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Izzy here You have your gorgeous lens with you all the time but you need to protect it guess what? That’s where this comes in the Sigma DG UV multicoated filter. As always if this video helps you don’t forget to hit us up with a like button underneath and please subscribe to our channel so you can share with fellow photographers and videographers and when you’re visiting the Miami area come say hello to Adam and I at Digital Goja Showrooms This high-quality Sigma UV filter is going to guarantee that we’re going to be able to block out that ultraviolet light that we get sometimes especially from the
blue sky you’re not going to have that blue cast anymore it is fully multicoated and you can notice that because when you look at the filter itself you’re not going to see any color change it’s going to look like if it’s invisible so that means that it does have the multi coating which also benefits you against scratch and any kind of excess moisture like if you’re caught out in the rain you’re not going to have any issue with it penetrating the filter and damaging
your front element and remember this is basically an insurance policy for that expensive front element of your lens so if you bang it, it’s going to take the
shock instead of that front element which usually means you now have a lens that’s going to be beyond repair now it is a filter factor of one so that means that you’re not going to cause any kind of exposure aberration or any kind of color shift on your actual lens itself and because of the multi-coated optics it also, gives you a brilliance in the picture quality so if you are in the market for a high-quality all glass metal mount UV filter for your expensive lens take a much closer look at the Sigma multicoated UV filter Well I hope you found this video to be helpful if it did remember to hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future tutorials frequently asked questions and unboxings and don’t forget if you’re ever in Miami come say hello at Digital Goja Showrooms Happy Shooting!

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  1. how is it possible to capture the same photo with and without the filter, and the boat at the image not moves at all? pffff….

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