Branding & Identity Design with Amber Asay – 3 of 3

hey we're back day three graphic design day three portfolio day yes there's so much to look forward to today so we're back with amber AC she's been working on a brand identity for the last two days and we've had a lot of returning guests so let us know if you've been with us since Tuesday pokey says great opening ten out of ten intro yes oh we're getting approvals over here we haven't always done such intros the last two days yeah we stepped it up for the left we did just for you for all of you yes so Michaels been here for two days Stephens been here hi I'm us roar we haven't seen you I think you're new today so thank you for joining Raphael hi my wings hello I'm Sherman welcome thank you hi Eve oh I see a lot of returning guests mm-hmm so today my Anna hi Samuels new oh yes I also want to know if this is your first time joining an Adobe livestream because we will give you a special welcome Chelsea prices new hive Kelsey hi hi frayed from France hi ginger Jared so today we're doing portfolio reviews so make sure you check that out right above the chat box you can see the link I'm excited to see your portfolio's – yeah it's always a highlight so click on that link and you can submit your portfolio using the forum that's linked right there and towards the end of the stream we'll be looking at your submit we're going to pick two submissions to look at and we'll go really deep will scroll through everything read everything as much as we can and give you some feedback and you have an expert here who can give you real-time feedback yeah wearing glasses today time yesterday or Monday I wasn't wearing them yesterday oh that's what happened I know I try to keep everyone on their toes I wore them the first day but sometimes our contacts Fred since the first two episodes were super interesting so I was looking forward to this one tonight where I live yeah yeah it's nighttime in most places yeah where people are watching for watching us instead of Netflix so yeah really impressive we love that you're watching us and we want to hear from you so keep asking questions and chatting with us and we're gonna just jump into the work that we've been doing for the past couple days mm-hmm I say we I haven't been working I've just been you've been contributing yes yes I'm like that doesn't feel right summary voyage yeah fine yeah so oh just a recap this is what we're working on this is what has been finished up to today had some a round one and then yesterday worked on a round two with client feedback this is the direction we're moving forward with with this logo and can design we have two flavors here and then today I kind of want to start building out this brand a little more and create more applications or or kind of like get the client more excited to show where this can go how it can like move and breathe and become much more of like a full brand and not just a Candice so yesterday we started working on a box design I'll finish that today possibly due to based on the two flavors a color or a box per flavor and then I'm gonna fill out some of these mock-ups that I have so I'm gonna do some wheat paste posters business cards possibly a tote show a little bit of Instagram and what the logo would look like on Instagram and so I'm gonna kind of fill out this this deck that the client will see it's all about presentation for client work to and making sure you're presenting it in a way that really impresses them and that gets them excited about it and makes them feel like they're getting their a value of your work so another thing that I'm gonna do is I'm going to show the logo on the first page and I like to do what's called a responsive logo you feel like that term is becoming much more used today just because a lot more people are familiar with responsive web design and I think responsiveness can also be applied to logos and branding so let's put together our responsive logo and make this a little bigger so I'm going to do a couple of versions I'm gonna do the full basically large desktop version of this responsive logo which is like a full lock up and that full lock up will include mezcal cocktail because that is kind of like the tagline in this case or the descriptor for the brand so I'm just gonna kind of rearrange some of this stuff check my scale make sure that the lock up would make sense and I kind of I usually tell clients that this locked up is good for when they're like being seen out of context so it's not with the can it's maybe like a sponsorship logo or logo that somebody else is going to put on something and so having a full lock up helps explain or show the brand a little more out of context and now I could probably outline this as well I don't need it to be live text same with this one I just do a quick command shift o for my outline and then I'm gonna align these nudge them so they're all centered and that's our full lock up the second lock up maybe I'll do let's see so the second one I would say we could lose the tagline and then the third one I would say would be probably without the the mark and then getting down to the fourth one I need to grab one of these versions hopefully I still have one no I didn't hold onto one would you provide brand guidelines along with this yeah so this would eventually turn into like this is how to use your logo these are the different places to use it and I didn't hold on to an outlined version of this so I'm just gonna create a smaller one but since this one is gonna be more of like the favicon version where it literally would only show up like probably 16 by 16 or about that size I'm gonna make one that's just like a reduced version like a smaller optical size yeah and hopefully the way that I would do it would retain just a little bit of the brand without losing it so I might actually do two here and I guess if I want it to be again really symmetrical then I should probably go buy my rotate tool again because it's just too much work trying to figure out what all of those angles would be so let's see that would be one two three four five six seven nine ten eleven twelve it looks really simple once you've done it but it's not that simple to make yeah yeah that's true so copy paste in place rotate and what did I say seven seven kelsey is loving this Eliana is so happy it was good I hope it's because of us maybe you're happy for something else but let us know Michael if you produce the design commercially would you have to pay a license fee to Adobe for the font so the font that we're using for the logo is available on the Adobe fonts service it is available to use commercially so all fonts on Adobe fonts are included in your Creative Cloud subscription and you can use them for logos for broadcasting any commercial use you need because you're covered with your Creative Cloud license and if you want to read more about that you can look into the terms because we do have an end-user license agreement that's more detailed but in general you can use the Adobe fonts service for commercial use so she wouldn't have to get a special license to use this logo if you wanted to modify it you can still do so you just have to convert it to outlines first and then modify the letter forms hey Larry first time here that's Larry welcome Anna says amber the branding is beautiful it's so summery oh good and that was one of the goals of the project was they wanted it to feel summery so that's gonna be our responsive version and it's really important that it can be seen at like that size where it's tiny yeah and I do that because just a quick comparison if it were to beat this version it gets really busy in there and loses some of those details so this version I mean if I wanted to I could even add one more and do kind of an in-between but yeah that's basically you also never know if it's gonna what kind of screen it'll be on yeah how it'll be printed it might not be the best resolution yeah and when it becomes a little more pixelated then you have to keep that into consideration too is some of the pixels might fill in those gaps and it could become really blurry or hard to see so vision that for the Instagram I'm not sure I think for Instagram I might actually just use the full version and something that I tell clients a lot of the times they want to use their full name for Instagram and I point out to them a lot that on Instagram your logo or your name is always next to your icon always that's true so it's repetitive to have your word mark be your your profile picture because then it's just gonna say Elenita twice and so I always tell people you might as well use your logo mark or the mark that becomes more of the picture moment for your profile picture and then your full name will be next to it so that's what I always prefer yeah Kelsey this is our last day for this stream so this is your last chance to ask amber questions if you have any yeah ask away and since we're working on this Instagram I like to kind of help them visualize where it can go what it could look like so I just kind of for the sake of filling it out I put a little art direction into this as far as showing off the brand in different aspects and maybe they want since they love the idea of people drinking their drink on the beach we can put in some beach photos but this is basically like the potential of them doing a photo shoot sometime and I kind of help them to understand that like their product would most likely be in these pictures or that maybe they'll just be like fun lifestyle pictures yeah that looks really cool anything you can do to get them visualizing what the final final piece will be is probably useful mm-hmm all the mock-ups and stuff and I love that I can just paste a lot of the times