BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY in the mountain | photographing bluethroat

now in fact I'm ready I'm going up to the mountain and I will hopefully find a blue throat and photographed a beautiful beautiful bird hopefully I'm gonna find it and for reffered a film I'll show you guys so yeah but yeah it's also really really good to be up Anna Mountain I love the whole thing about being their presence and yeah take it all in so hopefully it gonna be a good time and come along with me this is so good to be out on the mountain man you had to smell and everything I love that Mountain smile is so calm and so relaxing as well business Jasper about taking photographs and making video but be her presence in the mountains I'm excited for today hopefully I will find blue throat again if I'm not I think I going to try to find a look for the ptarmigan I know that there could be some ptarmigans in the hillside here but first of all let's go and see if we can find I was even checking my phone see what did that was them it said on a stone just in front of me so I got some shots [Laughter] now I got goose bumps I can hear it singing that was intense I found a goose but where is using this bushes tear to sing when I was all around here this is really really awesome what a great if just wishes I hope you can hear it but it's so close I'm sitting here with a ghillie suit but I'm not like fully I'm not like fully covered so but I think that it's enough covered that it won't bother by my present and I also have sit here for a while and I think that is also a good thing that is getting used to me so it's not the stirrup it's so cool wow it's a beautiful bird well well I cannot see it right now so I'm going to try a different place again I got the frame in the bird I found a place I were the bushes in the foreground and I'm also much more well laid in here it's mad this bird hair but yeah what an experience so yeah like I said I got to frame it in the world the way I like it and yeah it's pretty on the top of the bush there and I got some good shots and some video here it is again [Laughter] [Applause] I starting to get it I know I'm going the back and go home this was great I'm so glad I did with her it was an awesome day I hope you enjoyed this as well and I will see you next one bye you

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  1. Since I started watching your videos and buying a used 200-500, my photography has improved exponentially. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it has changed my life. @traytrayseb on instagram.

  2. Lovely images – video and stills – we last saw these beautiful birds on Magerøya – amazing. Happy hunting and thanks for producing these fine vids. 🙂

  3. Lar meg imponere av at du får til å få det du fotograferer til å stå ut mot en perfekt bakgrunn..Du inspirerer meg til å prøve å få til noe i…Forsett med å inspirere Trond..😊

  4. Very nice mate! A truly magnificent bird. That waterfall in the beginning looked familiar, but I can't quite place it right now 🙂

  5. Great video and one of your best. A beautiful bird and well captured. Problem is you make it look easy, I know small birds in the wild are a challenge. Well done!

  6. Fantastic video as always!
    We see the Bluethroat (here in Portugal) only a few days during the migration periods. It is a beautiful bird!

  7. Very good video. Some lovely images. What I can't figure out is that you wear green clothing, a ghillie blanket, camo netting over your face but you don't cover your hands. They are like waving two flashlights around for wildlife that have much better eyesight than ours.

  8. G'day Trond: Thanks for this great video. I was wondering if you might share your focus techniques in an upcoming video. I ask this as I noticed that at 8:55 you are focused on the feet of the bluethroat. Was this because it is in a similar plane to the head/eyes and at f4 it should still be in focus? Am very curious as this is an area where I really struggle. Cheers, Paul.

  9. Loved seeing the bluethroat we don't get them where I live lovely bird great images fantastic video thanks. I noticed you seemed to use centre weighted focusing I always use spot focusing for birds should I change I'm using Pentax K3 and Sigma 50-500 Lens.

  10. You are one of the best nature photographers here on the canal. You feel your passion for nature and animals. I am very similar.

    Thank you for these beautiful moments. Günter from Siebengebirge ( Germany )

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