BPR-6 Business Portable Recorder 6 Recording Ball-point Pen (Se-CAM-GC-82555)

BPR 6 Business Portable Recorder 6 Recording
Ballpoint Pen (SE-CAM-GC-82555) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0LGGEMch-0
Welcome to GadgetGuideUSA. Thanks for tuning in. I’m Stephen Kowalski and I’ll be your
gadget guide today as we explore this video recording ballpoint pen. I decidedto use the
actual physical media I was reviewing to start this video so I hope you enjoyed it. Thank
you. I hope you enjoyed that intro on the BPR 6.
That’s a business portable recorder 6. The super mini DV VPR6. Let’s go ahead and get
started. As you can see I already have the instructions
pulled out here but we’re going to go ahead and look at the box. It gives you the super
mini BPR6 30 frames per second. 640×480 or 1280×960 and let’s go ahead and get started.
It does do both video and audio and we’ll go ahead and go over some of the features
here. As you can see it has a button on top. It does kind of look like a pen but really
you’re not going to fool anybody and we’ll get to that why. This light stays on while
you’re recording. It’s kind of irritating so as far as being a secretive pen recorder
it’s not very secretive whatsoever. I’m going to go ahead and open up here.
If you can hear that sound that’s one sound that I knew right away that it did not like.
It sounds very grainy. Like almost like this plastic isn’t properly aligning with this
metal and we do have plastic threads on a metal or aluminum screw here. So I can tell
you right now that that’s not going to last a whole lot of cycles as far as putting it
on and putting it off. The bright side of the pen cap there is that
it does in fact write so it’s not completely fake. It’d be tough to find refills for
that so I would imagine just don’t write with that as little as possible so it does
in fact write. And you really don’t need this for operation. The only thing you need
it for is actually in fact to write. This is the actual pen recording unit. As
you can see right here it has a place for an SD card and it has a place for a microSD,
a micro USB charger and we can go ahead and plug that in. It does charge. It connects
to a computer. If the pen is in fact on when you connect it to a computer it will behave
as a webcam which I guess is a feature. You’d have to hold it though or I guess if you sat
it perfectly right that you could use it as a webcam. Not a great feature but at least
it’s there. And you can plug that in. You can charge it. I wouldn’t charge it using
a cell phone power brick because this thing is limited on amperage. It says do not go
over .25 amps in the instructions so if you charge it incorrectly I would imagine you
might actually ruin it. So just make sure to only charge it on a PC or a low amperage
power brick. You know I just played with this and of course
you saw my intro video using it. I mean the video is ok so it does work. It is semi-secretive
and that’s pretty much where the nice working ends.
Here’s the instructions. They are pretty hard to understand. I couldn’t figure out
the difference between shooting a video or shooting a picture. I would turn it on here.
It does have an indicator light that turns on normally. Well the product might be dead.
I have played with it for quite a while and I filmed quite a bit of video.
This is normally a status indicator. It turns…after I push this it turns green and its lit solid
whenever it’s on so you know that kind of kills the secretive part of it. And then you
push this button and I could not figure out how long to press it to get an image or a
video. It just seemed to randomly select. Sometimes it will do a still. Sometimes it
will do a video. So overall the product…I mean it does kind of do what it says and I
didn’t pay much for this at all. I almost paid nothing for it and I’m getting nothing
for it. So in the end this isn’t going to be a product I recommend. It does kind of
do what it says. The instructions will kind of get you where you need to go but overall
this product really just isn’t ready for a retail market. I mean if you’re just stuck
on getting the cheapest camera pen you can get then this would probably be the one you
want however you’re probably going to be upset with the A it’s construction and B
the way it works. It was just hard to use all the way around. The instructions were
difficult to comprehend. One side was in Chinese. One side was in English. I don’t read Chinese
so I had to limit to the English. It was just difficult all the way around so I’m definitely
giving this product a thumbs down. I do hope you enjoyed my product review today.
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  1. a friens of mine gave it to me so i could show him how to use it. i read the instructions but the ligt thens green the. 6 res flashing lights and then thats it. can you help

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