Can You Do Graphic Design Without a Computer?

everyone this is graphic designer Roberto
Blake with another graphic design quick tip for you! if you’re new to the
channel I do graphic design videos Monday’s but also do sporadic design videos
throughout the week so make sure you subscribe to get everything! so in today’s video I’m gonna talk about
something pretty funny this is a question that came from one to
the viewers are on Twitter and they asked can you do graphic design
without a computer today? two-part answer if you’re talking about me, I absolutely
can! if you’re talking about anybody under 30
I doubt it! but seriously now it is possible to do graphic design without a computer is it practical now? it’s absolutely not
practical to do design without a computer anymore and employers don’t care about it some
of your professors might be showing how and it’s great to building to be able to do the old school analog stuff, its great to be able to use a xacto knife. But in the majority of cases it’s a useless in a relevant skill if your
graph designer if you’re a Crafter that’s fantastic and they can apply in
cross over there but terms a practical skills I have not had a client, an actual client need me to you anything without a
computer with the exception of doing some sketches and thumbnails which you may or may
not be able to do that as an illustrator not every graphic designer
has that skill set I covered that in another video if you don’t have the drawing skills
what else are you gonna do for them the tiny executable and relevant to the
bottom line that you’re not take time on to do without a computer. Now if you’re
working for in-house company that has some like
craft services that they need internally that might be very different. If you’re working for an ad agency unless you’re printing stuff out there
and cutting it out and putting it on posterboard to present, again you don’t need that skill. and that’s more crafting than graphic design so what are you really going to be doing
Are you going to be sitting there, laying out tight manually the old
fashion way when we have a computer that can do that if there power is outage because
then your client might be down too if its local or whatever I I don’t know what the
fascination is with doing graphic design without the computer anymore I mean I get from an artistic standpoint… but if we’re talking
about money being on the line. If we’re talking about the living for clients, if we’re talking about delivering for an employer then, it’s irrelevant and you’re wasting
valuable time you can be using polishing other skills: like storytelling,
how to market yourself how to sell via social media, how to develop a visual brand that
works across multimedia. these are relevant things today so I
don’t know what the fascination with being able to use a leading ruler is other than
nostalgia or people wanting to feel relevant still.
I don’t get it! Now again I can do those things, do I
need to? It hasn’t come up, it absolutely hasn’t
come up and I doubt it will be the difference between me
getting a client or not. So in short yes it is possible to do graphic
design without a computer is relevant for your
crafting and personal projects I have some projects like that and I will be
doing and showing you guys on the channel by gonna make my comic book wall and
things like that but aside from that it’s not a practical skill (in my opinion) There are skills and people outside graphic
design professional where that crosses over to or specific subsections of graphic design
where I can see that being relevant maybe if you’re a packaging designer then
that still relevant. I will give it relevance on that one.
But other than that I’m not seeing it. So yes it’s possible and you could do it if you want to. Is going
to get you hired? I doubt it. Anyway I hope you guys
enjoyed today’s quick tip are if you guys agree or disagree let me know in the
comments section below let me know your thoughts anyways like this video if you like it
don’t forget described as always you guys thanks so much for watching and don’t forget create something
awesome today! with or without a computer!

9 Replies to “Can You Do Graphic Design Without a Computer?”

  1. I still have my waxer, burnisher, and a pad of tissue paper! I actually sold the Waltzburg PMT camera for metal scrap – a moment of silence here…but I kept the optics. Do I want to go back to that…NO WAY!

  2. I started in graphic design just as it was migrating from paste-up/camera-ready art to something they called "desktop publishing". I'm glad I learned to use the waxer, cut rubylith and set type with rub-down lettering…but I have no desire to go back to those days. Great video.

  3. May you do a video on crowdsourcing website like 99 designs? I'm interested in hearing your thought for that and as always, keep up the good work

  4. Hi Roberto, I'm thinking about investing in a wacom companion 2. Do you think it can replace my laptop or meet the specs that you recommend?

  5. Need to show this to the old farts in the Fine Arts Departments who teach Graphic Design as an artform and not a business, lol.

  6. Honestly, not the answer I expected to hear. I've heard practicing graphic design by hand is a great way to practice; even Karen Kavett has a 3-part series on how to do graphic design without a computer. (I took part of her advice and hand-traced various words out of service different books and magazines).
    I've already begun to assume that part of learning graphic design involves seeing it for what it is as it evolves through time and letter go of what we may think it is or what we want it to be. 
    I'm looking forward to seeing the comic book wall!!! Sounds like fun 😀

  7. Man, you beat me to it! 🙂 I was writing that yes, it's not a must have for the majority of designers to be knowledgable in "old school" techniques, for those of us that work primarily in packaging, knowing your way around an Xacto knife (without slicing yourself to shreds) and other tools is an invaluable skill to have. We're constantly comping up samples and ideas, and being able to effectively bring them to life is definitely a must have skill.

    Thanks for another awesome vid, Roberto. Keep 'em coming.

  8. Im a graphic designer & i only use my iPhone5c & got plenty of designs on my Instagram: @malado617 & my Facebook fanpage: Realest Designs, & i do get money through clients & plenty of great feed back … i use 15 apps to make my designs & i enjoy doing them & have a awesome time making my ppl happy so ima keep graphic designing & goodluck to u

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