they just paste pictures into InDesign I know InDesign is a very linked based program but you can also just copy and paste it'll of course make your file a little bigger depending on what you're pasting into it but it'll embed it so this image won't become lost or it doesn't need to be a link for it to always stay there yeah but I kind of like doing that a lot too Samuel has been asking questions about the responsive logo so I think that when you use that term you don't mean it in the same sense as responsive web design it's not like a way of coding something it's yeah a term that means it can be used in different size yeah I always talk science that it's nice to have a full range of logos of your logo depending on how you're going to be using it so you need the logo to be represented in really large formats and really small formats depending on where it's going to appear and so in that sense it's nice to have a flexible logo so it's this is basically just it being flexible across different applications so I'll take that responsive logo that I created and I'm just gonna show them this is this is how it'll all look so I'll put this all into my InDesign presentation for them to see that too and then I can walk them through that that explanation as well so it's to say when when you do not sure which logo to use then these are the definitions of when to use them so in like a style guide I would basically point out to them when you when your logo needs to be smaller than 50 or maybe smaller than 20 pixels use this one when it needs to be like in between that where you don't have room for the full logo then I would say the name matters more than the actual mark and then when it needs to be if this would probably be the most ideal lock up so in most scenarios I would tell them if and when you can use this one always but if you can't use this one then use one of these smaller ones yeah and then if it's gonna be one where it's completely out of context then that's when I say use the full lock up so that people understand or know the product that you're selling and asked what did you search on Pinterest for those photos oh I mean the nice thing about Pinterest is I just like if I like a photo like I really like this beach scene for example when I click on it it's a it shows me more like this and so there's like a ton here like look at this fun beach – so that's it usually ends up being like a whole like a rabbit hole moment where are you just keep digging I'm making this mezcal board over yeah sessions yeah she did just search one thing and get all these pictures she curated yeah this is my board so I've been collecting a lot of this over time yeah Kelsey asked would you verbally walk them through branding guidelines with your InDesign presentation with with this particular presentation yes I like to get on the phone have a screen share similar to this and give them this live presentation and walk them through a lot of that so yeah I like to verbally talk to my clients a lot of the time because it helps them to understand all the details and helps them to ask questions in those moments too another thing that I like to do is put together a typography page just to show what it would look like outside of their actual package what the rest of the brand would look like so say so sometimes I like to just kind of put a picture in here to show what the logo would look like on an image too and I like to do that so that they can get a little more excited about not just what it looks like as the logo on a can but what it looks like in my in real life or with like lifestyle imagery but maybe I don't love that picture let's see this one might be good and then I always tell them too that a lot of this imagery is just placeholder so this isn't final imagery it's more of art direction for for when they do a photo shoot and when they start to actually think about that thank you so for those of you who've just joined welcome say hello welcome I know that people are joining all the times I just wanted to shout out to you and if you haven't seen the last two days we're here with amber AC and she has been creating a brand identity for a mezcal cocktail company so they're creating a can of mezcal cocktail that you could buy in a store and she's been working with them to create a logo and different designs for different flavors of the cans and we've been talking about how to take that first look look for exploration get feedback from the client and take into consideration how it would print on various media and all that practical stuff that I think we're gonna get into more today yeah yeah it's nice to to really explore where the look where the whole brand can go and I think sometimes as creatives were the ones to do that to really help people visualize that as well so are you going to give them a set of fonts to use alongside the logo for copy yeah so I'm going to actually use the same fonts that I used on the can but I want to show them that outside of the can just so they can kind of visualize it with like with actual maybe marketing material or poster work or things like that so I've got my character when a panel up I realized I'm missing a few windows on here that I need to put back in but at the font that I was using is pressure maybe I should actually look at what it was it was bold okay we'll make it all caps hey Kevin hijack Kevin amber studio is called nice people Co so that's why she has nice people no yard deck man she's also nice yeah I hope so I guess I can't claim that I'm the nicest person you'll ever know question so you guys see there's a chat and win countdown right here so all you need to do is stay in the chat and in about five minutes we'll be picking a random winner to win a hundred free stickers from sticker mule hmm so it's the fastest and easiest way to buy custom stickers and we're giving a lucky winner a hundred three inch by 3 inch stickers that you can use to put your own design on and it's a very easy way to enter all you have to do is chat and we'll be picking someone in five minutes so I'll give you the signal of when to start chatting of course you can chat before and after but I'll give you the signal because we'll be looking through the chat for a user username for a few seconds or a minute and oh oh yeah Lucia says we all love stickers yeah we do silky hi welcome back hi must roar hi Claire Angela hey he-hey he asks how do you come up with font pairing oh that's a good question I mean it's usually very visual it's just figuring out the concept and playing around with it and seeing which ones look good together usually when it comes to font pairing I try not to do things that are too similar to each other because then they all start to feel or look like each other so I try to find contrasting typography and so in this case I ended up using a mono spaced thinner version of this same logo or of this same font and so I like to use in this case I'm using a full family and it's nice having a big family to work with because then you can do thin versions and bold versions and then in this case I used this one because I'm trying to go for more of a vintage vibe here and so especially with this particular font for the logo and some of those I guess you could say chiseled serifs it feels like it's this would work – logo that was created during wood-type era and and so it has kind of a nostalgic feel to it to it and then this particular font as well called preshera it has rounded edges you'll notice and that rounded edge also makes me think of more void type as well and so putting those two together is as if it's all coming from the same era and that it's all it feels very very much in the same context of each other so it fits along with this full concept that I'm going for and then I have other typography too I'm gonna use for body copy and I think it'll be a lot of this to me isn't body copy it's more like this is headline this is subhead so I want to use a body copy version for them for the back that they can as well as for the website because when it comes to body copy it needs to be readable and it needs to be something that you can read for a full paragraph and some of this text I don't think is very paragraph worthy text if that makes sense yeah low Royce so it's really cool to see your thought process on showing your clients their friend can be more than just a logo yeah and it's funny because sometimes I assume people can visualize that that future with me but they can't and I've learned that over time that when I start to put some of that together and then they they have verbal reactions to it on the phone and they're like oh wow it's because they didn't see or couldn't see where it would go and so I feel like it's my job to show them where it can go yeah michael says do you ever call out fonts that they should use in either email or word documents would you ever go with something unique or just keep it native to system fonts hmm yeah I when I put together email signatures for example I always try to look for a Google font comparison to the brand fonts so having a Google font version is good for newsletters because most newsletter based services only let you use google fonts or start or like website yeah system fonts and so having a Google font pairing or equivalent is really good for branding and then if you have to reduce it even more down to system fonts I think that's helpful too so yeah especially if it's a bigger brand and they want to have all of those details associated then I feel like every detail matters and especially since they're trying to get investors involved in this product they want to make sure that they're completely buttoned up and that they look very buttoned up and so I know that they'll want that