Biggest Faber Castell Pencil Art Supply Haul EVER! Lachri

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god so sitting here admiring the fact that my being too lazy to cook the sweet potato meant that I ended up with a brand-new plant and I don't really see any reason to ever cook again if that means extra plants then there was a knock on the door now just as a quick disclaimer every single other fabric house sell product you've ever seen me use in the past I purchased all those before myself everything in this box is being sent to me straight from fabric Estell because I'm doing some videos for them so we kind of did a bit of a trade they sent me some products I'm making them some videos that you will see on their page so make sure you do follow them on Instagram here on YouTube I'll put links to those in the description but that is where all of these supplies have come from okay let's see what is in this box oh my gosh there is so much stuff in here I'm so excited okay first thing I've grabbed is the fabric a style dust free eraser I don't think I've tried how can I do not know this existed I so would have bought this if I knew that was a thing I'm really excited to try this out and show you guys how it works so yay reviews coming soon next we have the fabric austell graphite aquarelle you guys know this is one of my favorite favorite favorites for it this is the water soluble graphite really excited to have more of these I the more I use these the more I like them which is saying something because the very first time I tried them I was giddy like there's no other word and every time I use them more I'm like they're amazing plus the brush they come with works so well with these oh another package of the graphite aquarelle my husband actually is going to be really excited because I'll let him use one of these my husband is an artist too so maybe we can get him to draw something to share with us we've got some more erasers those are those dust free ones now these are erasers I'm excited about I got some of these a while back in a smart art box I have the the version that doesn't have the eraser but the eraser ones these are not the erase they're the little brushes when you're erasing as I drop that and when you're erasing and you have little eraser marks you can use the end brush just to wipe it away so you don't have to have a separate brush for that super helpful I really like these four colored pencil next we have the fabric a sell kneaded erasers I use them both for graphite and colored pencil quite a bit more graphite aquarelle good thing I like this huh what is this a clicking go does this say click and go which one is in English oh right there foldable water pot okay how does this work this looks really neat okay open this without ripping it oh my gosh that may be one of my new favorite things so this is going to hold water so when you're doing the water soluble graphite or watercolor pencils or anything like that this is really cool so good for travel but in my case while I don't really travel to paint how awesome is that for just storage purposes that is so cool that is the fabric oh so click and go foldable water pot okay that's pretty cool I don't know how I didn't know about some of these supplies apparently I need to spend some more time on their website some more kneaded erasers oh my gosh little metal sharpener so if you are unaware mostly I've talked about this a lot in some of my my Couture tech tutorials live strings I really am leaning towards lately and I go through phases sometimes I want to lift up erasers sometimes I want a handheld right now I've been on one of my I like all the handheld metal sharpeners I am it so excited to see how these work I'm assuming pretty well because fabric Estelle's like I've never had a fabric austell product that I didn't like so actually we're so pencil let's try this I'm curious to see how fine of a part point this will sharpen to you so let's try that is on looks that's the large side let's try the small side that looks like whoa now it is a weapon yep that's a good sharpener that is super fine pointed that is really really nice okay so far now I think that's the next thing I'm most excited about I've been feeling every time I see something new that's gonna be the thing I'm most excited about right now this is like Christmas but better will save the big foxes for last let's see what we've got next the fabric has still 9,000 art series these are my the graphite pencils that I like so much we've got one that's wait what is the difference we've got a art set and a design set okay let's find out what the difference is so let's start first with the art set just toss in trash on my floor okay so the art set has pencils these range it looks like from two h2 8b so you've got a really good selection there those are gonna be graphite pencils and then if these design setups that is throw me away design set these ones range from 5 H to five be okay I feel a little bit stupid right now because I had no idea there was a difference in these sets I only had the other one this is the one that I previously used the one that goes up to an 8 B but this one gives us everywhere where did it go 5 H that is a that's gonna be your super super hard lead which means you're gonna get the really really light light shading with that pencil and then this set goes all the way up to 8 B so you've got a good range here of pencils that is so cool how did I not know they had both they says seriously I feel kind of dumb right now cuz I've been using the 9000 set forever with the AAP I had no idea the other was available and then another set each of those okay now I think one more small what is this ooh I've wanted to try this fabric house tells waterbrush this is going to work for any of your water-soluble media's so like the fabric Sol graphite aquarelle the water soluble graphite or the water color pencils this is yay I'm excited to try