Canon 1DX Mark II Video Quality | Relevant in 2019?

Let’s try to make it a bit moodier in here. Bit too much? Probably It’s way too much smoke! What happened? Go away! I’m going to tell you a few
things what I love about the Canon 1dx mark ii,
even in 2019 I took my whole family… We drove to the mountains cuz I was like
oh yeah let’s film it in like snow It was so windy it started snowing my eyes
started to tear up so when I was looking at the histogram of the camera
I thought it was properly exposed but there was a super thin sliver that was
the highlights. I.. I didn’t see that it’s so classical me overexposed the whole
thing. Let’s check it out So, the C log 3 profile that Atomos and
James Miller made Looking forward to getting home to color correct it. See how it actually… How it did it in the snow There’s a lot of white here(!) Some trees… I’m exhausted, man! The snow…Woof! Starting to just snow quite a bit now. I think we should think of getting back.Back down I think that’s a good idea.
See you soon! Oh finally back from the mountain. I had
a sneak peak on the C log footage from the snow hmm I’m not convinced maybe I
did something wrong with the settings You did do something wrong with the
settings! Dragged your family out from sunny Barcelona, drove for a couple of
hours, it’s not like we have an x-wing to get there quickly(!) We arrived at the
mountain James…….Miller! AAAAAAaaaaaahhhh! I’m not crying Let’s start off with a neutral
profile or natural profile to see how it handles the highlights also the details
I’m gonna zoom quite in in the buildings over there in the background
to see the quality difference between a 4k 24 frames per second and also I’m
gonna film in 4k 60 frames per second that is the highest bitrate available on
this camera which is 800 Megabits Which, you know, I love I hate it when he does that Natural picture profile you can see the
Sky. I’m filming in 100 ISO you can see here that the sky is very very true. This
is more or less what it looks like now Now, let’s change it to the C log. The C
log 3. Now, as I said I was not too happy with that in the snow because it’s so
flat and I was not too convinced about it. I’ve got a bad feeling about this Filming in 4k 24 frames per second it It looks alright All right What I didn’t try up in the mountains was the C log neutral I’m going to try that one as well. That is not as flat as the C log 3 Let’s give it
a go Again, I’m filming in 4k 24 frames per second and the megabits per second
is about 500. Let’s just have a look at the buildings, the sky… Let’s do 60 frames per second. This is the highest bitrate possible I’m gonna start off with
filming it in picture profile standard to see what comes out straight from the
camera I think it looks sharper Am I right? Look at the buildings Let’s change it to a Clog. Gonna start with the Clog3 Clog3 in highest possible bitrate I don’t know man It’s struggling more with the highlights
than the shadows. I was able to bring back the shadows pretty well in the snow Cool.
Now let’s do the last one in Clog1 Here we go it’s not as flat. I haven’t used a log for a long time since the Canon 1dx mark ii
actually don’t come with one, so this is the… I don’t know if we should call it
“fake” Clog? possibly… Now, enough about the log Let’s also do one slow motion
just so you can see the difference between a maximum bitrate. Alrighty then
Here we go. would be cool if some birds came along No birds. Where do the birds go? As a professional filmmaker the dynamic
range is key Did it help with the Clog? In my point
of view it didn’t I’ve got easy light setup here with just
one spotlight and one Lumecube for the Here we have Luke on his favorite
Tauntaun. on ISO 400 and this
is 12,800 that’s the brightest I have to even lower the strengths of the of
the spotlight. Of course you can see some noise at this ISO, but I think that is
holding up pretty well This is 4k and you can see that there is
a crop here of 1.3 I’m gonna show you another good thing about the Canon 1dx
mark 2 which is how it handles the rolling shutter
I’m very impressed by the Canon 1dx mark ii shutter. For example I’m gonna now
tilt that camera which is a Sony a6300 I’m not saying anything bad about the
Sony camera I just wanted you to see the difference between that camera and this
one let’s compare it. So, when we move the tripod a bit
look at that wall there that is one of the most insane rolling shutter effects
I have ever seen and let’s do a test of the rolling shutter of the 1dx mark ii. You can still see it but it’s much better. The wobbling is not that bad In the other video I talked about the importance of the megabits per second
when it comes to video recording in the Canon 1dx mark II Why!? What? The reason why
it’s so important is that you have a lot of information in each frame. So you have
new cameras that come out which have only like 100 megabits per second and in
my point of view that is not enough Why? Because, when it comes to for example
color grading it or a color correction green-screen. Even though you shoot in 4k if the mega pits… If the megabits per second
is as low as 100 you’re gonna have real difficulties there in actually
distinguishing the colors so it’s more important to have high megabits per
second than for example 4k as many of you might know the first feature film
that actually took full advantage of a a digital cinema camera was Star Wars
Episode two Attack of the Clones Imagine this Attack of the Clones was filmed in
HD. It was not even 4k That tells us that the megabits per second is essential
here I was beginning to wonder if you’ve got my message I’ve been using various
cameras before I got myself the 1D X Mark ii where the bit rates were
between 100 and 500 500 is a pretty good bit rate, but still there’s 300 more bitrates that you can get in this camera and I think that makes the Canon 1dx
mark 2 very relevant still in 2019 So, would you buy the 1D X Mark ii? This is so stupid… I didn’t shave because I was going to the mountain but I can see now
that I look pretty wild. I’m gonna go and shave. See ya!