and that they'll need that in order to get people to buy into the product that's a great answer and we have 10 seconds left till chattin win there's more font questions but we're gonna go to chat and win so let us know what kind of product you want to see the logo on tote bags cans boxes let's start chatting win get chatting we're back so who's gonna chat to win stickers Evo says guess I want stickers – I think you do lúcia Jared wants bags Camila wants to win Jordan oh my gosh cups dope abs that'd be cool hats oh that's a good idea glasses Claire says search sunglasses buttons a Sun Hat brass knuckles oh we got a winner Viktor Congrats yes rock on day you win a hundred stickers from sticker mule go Victor go Victor go Victor it's your birthday Victor songwriters for rappers those of you that didn't win don't worry you can still use this link so go to sticker milcom slash Adobe Live 19 and you'll have a discount to create your own custom stickers not as good as 100 free but it's still a good discount so go on over there and Victor let us know what kind of stickers you're making yeah okay well Claire said she wants to see a business card which you do yeah and got before I do and I also have this tote bag that I'm really excited about I love this this idea of this little stair-step Aztec pyramid as part of the brand so I think I want to put this on here as well so I'm just gonna apply my mask hope that mask is awful though okay I might have to actually pentool this mask instead which is pretty easy how do you get the texture of the tote bag to show over the graphic with the blend modes okay yeah so instead of it feeling like I just put this flat color on top of a tote it will be nice to have the texture come through a little bit so it actually looks like it was screen printed mm-hmm but yeah so for now especially like right now this isn't a mock-up I just found this image online just for like proof-of-concept purposes and and so it's kind of low res so I'm going to do this quick little pen tool vector mask and the way that I do that is I right-click I make sure I'm on the layer that I want to be on create vector mask so now it's a nice clean mask and then when I do usually I like to play around with some of my blend modes like multiply overlay No yeah I think either darken or multiply will be my best option sometimes I create more than one though – like if it's if one isn't doing it then I'll go through and do maybe like two or three a couple people are asking what a displacement map for displacement that is I don't know what that is either let us know what it is and how we can use it it's a grayscale version of the same image you're working on then you can apply it as a texture to a flat graphic by the displace filter and it distorts the graphic to conform to the shape of the map oh that's something to explore maybe when we're not live yeah maybe that sounds like dangerous territory mentioning it but yes I could I'd be useful okay so before we did the chat and when Amanda Lee was asking about fonts and there was just like one last question that I thought you would be useful to answer and she said do you know I lost it oh do you make the client pay for the licensing for the fonts yes because I think for type foundries and or the owners it's nice for them to see that the actual brand owns the font and not the designer so when they do see it in the world or or on their website then they can look through their own I guess like sales yeah spreadsheets or whatever and see that so-and-so from Elenita purchased the license for this font so that way they don't have to do too much digging I also make sure that they do it because it's important for the brand itself to own the font than it is for me and and so I make sure that in the contract that they know the fee of the design does not include or purchasing fonts and that that is an add-on cost yeah that makes sense and I mentioned earlier that Adobe fonts allows you to use for commercial use but I would still recommend if you're working for a client that they either also have a Creative Cloud subscription or they purchase the font from the foundry yeah and sometimes you have to license it for web use too so you can use it some of the variations on Adobe fonts but then sometimes you also have to purchase the license for it as well for web yeah and you are license is good for a web and desktop yeah but if you're designing a website for someone else they need to have a license for it yeah you're just the designer and you could go off and do something else in the future and they're the ones that are responsible for their website so you should make sure that they have a license for it either through Adobe or through the foundry itself and what you said about the foundry being able to look into their sales records and see who's using it that's really useful I actually had a foundry that reached out to me and said hey someone used my font through Adobe fonts to design a very prominent campaign logo that's out there right now and we want to know if we can get in contact with that mm-hmm and that's the kind of thing like if you see your font being used for a huge thing and you have no way of contacting the person like that's your losing business then because you could totally offer them different licensing options or something else yeah to help your brand so I would definitely recommend if you're designing for someone else make sure they have a license the company has a license yeah good point hey ketta good to see you again and D good to see you again follow-up question how often do you purchase funds for your own studio um-hmm that's a good question it depends on if I'm using it for my own studio or my own website then I'll do it or if it's something that I really want and I feel like I need to buy it just because I love it so much then I'll buy it so not very often just because I feel like I'm always doing it doing work for clients and then it's the clients responsibility to purchase it but but occasionally it'll come up and then I'll purchase my own license for something this is a cool design yes I'm kind of just having fun with the brand seeing where it can go and I I mean I like to do a ton of versions of things but I just don't have the time to do that right now but sometimes the first iteration like something I just put together now sometimes I'm like yeah I like it but then when I make two or three or four versions then the later versions sometimes I like more than the first version I make so I always say don't stop at the first always keep going but right now I'm just gonna stop for the first no that's what I'm trying to figure out is maybe it would be a tag that would have the logo but sometimes something I like to do when it comes to branding is I don't want to just give them I don't want to do what a client would do and what a client would do is slap their logo on everything yeah it'll just take all of the collateral and then they'll just duplicate the exact same design on everything and I feel like that doesn't take much creativity and any client would do that or could figure that out on their own so what I like to do is create something new or different or unique that they wouldn't usually have or come up with on their so maybe just for the sake of like like hey your logo can be on this – yeah that's cute and I can just put this like fake embroidered tag on it hey young Eric haven't seen you in a while how are you doing hey Josh hi Kathleen amanda says thank you for your answers thank you for your questions so yeah it's that huge really big tag Josh is new to this I just need to Adobe live or new to design what what do you do Josh so I just saved it what I what I did here was I edited edited that's such a weird word to say I did edit with Photoshop and then when I do that and save it it automatically real inks it for me in InDesign if I was gonna do it a different way then I'd have to come back in to my links and update the link here do we have any InDesign users out there anyone who loves InDesign I don't know I really do how many how many InDesign lovers we have out there shout it out loud if you love InDesign yeah all caps exclamation point Claire says I really need to learn to use illustrator it frightens me lol fan shop is my tool yeah it's hard once you get used to one tool yeah it takes a lot of time to get used to something else one of the reasons why I use illustrators so much is it translates to print better so you can create all your designs all day long in Photoshop and that's fine for mock-up reasons but then when you have to actually send a print or something you have to do that design all over again in Illustrator to them so I prefer to do it in Illustrator so that I have that base point to work with and then I'll jump back and forth because later we're gonna put this design into the dye line for the printer and I'll kind of walk you through that – cool – Jinja hi Daniela hey Beck so we have a lot of InDesign lovers oh good let's see there's so nice about InDesign yeah Kelsey says InDesign rules Cheryl Lucia Kareem Daniela I think I said thank you already a lot of people yeah thank you for sharing it's nice too because sometimes or in the past I would design a lot in illustrator and then I realized it made my illustrator files huge because illustrator isn't supposed to be used for imagery and so once you start dropping a ton of images into illustrator it'll slow it down and it'll just become like really heavy and so the nice thing about InDesign is it won't slow down your computer it's much more capable of large imagery and big files and you can just like have a lot more fun with it in here that's a good consideration because sometimes you don't think about your file