this one okay I think we're onto the big boxes now let's see what we've got you have the fabric Estelle pick graphite set let's see what this one is if your local art store doesn't carry these like mine doesn't I've never seen this set you can pick these up online there are lots of online retailers that apparently have a much bigger selection than anything I've even seen oh my gosh holy crap look at this okay so what do we have we've got some water soluble graphite it looks like we have these range 2 B 4 B and an 8 B so that is a good selection of course the water brush then we've got the graphite pencils that are ranging from 8 B B 2 B 4 B 6 B 8 B 2 H I can't see what that is what are these giant monsters oh my gosh a 2 B 4 B and 8 B oh my gosh look at the size of these this is going to be so amazing for bigger pieces with graphite look at those like this I don't know if you can see this really well this is your normal graphite pencil compared to these giants I'm thinking for backgrounds and stuff like that these are going to be amazing what are the graphite pure oh it's a hole it's a wooden this doesn't have the wood casing on it I've used these before well not the ones not these specific ones but ones like those those are actually nice to work on oh look at these this one is a 2 B that is going to make your fingers land ears are already getting dirty a 2 B 6 piece that's going to go really dark these I think would be amazing if you like to do gesture during 9b oh my gosh I cannot wait to try this one I can't wait to do just a review of this entire box or especially this set this is something that I've never used before we've got a blending tool this is something if you're looking like or if somebody is looking for a gift for an artist this set right here gives you so much to work with this in a good pad of maybe a mixed media paper or a hot press watercolor paper you've got so much to work with a nice little eraser there and then this is going to be what you can use to sharpen to an even finer point these are the sandpaper blocks or sharpening your graphite pencils and then of course the actual graphite wow this is such a cool set I mean I'm definitely gonna have to do another video when one's Christmas comes around gosh it's hard to believe that is something we have to think about in the next six months or so but this would be one of those sets I think that is just such a complete high-quality – that's the thing the use of products can be used these are archival so you're going to be able to use these in something that you're going to sell this entire like wow what a great great set that is amazing I almost don't want to use it it just such a pretty set but I'm gonna have to use it because we're definitely gonna need to do a full review of all the products in there okay the next box ah a new set of polychromos do I go through these like crazy let's take a look at these this is the hundred and twenty polychromos colored pencil set okay there is just something that's so special about brand new pencils are those not gorgeous and so much better organized than my own Wow okay that's pretty pretty exciting there even though I mean okay technically I already have these pencils but I go through them so fast in the whole set all together all pretty part of me almost wants to just keep them for photographs okay that would be a waste I'm not going to do that and the last box which means I know what that is the Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils I'm probably saying that wrong I will find out on that one you guys have been asking for a review on this I've been super excited and kept telling you I had them coming well here they are there is a hundred and twenty watercolor pencils let's open those up and take a look so you can't see my face right now I cannot stop smiling I am just gosh they are so much amazingness in this box Wow look at those pencils I really like these ones have a more octagon style or shape then my polychromos that's gonna make it really easy if I've got them in boxes next to each other to tell which ones which and I love the octagon shape because they don't roll away like round pencils do something minor that's probably not a big deal the most people when I'm trying to take photos with my pencils next to my artwork that octagon shape is going to be perfect it's gonna make life much easier look at all those colors so it looks like the colors aren't going to be the same as the polychromos actually we can check that real quick so here is the cadmium yellow in the poly chromeless is it called the same here yep cadmium yellow so that's going to make it easy it looks like they're named the same thing from polychromos to the water coat there are watercolor pencils scissors water soluble pencils so if you're doing mixed-media and you wanted the same color and color pencil is what you just used in watercolor pencil that's going to make it real easy to see which pencil you need to grab from one to the other now just as a reminder if you are doing mixed-media make sure you do your watercolor or water-based pencils first blend them out however you need and then put your wax or oil-based colored pencils on top you don't want to do the reverse because then it won't be our eyeball but if you put your watercolor down first then you can put colored pencil on top of that which makes these sets absolutely perfect to use together if you wanted to do mixed-media oh my gosh I had goose bumps I'm so excited right now have you tried any of these materials if so which were your favorites also if you have not already make sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification icon cos subscribe doesn't mean a whole lot anymore and they don't necessarily notify you unless you also hit the notification button but make sure that you're subscribed so you can keep up to date with all of my new art videos coming up including many tutorials using these supplies

