Bird Photography Recce in Spain | Canon 7Dii 100-400mm

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  1. I am from Spain and I love your videos and bird photography. In case you need any help or want some information just tell me. Dont miss the opportunity to visit Tablas de Daimiel. Right now, in that place there is few water, that is a pitty but you could spot and photograph the european roller quite easy as well as many small birds such as the Panurus biarmicus or the Locustella luscinioides (i dont know the names in english) or the lesser spotted kestrel. Where are you staying? maybe i could recomend you some places. I hope you enjoy our country 🙂

  2. Turtle doves used to be quite common in the U.K., unfortunately it’s still legal to shoot and eat them in certain countries on their migratory path. That, and more modern farming techniques makes it our fastest declining bird by percentage. That is obviously a very simplified overview. I remember seeing them on a regular basis with my grandfather in the 60s.

    There’s a lot of great things happening in Spain at the moment, not least of all their work with the Lynx.

    We actually had a flycatcher perched on our feeder about a week ago. It didn’t have the decency to stay there whilst I got my camera. The only place I know where they nest around here is about 10 miles away, in some river banking woodland.

    Collins App??? Mark goes straight to the App Store.

    As soon as you set off on your first recce I thought, "hmm, he has no water!" Tut tut! You sir should know better, especially if you are using bins. Dehydration and binoculars equals one heck of an headache.

    As always a great video, very enjoyable indeed. Such a pity you’re having to suffer such terrible digs!

  3. Great video Espen. Love the images of the light hitting the birds with the dark background all around them completely separating the bird in the image. Can I ask also where you get your music for your videos? Cheers Keith

  4. Thanks for sharing Espen. Looks like your in for a great time there. Lots of great birds to pursue. Look forward to the next one. 👍

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