size mm-hmm Sean says do you strictly use Photoshop for collateral for these types of projects only for the mock-ups if I want it to feel real but I'll create like for example let's do these business cards now what I'll do is I'll actually create the business cards in Illustrator because again I want to have a file ready for print so so I'll create like the actual file or the design here and then I'll copy and paste it into my mock-up so it's hard because with the brand that I've set up so far with Elenita it's become a very flavor based brand I guess you could say there isn't like one color there isn't a color palette for the full brand the color palette right now is all based on flavors and others are constantly gonna be changing or they might have like 5 to 10 flavors out there and so it's hard to know what colors I should be focusing on because the colors are all based on one flavor so I might that might be a question I would ask the brand sometimes too is do you have a hero flavor or hope to have a hero flavor and do you want your brand to always reflect that flavor or do we want to create a brand that has its own you know like can it be black for example yeah or yeah Paulo from Argentina hello Victor says when I was in school we went from quark to InDesign InDesign isn't much better oh yeah it's a little bit of history maybe it will keep it green I like the green with yeah turquoise Paul asks how do you organize your files oh like you want to look at my finder it seems like you're pretty organized yeah Systems so I keep all of my clients in this and then every client has these 7 folders information where I keep contracts estimates feedback invoices and then I have a reference folder that's where I keep all my mood boards and any files from the client I have an artwork folder and that's where I'll put things like these Adobe stock images or any other artwork that I've collected for this particular project I have a design folder that's where all my main design goes so we'd been working in this branding folder I have all my mock-ups in this mock-up folder and then I've got my dye line that we're gonna use in this print folder and then I have a presentation folder this is where all of my InDesign presentations end up or the one that we're working on right now I have a portfolio folder so this is at the end of the project when I do a photo shoot of the final project that is for my website I have a folder put specifically for that so that I know going back and forth when I need images of that final project for like a competition for example or for when I'm gonna start uploading things to Behance then I know I can access all of that for my portfolio folder and then I have a final files folder that's where I will organize all of the assets and final files that will go to the actual client so what I do is I just copy and paste this link for them and say here's all your final files and then I'll give them like EPS format illustrator format PNG s black and white versions of their logos and basically like all the final files that they'll need for future use that's so impressive thank you that's amazing yeah it's helped along sean is saying oMG you are organized all caps oh thank you and I'm like always wonder if there's better systems out there in fact I saw someone on Adobe live the hutzpah girls actually I saw them going through their finder and realized that they were organizing their clients by alphabet so they had a through they like split the alphabet into four different folders so they had like a through H for the first one and I was like oh I need to do that because now my client folder is becoming like yeah really long just roll through it and that will just – yeah that's true but means you have too many clients it's really successful you have to make new folders to group your client yeah mm-hmm so let us all aspire to have that problem good yep that's good Sean asked was the dye line supplied by the client or did you find it the dye line was supplied by their printers so they had already been talking to a printer to get quotes and pricing from so they came to me and said we already have a printer we've been talking to sometimes I'll help them and I'll find printers for them or use printers I've used in the past so in this case it was nice because they had already done some of that homework for me and then they reached out to the printer and the dye line for this and then sent me that dye line most printers will have a tie line sometimes printers will ask you to do it and in that case I'll just do it based on a similar project or a similar dye line that I found out there why don't you find it sometimes I'll just google it like if you google like coffee cup tie line you'll be surprised how many dye lines you'll find in that search and some of some of them are already illustrator files that you can just use so yeah that's usually how it happens but this particular dye line was very heavy with information this printer does this on the regular and had very specific specifications that I have to follow great Eliana says I need to be this organized Yannick says I love being organized too but amber takes it to another level I am next level organized what a compliment red says even your bookmarks in your browser are so beautifully organized can you show us again oh yeah you guys like these these color-coded bookmarks here I've been doing this for the past 10 years probably I had a college friend that did that and I was like Tommy your secret and so then I figured out whenever you bookmark something Kamandi you do you delete the text only you do – yeah and then it'll only show that so like look here's my little Adobe icon my Adobe fonts icon so I just click on that and then it quickly takes me to sign-in page not even saying oh I did it for me wow that must be my Creative Cloud that just ID me and that was kind of impressive oh I saw a new local Pharrell Anita scroll down the seventies version of Elenita yeah yeah heard that coca-cola has this like retro 1980s coke they're bringing back no there was this new coke in the 80s that was withdrawn because everyone hated the taste okay now it's become like a cool retro thing does it look like this no you know this reminds me of oh yeah right totally any Sega users out there whenever I think of Sega I think now you can design your own Sega logo you there you guys want done it's called Verna what does Sega remind me of what was that one character did anyone play that Sega Sonic the Hedgehog yeah yes I always think of that swell guy oh good old Sonic makes me want to own a pet and a hedgehog and named him Sonic yeah I hear California you can't own them right or is it illegal I'm not sure diehard Sega nervous Wow everyone's getting excited about something Dana the chat explodes hit a niche over here yeah that's the one thing when I'm on Adobe live I notice how lacking I am in knowledge of video games comic books oh I feel like that always becomes a huge topic and people in the chart are talking about it and I'm like yeah comic in my experience a lot of tech savvy people tend to have a video game background yeah so more people are designers they enjoy graphic yeah they were they engage with that kind of thing yeah so when it comes to business cards there are little things there are these tiny little things and sometimes people make their fonts way too big on business cards so my standard is I always start with ten sometimes I'll go down to nine or eight small I've even done I think that for the viewers they can't see where your business card begins and oh yeah it's very low contrast that's true because I couldn't see I was like wait where's the card there's a nice bold black no all right there we go yeah thank you I've got it I've got this like cream so what I'll probably do is depending on their budget the business card that I would suggest that they get printed is a cream paper so I'll look through some of my swatch books at home look for an ice cream paper and then would recommend possibly something that feels more analog especially for this particular project so probably letterpress is where I would go for them in particular because it'll feel like a nice pressed vintage business card and that would look really nice if this was pressed into the card the actual logo and if there's like a nice green letterpress ink pressed into it I think all of that all those details will go a long way and I tell them that too sometimes their budget doesn't allow and that's okay but if it does I always start there that's great I'm impressed consistently on the amount of things you provide to the client oh yes it's not just the logo or just the graphics for the can it's a really holistic approach yeah and I think having that servant thus those services can help you become more of a valuable designer because I feel like a lot of times designers feel like they're just they just become executors and the way to get away from just executing work just because you know Adobe programs the way to get away from that is to really set yourself up as an art director and as a strategic brand thinker and thinking about ways that you can actually build out the brand and make good recommendations and have good advice for them and then the more you do that the more they trust you and will let go of the design process and let you do what you do so yeah Paul Alvarez says I'm a little behind but thank you for sharing your file organization yeah that was a big success I know those I guess that's something a lot of us don't talk about yeah and that's the thing once you have someone showing their screen to you live mm-hmm you get to see things that you wouldn't normally see yeah because you would never have that in your portfolio