28 Replies to “Biggest Faber Castell Pencil Art Supply Haul EVER! Lachri”

  1. I'm so jealous! Faber-Castell is my absolute favorite art supplier, literally everything thing they sell is so high quality, even the pencil sharpeners. And you know what, pretty reasonably priced if you buy it online (not from your local craft store, unless you have a 50% off coupon)! Even though fairly priced for such high quality supplies, I still couldn't afford more than the 24 sets of polychromos and watercolor pencils, but these products are so multifaceted that simply altering how light or hard you press, or blending with other colors, makes for such an extensive color pallette. Anyone reading this that's concerned about the cost, get the 12 or 24 set, and try the different shading pressures and color blending available to you with just those few pencils, you won't be disappointed!

  2. I grew up with Faber Castell and I was so surprised when I encountered round colored pencil for the first time lol (also I think your pronunciation of Albrecht Duerer was pretty good actually :-))

  3. I just got new Faber-Castell pencils so it’s great you got these. Can you do a new color pencil drawings with these?

  4. Can you use watercolor pencil only for watercolor effect? Like coloring and then using water brush! I don't know I should choose watercolor pencil, watercolor itself or Tombow Dual Brush pens!

  5. Do you have tutorials on watercolor pencils? Thank you! I loved your boxes! I felt it was me, all exited opening the boxes… by the way all my sets are Caran d’Ache…

  6. I've got the full albrecht durer set and love them. Recently got the graphite aquarelle pencil myself and love faber castell products. I'm very jealous of that box you've just unpacked!

  7. Omg!!!! Hundreds of $$ for those colored pencils sets??? I’m droooling..can’t wait to see your videos!!!

  8. Man I’m so jealous rn 😩
    I’ve been holding out on buying art supplies since I have a new baby on the way. But this haul just got me so excited 😂

  9. Pretty much the haul of my dreams, just like you, I'vet never met a product from faber castell that I havent loved😍 Not at all jealous – okay maybe a tad 😋

  10. I too use the polychromos with the albrecht water soluble, they are great together. You’ll love everything there.

  11. That collapsible water pot is sooooo cute! I need it in my life 🙂
    Looking forward to your review of the Albrecht Durer set.

  12. My Polychromos coloured pencils and metallic pencil sharpeners are my favourite art supplies. But Faber Castell ordinary school-grade pencils (Classic Colour) aren't bad either- a good pencil to get started with.

  13. Wow, that's an incredible gift they sent! I use & love both Polys & wc pencils-box & loose. Also, I've acquired the click &go & erasers from AC Moore years ago. I don't see them in Blick now. Can't wait to see your reviews of erasers with brush & the big graphite set to see how you use them. I find the Magnums most helpful as I tend to hold them looser & make a softer gradation.. instead of gripping them too tightly. Tfs- can't wait for your new projects. Would you consider using both color & graphite in a future (animal) video? 🙂

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