15 Replies to “Canon 1DX Mark II Video Quality | Relevant in 2019?”

  1. I'm also testing out the Clog picture profile developed for Canon cameras by Atomos and James Miller. Is it working? 😉

  2. Entertaining video. I just bought the 1dxmii a couple of weeks ago and I had my doubts because of the heft and lack of features that could be found in other cameras. But the bit rate, color science, auto focus, tracking and nice slo mo won the day. The Cfast cards hurt the wallet and I have to upgrade my PC, and the workflow is slower because of the file size. This camera on a gimbal is also heavy. But the bottom line final product still looks the best, and more professional. Back in the day so much more time, money and work would be needed to get the same results. Today your results are greatly amplified in relation to the amount of extra work and resources you're willing and able to put in. Bought mine for 4k U.S.

  3. I might have to give this a thumbs down for putting Kylo-Ren and Tonton Skywalker in the same scene together. 😂 Nice video!

  4. Nice video and comparison of the Logs vs standard. It honestly depends on the scene IMO with the picture profiles. I live in Oahu, HI and there are usually tons of blues/aqua/green in my shots and sometimes the Log3 is just too flat for any of the LUTS that I use and it's tough to get the sky to match the rest of the scene. I find using a Circular Polorizer filter to make the sky pop and bring down the exposure on it plus underexposing the image just slightly really helps out LOG 3. Mainly I use LOG 2, as I is for me the easiest to just toss a LUT on it an tweak the footage slightly and I'm finished. In extreme BAD light I do find it to struggle just a tad but lets not forget this is not a Cini camera or anything crazy.

    I'm also a fan of shooting with a modified version of just the neutral profile with saturation and contrast turned down. Also, for footage in good light, standard is really really good and barely needs any work for the most part. I think the 1DXii is plenty good in 2019 and for me it will for sure carry me well into 2020 and beyond. I got mine with 8000 shutter cycles brand new in box pretty much for $4300 if that gives you an idea. I also traded in my old 5Diii and got a nice credit from and couldn't be happier.

    I'm also using PIXELFLASH 128g CFAST cards. I got them on amazon and I can not say anything bad about them. they handle 4k 60p with no issue and have been reliable so far at a reasonable price.

    EDIT: the other thing for me that makes this camera just baller and stand out is the BIT RATES described in the video. There is not camera in this category of cameras that shoots even close to the 800mbps in 4k that this shoots and even the I think don't quote me, 380-400mbps that it shoots in 1080 at 120fps. Yes it's files are massive but I just think the quality is unmatched for this reason.

  5. As much as I like my A7III, the 1DX MK II (or III if/when it comes out) is my Holy Grail camera!

  6. this camera is truely a beast, never regret it since day one. not like sony camera, a pain in the a** , good on paper, but sucks in real world.

  7. Great job, I really learned a lot. I have the 1DX Mark II and the C100 and XF305 and it compares really well. My 1DX is better than my C100. Thanks for the info.

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