yeah by the way my files are also yeah it's true hey cars welcome hey Cory says is there a service you go through for business cards or do you find a local printer I like using local printers and especially since this client is in LA it'll be even nicer to go through my local LA printers because there's no shipping they're just gonna or shipping costs will be really low there's a low footprint there and also you would recommend the printer for that my local printer yeah so oh yeah for that part of the project yeah what I do is I'll go to like two printers that I know of and get comparison quotes and then for printing I act like an interior designer so if you know interior design business they I take all of the products and things that they go to and all of their vendors and they mark it up they usually mark it up about 20% so when I work directly with my printers those are vetted printers that I've provided that I've worked with and that I trust so I'm bringing that to the table and then I'm also bringing the print production communication to the table providing specs providing paper weights and names and all of that so all of that I consider a part of a service that should be marked up so when I take those quotes I mark them up send them to the client and say these are your comparison quotes these are the different specs that we could go with this is the cheaper version or this is the more expensive printed version so it depends on their budget and which one they want to go for and sometimes they'll say I really want those letterpress printed cards but I can't do this cost is there anyone else we can go with and sometimes I'll go and find like a third quote that might be a little cheaper and say I found this letter press printer through friend through a friend who supposedly is really good that we could go with so so sometimes you have to play that game but it's worth it because you want to help them through that whole process and you want to make sure they get printed so that you can have some for your portfolio so I try not to just hand them my files and say ok take care of printing good luck I try to walk them through that process to ensure that it gets printed well that I can actually use those cards for my portfolio and that like all of that whole process goes well Wow yeah realize that you helped with that I keep yeah I need more things that you did oh yeah yeah I'm a big print person like I nerd out on print and so because at the end of the day it comes back to the fact that I really like having this design that you can hold in your hand and that you can experience and like rotate and look at and that quality is becoming more and more obscure in this day and age everything's so digital so I like to bring print into every project that I how to convince the client that what he wants is ugly in a nice way I have this problem I just made a great brochure but the client wants something very effusive ugly oh no kamila yeah I'm sorry that's hard I mean sometimes you have to kind of tiptoe around that in a way that you have to become a Salesman and you have to show them what else is out there so sometimes I'll say like I put comparisons together I'll look at really high-end brands and say look this is the stuff that high-end brands are doing and doing well and that's why they can sell their product at this price or this is what their brochure looks like and they sell like a ton so when you look at those brochures and help them understand that then they'll say they'll realize what goes behind a good brochure sometimes what I found is when people aren't designers there they tend to look in their own industry so say for example you're working with a real estate agent and this is the brochure that they want the reason why they're looking at that brochure and wanting all this ugly stuff might be because they're just looking at local competitors within their city or their state and those competitors don't have good design either and so they might just be referencing bad design and have a really bad idea of what good design is so in that sense that's why I tell people look outside of your industry when it comes to design inspiration I tell clients that because a lot of like even photographers a lot of photographer websites tend to look exactly the same or interior designers too so then sometimes they'll come to me and they'll say they want a website but when it's and then I show them or tell them like a lot of interior designer websites look the same and what I want to give you something that looks completely different than all of that and something that looks well-designed so I kind of walked them through some of that yeah that's a good answer it's tough Val says give them what you want to do and say here's what you asked for and here's what I chose to do yeah I don't obviously yours will look much better yeah yeah especially if it's like a simple design I'll give them what they asked for and then I'll do what the version that I recommend because if you only give them what you asked for and you're not happy with it either then no one's happy because they don't see that it could be better and you gave them something that you knew could be better – that happened recently – they asked for I had a client who asked for packaging on a particular color and and I didn't really recommend it but I did it just because they asked for it but then I also showed them but what if we do it on this color instead or this paper color and then they ended up going with the one that I recommended so you never know a lot of bad design out there there's a lotta bad design out there if that's all you see that's what you'll want to yep it's true Victor yeah that's true bye Elena thanks for joining so we have 25 minutes until the portfolio submission deadline so around that time I will be looking at the two portfolios that we select but please continue submitting I know it can be daunting it can be intimidating to send your portfolio to be viewed live but will be nice this is a safe space hmm so please please do so and I'm sure you'll get really good feedback so that means we have 25 minutes to wrap this wrap it up pretty much completely or we'll have a little bit of time after we review the Talia's but that won't be enough time to get into the dye line oh right so yes we should move on to that we should try to get that done in the next few minutes so that we're not worried about it yeah good idea okay so I'm going to quickly put this on here this is my business card mock-up and I just kind of want to show them what a potential business card could look like it's nice some of these mock-ups all the layers very organized layers and the layers that say put your design here cheesier it looks beautiful so we'll do that for now that's in there in my presentation deck for them to see the potential of their brand it's almost done yeah and like this is one of the lines that they sent me they've been kind of doing their own copy for this project so I put that in there I might possibly put like their URL here does anyone like that quick command option command C okay I do it all the time get your boxes cleaned up or your Talos option command C car says it's 10:30 at night here so I'm going to sleep then that's okay thank you for being here have a good night I don't know if I don't know if you're leaving but oh yeah but I hope you sleep well whenever you do yeah put a little more text over here maybe I should switch that yeah la California yeah black ha laka you need to let us know once these are available yeah in stores oh yeah so many cans of this and if you follow me on Instagram then I'll be able to update you more too so yeah I'm at amber a see it's pretty easy to find to use update but account more than the oh yeah and I have my nice people account it's at nice people Co but yeah I update both the one with it's just me is a lot more personal stuff that I post to so you can follow either one I'll probably update both but but yeah if you follow that then you'll get to know especially I'm so excited to see these get printed in real life so I'll probably do some stories of when I actually get a physical can in my hand even if it's just the sample or prototype and will most likely post that as a story on my Instagram so be sure to follow me so that you can know and this comes out because I'm excited drinking will have one big Elenita party virtually since we're all around the world totally ok so let's dig into this dye line so they sent it to me as a PDF but I know printers tend to just send it as a PDF but it's actually a layered file that I can use in Illustrator so if you just drag and drop your PDF into illustrator you'll find that out that it's actually fully layered file so that way you don't have to be like wait where's my illustrator file you should just check it first just in case and then if it really is like a nun layer like PNG that you can't work with then go back to the printer and say actually I need a Foley layered PDF so Oh evil has to go to sleep thank you for joining hop from Holland yeah awesome another little quick key so when I have several projects open an illustrator if I do command and the little curly name for that oh it's a tilde yeah why don't I know these things command tilde then you can just switch between your projects new and I'll see is bad sometimes it's hard cuz your fingers after like you know play an octave on the piano but if you do shift come in like you can do in your tabs shift command arrow does that work that only works in browsers okay oh maybe we should tell Adobe that though Adobe does anyone do that make recommendations online for Adobe to add new things new features I just sit at my desk at Adobe and go ahead Adobe add this