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three me welcome to another episode from Mali photography now you might notice something but will not mention it so I did I get some places didn't bring wellies well click tides that yeah we're at the cost again so from this episode from the last episode I thought I'd get to in today well put this out separately because today Matthew I am going to be a lighthouse that looks like a Russian rocket we're at blow Vaska once he come here for quite some time Matt McNeil got a sunset here that was incredible and he was gonna go on and he rolled he stared and he got he got the sunset wow it's looking good I've got to say I'm not going to speak too soon more it's looking special get the god rares already to stop I can survive this quad mayor syllabear I must be bonkers father day as well what that's been you know anyone who's from another country cuz they know I've got a gentleman in America and a lady in Spain and a gentleman in Spain if you don't understand anything I'm saying I can do some translations for you right we're caps bin weight caps bin is were my cap has been see there is goodbye or look at that Civic Civic look at that all the translations like tour eat that means how are you doing how are you are you okay today tour eat so we'll just leave it at that for now a couple of translations I don't get why we just walk through that mod door and we could have walked on this firm stuff just when you thought I couldn't get much more excited we've been gifted look at that right we'll get a bit closer bit touchy-feely have a good good shot close up these pills are water a lovely but there's just a bit far away and we're not getting the reflection of it which would have been great bit closer peels a water if we drop on let's have a look the sun rays that are shining our reaching as far as a ship over to Markham the more can bear very faint but they're there so I'm under exporting and still blowing me our lights because the Sun East it's a piercing so we're gonna switch to try and get this shot with a Sun isn't in the center and get side light on the lighthouse the clouds though it's all about the clouds incredible well we have a namazi Avenue nause having a walk having a wander looking for compositions it's so beautiful just that line and the layer district and the absolutely stunning radiation filled piece of power station in the distance so Mikey's moved over there there's a pool of water it's reflecting the lighthouse and we're blocking out the power station I'm doing a shot with it and the clouds are just hanging there just static and swelling and Phil look at them incredible incredible clouds so we've got an hour make he set up with a composition to die for I've got it bang Center them in it and using the clouds so just leads astray and we're being spoiled this sky is incredible Steven sorry but I think it's got me a bit special this sunset look at the look at it hanging there and that it's not even close yet and the sun's light in it or para day it's lighting the belly of the sky you see the clouds form in in spiral in there in the distance but the shots everywhere look at this so over here we've got a plinth the Sam Bank we've got this storm and reflections of it and then this just absolutely dead straight Sam bang but I don't want to move from that composition to get that but it is a bit special do we do it I forgot time I didn't get the shot of the hills I miss that one because there's too busy with this so I don't want to miss any chances when that song drops swapping lens these are just keep your cool keep your head focus on the job at hand daughter at wandering I can see that shot voice bugging me no stay true right so there [Laughter] look uh I've no words I'm not even taking pictures I'm just looking at it Wow what we go right well on F 11 one third of a second is or 50 purple skies want to bring that down a bit it's craziness absolutely crazy I've been doing a time lapse for the the Sun dropping all that time and then the tide started coming in about foot grab the camera and come back I just this is an incredible sky incredible and that tides coming in quick right I'm gonna run over and Nick make his composition as a good photographer should I know I'll get further excited and all I know I do I get very excited and all I get too excited I've been told but now the tides coming in right look there's purple in the water purple I tell ya purple you know let's played cool yeah we've got a sunset tonight we don't get this that often you know when I California report us it's incredible it's just floating in heavenly goodness I don't know what else to say it is isn't it get your bag in all the excitement and all the wonderment of this sunset I think we've got the best of it it's not caught the underbelly of the cloud it's not quite high enough cloud as you can see but boy did we get some shots tired started rattling in and we got these lovely reflections so it looks like the lighthouse is just floating stunning more cuz I'm a warrior we're doing one before tired comes any further and it comes in quick what incredible incredible life but it's gone I think I don't think he's gonna catch this underbelly so if you like what you've seen click subscribe it's at the bell for more notifications if I put any more of this up which I'm sure will be and well there's only one thing left to say

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  1. I'm feeling giddy for you & I wasn't even there πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
    Loved that time lapse…special indeed πŸ‘Œ

  2. Don't ever calm down the excitement Mali!!!
    Top vlog n images as per usual.
    Ohhh them clouds, that little touch of colour on the side of the lighthouse πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. Another fine vlog Sir, enjoyed the quick language lesson, the cheeky bit of timelapse, and what a cracker of a sunset, you lucky bugger! Some beauts in the bag there.

  4. Sometimes we take photography too seriously, we should all be a little more Mali πŸ‘. Entertaining, excellent images and words I’ve never heard before to boot, what more could you possibly want πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Antiques Road Show, nah .. time to catch up on a few vlogs. Which one first … TH or JP or BVS … No contest, let's put Mali on first and get a bit of that feel good factor. Nice one Mali. A stunning set of images. Be proud of what you achieved that day. Al Sithee!

  6. Not a bad launching pad that. It fell well for thi’ Not sure about a Lanc man doing Yorkie interpretations though. Lovely shots Mali. All the best, Spud(nick)πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜¬

  7. I hate the pair of you. Sat down to a YouTube catch up and this pops up to depress me. That was a hell of a sunset and you captured some great images and a great timelapse. Thanks for the mention or gloating, not sure which it was. Honestly not the slightest bit jealous. Can't believe you walked across all that mud though.

  8. I have to say Mali, at first I had to lookup some of your expressions on Google, do appreciate the translation. Beautiful vlog, did understood the word beeeeeeeeep!

  9. Great film Mali. The shot at 11:41 was the clear winner for me. That evening must have been the same night I was on Longton Marsh, the clouds looked very similar to what I had going on! Loved that rocket intro too!

  10. Golden Deliciuosness πŸ˜‹…..what a video mate! Stunning images – 11:18 my favourite I think, but the last one was extra juicy too. Love that intro πŸ˜‚

  11. Stonking…. I was getting excited watching from the comfort of my bedroom just then – infectious for sure πŸ™‚ Those images, not sure which I would select as a fave but I think you certainly bagged up on juiciness for sure. Nature at its best, can't beat it.

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