Can shadows be colourful [Class 6, Chapter 11, Lights Shadows and Reflections, NCERT]

Can you guess what is all about this
scene? well other than my crazy dancing you may
have noticed that the shadow is not black but instead its colorful what’s
going on here ok first up let’s get a good look at the
shadows in this drawing and count the number of colors on the screen. There’s
eight of them. We’ve got red, green, blue yellow and magenta plus the screen is
white and right here is black. Now how is this happening Well there are three light sources red
green and blue star shining towards me. Don’t believe me? Let’s turn the camera and see. Actually my camera isn’t quite picking these colors up well but
there’s red, green and blue. Alright back to the explanation. We begin with the
easiest color on the screen, white. Now, we see white where there is no shadow.
That is because all three light sources red, green and blue mixed together to
create white. Here is an experiment to prove that. Now I’m going to request
your patience as my camera didn’t quite pick up these colors really well. Here I will mix blue, green and red lights in equal amount to make white. Ok back
to our drawing. Here let’s focus on the spot on the screen where we see the red
shadow. My hand blocks the green and blue light from getting to this spot, so red
is the only remaining like that hits this portion of the screen and is
reflected back to our eye. That’s what creates that red shadow. Blue shadow works the same
way. On this spot on the screen my hand blocks green and red so the only
light that hits the screen and is reflected back to us is blue. Similarly when my
hand blocks blue and red lights, I see green. Okay so far we’ve accounted for
four colors red green blue and white let’s keep going and talk about this
light blue color on the left of your screen called cyan. Now this is the
place on the screen where my hand blocks only one color, red, and thus I see a
mixture of blue and green which is cyan The spot on the screen where I only
block blue light, I see a mixture of green and red which makes yellow. And the
place on the screen with my hand only blocks green, I see a mixture of the remaining
two lights which is magenta. And finally where all light is blocked by my hand, I see
black. There it is folks, colorful shadows all co-existing and all having fun

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  1. Great! Where did you get this kind of practical knowledge with science practicals. I do not think, it's exactly taught in a school.

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