feature and you hear me thanks Ahmad he says you're both doing great stuff thank you Beck is in for the virtual Elenita party oh yeah I could come back yes I'd be pretty fun we would love to have you back so dye lines anyone familiar with working with print Islands they love to throw a ton of information on here first of all it looks really scary yeah it's very intimidating they also put all these layers in I don't know if you can see these up here so there's this dye line one which is the actual dye line part they have a legend layer they have the artwork layer and that's where I'm gonna put my work in and then they have a comments layer which is where all that information is and then within this they say recommended main art placement so they recommend based on the fact that there's these folds that are gonna happen on the can that you put your main artwork here and it's nice to know that because what I would have done was I would have just split it in half and had like the front of the can on the right the back of the can on the left so now I know that their recommendation is to put it between these two folds they also say don't part place important copy on this overlap area and then there their legend also kind of explains which parts are clear area where is the print area perforation dye line so that way I know what's going to be the actual crop line so this green line is the actual crop line this red one is what they're calling the print area and then it says it's recommended to keep all important art work elements below the 18 millimeter mark to avoid distortion of artwork so they're showing me that this perforation line this is where it's gonna warp my artwork above and below it yeah I think there's just like a little little edge at the top of the can and this is of course it's this can again so it's like I'm assuming what they're talking about is this tiny little Ridge right here so I need to be careful of that as well Sean says from the projects I've done in school dye lines and I have a complicated relationship oh yeah it's complicated it is very complicated Renee remembers this I think Renee was triggered I also realized some of this might not be properly overlapping so I'm gonna overlap that and make sure that I do my proper Pathfinder combined so that's one shape for a print and then I'm gonna grab all of this I already put the background color on there and then I was just like playing with this as an arbitrary design that there weren't any does like actual inches or sizes with this before so now I have to actually be conscious of my sizing for the for the can so I'm realizing that some of this is shorter than the can and that now I need to kind of rearrange some of my elements and that's what happens and that's why it's nice to get the dye line as soon as you can from the client because otherwise you're just gonna keep redesigning things like I am now and just so I can keep things clean for my own reasons I'm going to put all of the these shapes in a clipping mask and then put them in the back and end right there so I know I need to keep it above this green line so I'm gonna be conscious of that these are looking a little small here so I'll probably bring this up a bit too and I also need to start working on the back of my can so I'm gonna wrap some of this artwork over and since it's gonna be a full wrap around like a 360 design I want this to be I want it to match up so that when they shrink wrap it around that the two ends come together as like a 360 design so in order to do that I'm what I'm gonna have to do is probably just grab this whole piece put it on this side and then change my mask over here to include the other side and that way I know that break from start to finish is where it's going to resume over here and like since that's kind of a risky break to end on I might actually just bump this over like 1 2 and then let's move the hill a little more to and then I'm gonna space out more of these elements and fix this mask here so that it comes back just to clean it up so there I have it in my eye line and then this is the recommended Nutrition Facts barcode other and this is other too so my barcode would potentially go here they don't have a barcode yet and you have to like apply for a barcode so sometimes I'll just like Google a quick barcode for them just so they know or have an idea of what placement is gonna be yeah I think in my experience with barcodes it has to be as contrast as possible so in this case it might have to be a white background because I'm not sure that this green is light enough to put it on but if it was going on the cream area then I could just have it be black and cream and take out that white too but I don't know is that weird to have a barcode at the top of the can or I can put it over here yeah in my tech it's it's the top of the pyramid yeah that's what you get when you climb to the top of a pyramid is you actually just get to the barcode he says you can test the barcode with your phone oh that's a good point I've never done that yeah and that's another thing is after I do this dye line I'm gonna print it out at home and check all the sizes of everything because I want to make sure that it really is okay but my font size is this size right now it's sitting at 7 but they also have recommendations on dye lines too like for example they they do packaging a lot this particular printer so they know a lot of the like government warning stuff that's required they know that the name and address is required not all printers will actually give you this information some of this legal stuff is basically up to the client to get it legally approved before they take it to market but minimum type size requirement to millimeter so sometimes they'll say that but two millimeters is actually really big to men I would put like a two millimeter by two millimeter weight maybe it's not that big you're on the wrong layer so my minimum type size requirement is two milliliters or millimeters I'm glad that they tell me that too because sometimes they'll say 12-point which we all know is arbitrary when it comes to font design not all pant size not all 12 size pants are gonna fit the same and not all font 12 points are gonna be the same either so they give you an actual height requirement so that means in this case I feel you're too small eight I might be okay with eight and I'm okay with that sighs too because sometimes well or sometimes don't tell any on this but I cheat it just a little bit like seven point is gonna be fine and I'll print it out to make sure it's legible yeah I'm sure that it depends on the font to like yeah it was you really thin or a script or something you wouldn't be able to read it at a smaller size yeah this is easier to read so I've got my subtext at 10 or at 7 I've got my main text at 10 maybe 11 and I always put these rulers down to center everything and sometimes like I know it's not completely centered in the actual line too but it's so small that sometimes you can't even tell that either and then back up text so I've got this text with it that they sent for the back of the can so that's what I'm gonna put all of this text I'm gonna create my text boxes and I already have a favorite font that I'm gonna use so for the body copy I'm gonna use relative it's really nice because it's it's nice and wide I actually like this particular font and paired with all this other vintage type because it still has some of those like subtle curved edges oops but it's got like some quirky characters I really like this a it's a little more extended which is a nice pairing with all this condensed type that I'm using so I'm gonna go with relative for my body copy relative book and I'm just gonna Center all of this sometimes I play around with the text box to check my rag or to check how everything is being placed they want artisanal mezcal cocktail at the top I'm just gonna copy and paste this and I always I kind of have my own design rules and that means or one of those rules is I try to keep my font sizes limited so if I'm going to have a headline a subhead and a body copy I try to keep all text to that so if they're gonna ask me to add a new thing to the back I'm going to use one of those three font sizes and just I dropped from it because it'll keep my design nice and clean nice okay I thought about this the other day but I kind of feel like Bob Ross this week because anyone say that I'm just like yeah and I've had a lot of Bob Ross reference references yeah kind of fun look at this happy hill on this can whoo-hoo this happy little son so everybody to submit your portfolio yay five minutes five minutes send it in and we'll choose – gonna center that and then I've got my government warning does that need to be in all caps government warning yeah yes it's an aggressive I know right uh what did they say here oh that's not in all caps yeah um I think I don't know I think maybe the client told me it needs to be all caps but maybe I'm crazy I'm not now I'm second-guessing myself so I'm gonna do it in this subtext but I'm gonna break my rules a little bit and make this one its own size just because those three main sizes I feel like are more brand recommendations this is because I'm still using it Oh a trial trial fun stuff that type designers add into their font so like a splat with eyes so this is from Grilli type yes Grilli type one of my favorite foundries they do some really good stuff yeah and they're great once this is like approved then I'm gonna have my client get a license from there I'm gonna remove my hyphenate from paragraph I don't want any – Asians clients usually hate – nations – even though it makes my text really clean and then I think government warnings actually supposed to