-lapse if I want to shoot one It’s built in the camera I’m more likely to use it when I don’t have to add on additional gear now I can just have my very thin remote that I use for starting stopping and focusing and I’m off and running that great continuous auto focus that you get you can now control the speed of that before on the 70d was one speed and When it would shift from something that wasn’t in focus to something that wasn’t focused if you didn’t like that speed you were stuck with It now you can actually choose if you want to make that faster transition between focus points or a slower nice focus pull even the noise from the 60d compared to the ATD the noise in the ATD he Seems to be like a softer almost more like a grain like a film grain so even the noise When you get up in those higher ISO looks better to me and the Wi-Fi and NFC are great not something I thought I would need when I was testing out the 70d I didn’t really use it this time I got it set up on the ATD was really nice for easily Transferring some small clips to my phone and then sharing them socially which reminds me I share a lot of clips while I’m testing in-between reviews so check those out and one cool thing that I noticed when you Tilt the 180 degree screen at you, and you’ve just tilt it just a little bit it actually Orient’s you either on the left side or the right side so it changes based on how you prefer to see yourself on the screen, so that was something that may have existed before but I never saw it just a little tilt and Orient to different. I think that’s a feature it was cool Okay, so what are the things that I don’t particularly care for with the ATD the one you’ll hear the most is that at its? Price range it doesn’t have 4k some other cameras like the sony a6300 do have 4k, so that’s just Decision if it matters that much to you it doesn’t matter to me that much yet I would like to have it however in the sony a6300 We do get a great continuous autofocus like the ATD, but you don’t get a swivel screen Which is very important when you’re shooting by yourself And we don’t get a touchscreen so those features have become more critical to the way I shoot right now at least then 4k, so it’s a compromise you have to decide what you want for yourself when it comes to Exposure and focus options the ATD lacks those we don’t have zebra stripes So we can see when things are overexposed you do have high light alerts but on my 60d I can snap a picture while I’m filming video and Immediately it’ll show up on the screen, and it will blink if it’s overexposed that was a real quick way for me to use highlight alert well now you can’t snap a photo on the ATD and You have to shoot a little piece of video and then stop go into the preview, and then the highlight alert will work So it’s there But it’s not really functional the way you’d want it in a fast-moving Environment also no focus peaking and on top of no focus peaking which are the lines around something That’s in focus You don’t get that you also can’t magnify the image to punch into the image like I’ve shown on this channel before To get critical focus while you’re recording so it’d be fantastic Like the sony a7s and other cameras if you could magnify in real-time to be able to check that focus we don’t get that Also, there’s a couple features. You don’t get unless you’re in the one particular single point autofocus mode most of the time I’m in face tracking and the digital level won’t display as well as The AF server speed that I talked about in the AF tracks sensitivity so that auto focus speed change And you don’t get that unless you’re in the flexi zone single autofocus mode and the 1080p 60 frames while I love it It’s not available in the format that I would usually shoot the dot MOV It’s only available in mp4 so the good thing is the mp4 it looks really good I haven’t noticed a whole lot of difference But it was really nice if I can keep my format consistent and get max dynamic range on that 1080p 60 frames You don’t get that only in mp4 and there’s no native flat picture profile you can tweak all the picture profiles Which is really nice, and I have my own that I use to make things a little flatter. You can check the description I’ll put my own picture profile recipe in there, but we don’t get Canon log You know on the Sony’s they have XA BCS codec which is? Advanced pro codec as well as you get a flavor of s. Log, which is really nice Those are professional features that give you a really flat image that you can really work with in post-production We don’t get any of that from Canon on the ATD And if you’re using the HDMI out to go to a recorder external recorder or even trying to livestream with the camera It’s not a clean HDMI so at a minimum You’re going to have the focus box on the screen So it doesn’t really work for recording or live streaming what I did like is that the HDMI unlike my 60d Displayed full res on my I can monitor the 60d down rezzed And it was almost useless for focusing the ad at least gives me my full res HDMI into my monitor Also, you get an extra custom profile setting on the dial so if you have different situations that you’ll be filming in you want to Click into another one really fast, then you have more options for setting that on the camera and getting to it really quick So a couple other features for video Including some creative modes like black and white and all these things you can bake into the image something I wouldn’t do they’re in there for video They’re supposed to be in HDR mode, which I never found so if you found how to get to HDR mode Let me know in the comments, please But overall I like this camera it works really well at what it does continuous autofocus the image looks fantastic and It would be hard to go wrong if you invested this camera I built a whole channel almost on a 60d so you could go for years with just this camera and adding different pieces of glass Alright, that’s my experience with my loaner Canon ad has to go back to the shop unfortunately But I really like this camera make sure to subscribe for follow-ups and more tutorials and reviews. Just like this one Also, I do a lot of behind the scenes gear stuff in-between these videos so podcast helper snapchat Instagram Facebook Twitter and Ask your questions in the comments, and I’ll see you next time So what I buy the ATD it’s a three hundred dollar difference between this and the 70d and the 70d price is going to keep falling so if it was an Upgrade from the 70d if I already had that Probably not unless you really wanted that 1080p 60 frames if it was my first DSLR This is the best DSLR in my opinion for video in the crop sensor range Canon has perfected this since the t2i and it does what it does really well I love having it in my studio Even the bigger size whereas the sony A6300 or a smaller mirrorless camera is great to carry around with you all the time I do like working with the bigger camera in studio Just depends on what kind of shooting you’re doing so I would have a hard time not kidding the ATD if it was brand new But if budget is the deciding factor you can get a 70 D at a much better price, and be just as happy

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