be bold rules and another rule that I learned that they told me it was that I actually have to have this on the white area oh but the government warning has to have a solid background one background color is I guess there's a specification it can't be on multiple colored backgrounds so I'm just gonna barely keep that off of there it might condense it a little bit and sword the way it's centered looks like a poem yeah a haiku so to speak especially when the is on its own life yeah Oh risk of birth defects I'm just gonna cheat some of this too because I think I want this bottom part to be longer than it would be yeah better yeah sometimes you just have to do your own thing with the text if you want it to be very particular yeah have you ever had to learn ABC regulations for alcohol designs are you asking me or everyone reading a question from the Oh somebody's asking this yeah I ever to learn ABC regulations for alcohol designs no I haven't actually what is the ABC law in California the California Department of alcohol beverage control is an agency of the government hmm yeah I feel like if you like this is the only thing you need the government warning right yeah I don't need to know much else um yeah I mean I like sometimes I defer to the client because I don't it's a lot for me to know a lot of business rules for other people's products so I usually recommend it especially when it comes to food packaging to work with a food packaging lawyer and to get everything approved before going to print because that's a lot of liability on me that I don't want and as a designer I shouldn't be responsible for that so so yeah in most cases that's what I would say but yeah I mean some designers do mostly alcohol and happen to know the ABC regulations or all of the rules that go into what the design specifications need to be and so I mean I say kudos to those designers who like really have all of that information because that is helpful for the client yeah so someone brought up that yes amber did the design for Poosh which was Kourtney Kardashian's brand that she launched really recently yeah and Lauren asked if you got to meet Courtney I did I met her before I started the project they were I don't know how many people they were interviewing but they asked me to come over to Courtney's house and have a pre official meeting so before we went official with the actual project we had a quick meeting in person I think she just wanted to gauge well wanted to meet me first of all and then kind of gauge my personality and figure out if I was the person she wanted to hire so yeah it was fun and then I met with her throughout the project and had phone calls with her throughout the project – yeah that's what you get when you work in a celebrity yeah yeah you can work with a celebrity one day yeah I worked with rosie huntington-whiteley – and got to go to her house and had a couple meetings with her as well so it's really fun to drive over to Beverly Hills and yeah you know be in that area and all of that it's pretty fun that's great so the deadline has come so I'll be looking to see which portfolios we selected in a minute just want to make sure everyone had a chance to submit theirs Alejandra says how do you get child fonts I've only seen that once but there are plenty of fonts that what I'd love to try more in-depth so a lot of foundries you go to their website they'll show you which fonts you can trial mm-hmm they love to have people try all their fonts and actually if you're interested in something that you don't see a trial link for you could always email yeah hey I'm doing this design I'd really love to try out one of your fonts I will buy it if it works for me foundries are more than happy to accommodate that I've talked to a lot of type designers who say that they regularly email links out to people yeah if they see that you're genuinely interested you're not there to steal anything or you know they'll do it for you yeah I've heard of some people I have friends that work for really big magazines and those magazines will sometimes reach out to type foundries and ask for a trial and they'll test it on their like articles and things like that to make sure it works and looks good before going to print yeah okay let me see if we have the portfolios I do let's get those open hae-in's I mom see and Alejandra you can also use Adobe fonts you know all these fonts are included in your Creative Cloud subscription so if you want to try something out just go to fonts at there's tons of fonts there for you to experiment and you can activate those at no extra cost so I would highly recommend that mm-hmm hey Jerry okay so I have two portfolios ready who to look at and the first one is Kelsey Congrats Kelsey thank you for submitting so if we go to my screen I have hers open hi Kelsey screen Kelsey's been in the chat so I'm glad that she got chosen here yeah so I usually like to just read the info focused so Kelsey's here in the US she's a freelance graphic designer she has a BFA in graphic design and her interest is UX UI design she also enjoys photography illustration currently looking for a job in the Denver area all right so you're in Denver alright so let's see let's click on the first thing we see so this has a lot in it move all UX UI stuff look at those animations that's cool I think that's really fun when people add that into their UI UX because that's what it's all about is the experience and I'm getting a better idea of the experience yeah let's see what else nice hmm we didn't travel today usually we go to space oh really oh are we supposed to do that but we can go now yeah how does that work well all you hear is your helmet amber okay yeah here do we have it on during okay we forgot to go to space whose face is where we can really review the portfolio oh yeah you know have our thinking rights for just like oh this is nice but now we really have our thinking caps on see and Kelsey's UI is right where our roller that's really cool but the animation yeah it does so Kelsey now you can design for spaceships so let's go to back to my screen and let's see her other stuff here so she does a lot of let's see the one thing I want to know is what are these projects because I don't see a description oh yeah and was it real I mean I guess that doesn't matter yeah it doesn't matter but if you told me what kind of app this is for mm that would help me to visualize how your design fits into that sort of thing yeah and like it to me it looks like it might be little glimpses of three different apps because one is cash one as movies one has and so I'm wondering if that is all part oh she says none or real they're all just practice okay oh yeah that's fine and you could say that on there too or these are screens of different apps just for the purpose of showing functionality kind of a thing and I think that might help them to know that this isn't supposed to be for the same app because my wouldn't wins one project then I might be more of like comparing everything to see how does it look Kohi how does it work together but these in particular don't need to look to work together because it's examples of different apps yeah yan eric says trying to do portfolio reviews on earth sheesh no thank you oh my gosh okay animation I can tell you're already good at animation from what I saw yeah cool eat my words oh that's funny I like that little glitch gained the lead yeah that's so cool and the numbers I like that the numbers were the what do you call it the first image the cover image that's all yeah because that really caught my attention for some reason me because I'm a type nerd but it was really cool to see that yeah it definitely made me want to see what's behind the numbers yeah and she has her resume here that's good we can see everything about you packagings no facial cleanser whoa so this again I don't know what CEC is so it'd be great if that title was something more descriptive more had more descriptive text in it creative elemental cosmetics oh nice that I like that bottle design yeah that's cool this is cool too visualizing what the actual box will look like that's always useful mm-hmm for a client to be able to see the finished product for presentation purposes I'd probably stack the images and instead of putting them in a a grid because then you would have more space to see the image and then I could see instead of having to click into it I can see the design a little better yeah that makes sense oh there's a lot in here is this a branding project possibly yeah Kelsey what's Koko Rosie is it a music festival cuz I mean it's a really fun logo so I would probably start with the logo first to give hierarchy to the logo first and say this is a custom logo I designed because it's very customized too so I think highlighting that will be really helpful and then show it on all of the applications after whoo very expressive yeah did you create these letter forms or is it a font that you found looks like you might have created it yeah oh it's a musical group oh okay nice yeah I would agree start with the logo unless you have the logo superimposed on here or you have something more descriptive because the images don't tell us that it's a musical group oh yeah and I'm I'm not familiar with them either but it looks like more people know who they are well it's your favorite band that's cool she used photography to get the type oh did you take pictures of type in the wild how did you use photography that might be a good way to use your animation is to show the photo and then have it turn into the actual type and going back and forth between that because I think that will help me to understand the photo and the type go together mm-hmm west peril so this looks like a friend you were exploring a brand identity that's cool looks like um the West or it looks like train tracks it reminds me of train tracks maybe that's the yeah wild blend yeah which is fun and then West and peril are two different typefaces which is sometimes can be a lot for one logo and so sometimes I recommend choosing one or the other like maybe all of it looks like the word West does or all of it looks like the word peril does because then it'll show a little more constraint design-wise but I mean I think a lot of the fun part of it is the character and the the creative concepts with the actual type too and then I would say for presentation purposes the same thing as the actual packaging he's thinking about if he wants to purchase master he's funny yeah if you stack the design again I think that'll be a good way of separating everything so it's not overwhelming and you're not putting all of the design into one image and then that way people can scroll through it and then if you wanted to do a couple of things next to each other then that'll be good but when it's all stacked I think it helps to like for my mind to visually go through every part of the project yeah and it looks like you have various ways of presenting your logo so it might be worth consolidating that into like two or three different yeah is that ways like if it's gonna be small this is how it'll look if it's gonna be bigger this is how to look because here we have like the logo mark initials plus the full name plus the initials again and here we have oh well that's the same here we have it superimposed so maybe a little more consistency could help it look a little more polished look Steve Royce says the portfolio looks really neat yeah that's cool thanks Steve so that's pretty much it for Kelsey cool I think you'll see yeah I know it's a it's intimidating to have everyone watching you yeah thank you so much for sending that in yeah it's a good idea I like seeing more of your style and that there's very much hand-drawn stuff in there and it's got a little more grit into it and so I think holding on to that concept or onto that style and flushing it out more I think will help people get a better sense of your design style too you know what I noticed she said she used these pictures to create the theis type yeah I didn't realize I thought she was saying like just general pictures but you can see the others in all of this yeah so that's how I think having it an animation of going back and forth between each letter and its image that one's really yeah alright Kelsey thing thank you and our next portfolio I'm so sorry I don't know how to pronounce this name oh yeah Cuauhtemoc Aleman that's probably close I mean you do speak Greek so I probably would have butchered it way more I would have said well nailing like Illman but it might be a lemon because sometimes I over pronounce oh yeah people are like no my name is just Paul and I'm like ha so let us know if you're watching still I hope you're here please give us the phonetic pronunciation so what we're not butchering your name but let's do some good covers here yeah raising questions post challenge create a high concept poster for a moment based on a single truism calamitous collapse is better than mediocre defeat wow that's deep all right oh hi I'm Mara you're in you're not late it's fine so I guess I'm not sure what the sketches are or maybe this is his process for arriving at the fire oh I see I guess these are the first sketches and then some type exploration and then the final okay cool I like that you showed the cross matches because you are playing with where the type was gonna be placed and what elements you could bring in sometimes I like to show the ultimate the final thing first because it catches their attention first and it's the finished product so you want them to see that first and then to show process at the end and or sketches at the end because then they can see how you arrived there at least the cover image yeah it's good but it would be good to have it at the top too yeah but yeah it's fun to see the process and to see all of the variations yeah that's great the computer lab campaign challenge created a marketing campaign for the upcoming semester to continue increasing awareness of the computer lab ooh I like the color yeah I like that monochromatic hurt those monochromatic greens and like the pops of yellow it makes all the information easier to digest – yeah see you son did you go to CSUN that's closer to where I live oh really maybe you're still there cuz maybe these were student projects yeah so we have all the sketches that's great that's cool to see how it started mmm the sketch was pretty close to the final yeah and it's cool that to see the sketch and how like it's just very conceptual at the beginning and then the final looks very clean and buttoned up and just like very finished which was really great to see – all the gradients and the like the visual hierarchy of it all yeah all right and then brand campaign for the Student Union social media accounts ooh so that's cool that you have the final at the top this feels similar to the other one too and so in that sense I'd probably group these to show like a series of posters with that other computer one that you had and then that way you can kind of keep it all together in one project yeah that's a good point but it's fun to see all the variations of it and the similarities of it of the like header and footer being consistent across all of them and then the variations of illustrations yeah it looks very professional well done fruit snack food create a package for organic food snacks brand these are fun I really like those those fruit illustrations those little smiles cute fruit but I'm assuming this is for kids which makes it even more kid-friendly having these little faces on it yeah this was good experience to figure out how the little print on the package yeah there's that dye line yes yeah I love dye lines call I think this was presented the best out of all yeah I agree and it's good because you did that thing where you put the final product at the top and then went through the sketches after yeah because it helped me to see the final product first yeah and we'll just see one last one because we're running out of time a typographical expressive poster for a design lecture series at the cooper-hewitt Museum in New York that's so cool yeah that's awesome I love the orange color yeah I like all the distortion of type and the hierarchy of it that the type in the middle is so big and those stuff next to it is much smaller so there's no it's not competing with each other I would say just got like my first reaction to this is this feels like one of your best projects so I'd probably put it first in your hands that's what I thought too and then that way people will see this first and get a good sense of what your best work looks like and then if that's all they see then that's fine but then if they continue on looking through your portfolio then they'll see more work after that yeah I would definitely put that first and you also have these playing cards these are super cool nice illustrations yeah okay so I think we've given as much as we can because we're running out of time to go back to earth yes it's time to go back to buoy fly is there an outro no it's not glamorous when you get back to earth you just plop oh we're back but let's show really quickly oh yes a couple minutes that we have this is what we just worked on working on the dye line with Amber's final design and here is the finals of the can and and now that I've got the back built out I want to show the client that two because they with their investor decks they're showing investors the front and back of the can so I'm gonna put this in the mock up as well so that they can have this for presentation purposes too that's great so for those of you but we're with us for three days you saw amber start from the beginning with her mood boards and her type exploration and now we see an almost perfect final can which is really cool so even if you missed out on some of the time you can watch the replays and see the process for everything that she decided to do on this product it looks smaller now that I see it on there on the can yeah the text yeah but it's different when you have it printed out yeah and that's the other thing is whenever I look at like actual cans when people are looking at it they're looking at it this close instead yeah that far away especially when it comes to the body copy so sometimes it is nice to just print it out act like you're a consumer looking at it for the first time and kind of look at the design and think is this big enough so yeah I still need to print this out and make sure and test that or do that kind of a test too yeah so we have about a minute left okay to say goodbye well thank you everyone I'm excited to see where this can goes what the client finally decides on and to see it go to print so be sure to follow along to see where this goes and I'll be following ya to buy the can and also to see all of your other amazing project thank you has been a great guest you've shown us how to organize your file how to you know take printing into account how to show your client it's not just about the logo you can read so much more for them and add value so I've learned so much I'm sure you guys have too and hope to see you again soon thank you so much thanks everyone for joining you're alright thank you [Applause] you

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  1. How does the copyright on the images work, she takes from pinterest? Shouldn't she be asking the original owner of the copyrights for using them?

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