Best Tripod Under $100? (Mactrem Tripod Review)

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  1. ⚡️QOTD: What tripod are you currently using? What features do you look for in a tripod? LMK! 👇👇👇 Also, check out other videos in our BEST Budget YouTube Equipment series here ➡️➡️➡️

  2. I use a Zomei Z818 tripod, and have a Manfrotto tripod as my secondary. The Manfrotto is an all plastic build and is kind of wobbly, which is why it's the secondary

  3. ARE YOU READING MY MIND!!!! I seriously just put in a search for best travel tripod and am looking to upgrade what I have. Thanks for the video.
    Travel More! Worry Less!

  4. If you think photography is something you are really going to get in to, my best recommendation is to not get a sub $100 tripod. Talk to most photographers that have been shooting over a couple years and you will find a majority wish up front they had spent a little more to get a stronger more stable tripod that these $100ish mostly Chinese tripods as eventually they needed to invest into something along the lines of the Manfrotto. I think you will find if you invest just a bit more money you will get so much more bang for your buck and won't be looking to get a new one so soon as the cheap one you got broke or just isn't as stable you will find out you needed. My 2 cents!

  5. Hi Sean,

    1) Can we find online an example of the video outline you prepare before shooting? You showed one page at

    2) Have you done a video on how you prepare an outline before each shoot? That could be really valuable for new creators.

    -Aaron (

  6. That's fantastic, that thing is awesomely feature rich. Between the weight, pay load, and monopod feature that's an awesome product.

  7. I was a nikon user but I want to swap beacause of Canons filming capabilities. Is this a good setup: Canon 77D with Canon 50mm 1.8 + Tamron 70-300mm. Any suggestions, camera wise or lens wise?

  8. Hands down, the flip lock is my preference. Thanks for this video. I've been looking for a versatile tripod without dropping a lot of change.

  9. Does the mounting plate cover the battery for the Canon M50? Couldn't quite tell from the video. If I can swap batteries with it on, that'd be a huge benefit as well!

  10. Awesome review, I wish I would have seen this before I spent money on two crappy tripods that aren’t even close to as versatile as this one. LETS GO BLACK FRIDAY!

  11. I definitely prefer the flip lock.

    I have found that the twist locks can involuntarily slip and slide. Not a very good feature when your trying to take a picture or shoot video.

    Then again, that was on a relatively old tripod, the newer ones may be better.

  12. I want one of these for Christmas (hint hint) either one will do! I use a cheap but good tripod for 16 bucks the Magnus PV-3310. It is find for studio work, but not real durable for jobs that are outdoors. Here is a idea: Do a contest where we can win one?

  13. At what price point to we need to look at to go all Arca-Swiss mount(s) – and I hope I used the correct term there. I'd like to have the few tripods and Joby Gorillapods I own to have the same Arca Swiss mounts. Thanks!

  14. I should have bought this tripod instead the one I got… I wanted a cheap one for travel… yeap it is a cheap one for travel. It is not holding well and it was driving me nuts in the summer. This one definitely looks like a good choice.

  15. Love hate them my dilemma walk with camera big lens on them or not? And would wheels on them work like the mono tri idea

  16. Almost 3 pounds!!!! Shawn… gotta help me find a quality lighter weight tripod for backpacking… that won't break the bank!!!!

  17. IAM gonna buy this it really looks comfy thank u 😍 you just make our decision s easier I wish I could use your voice as to bring some motivation in me it's like if I listen to your voice I get so much enthusiastic about life thank u

  18. Nic review! Anyone see the difference between this one and that? Aside from the color…

    1 – MACTREM Tripod DSLR SLR Tripod, 62.5" Light-Weight Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod Phone Tripod with Phone Holder, 360 Degree Ball Head, Detachable Monopod, 33lbs Load with Carry Bag

    2- Camera Tripod – 62 inch Travel Aluminum Tripod Monopod with 360 Degree Panning Ballhead and Phone Holder, Stable Lightweight Photo Studio Tripod for Macro Photography & Canon Sony Nikon iPhone Samsung

  19. Thanks for all the great videos
    Is it possible to use this tripod for an iPhone? And if not, could anyone recommend the best tall tripod for an iPhone? I need to record myself standing up.

  20. This thing is awesome! I'm pretty sure the tripod that came with my camera is made out of toothpicks, glue, and baby farts. LOL

  21. Great video as im looking forward In getting a tripod. though I have a question. Let's say I decide to get this tripod and if I wish to use it with my iPhone XR, I would still need to get an adaptor right ?

    Which adopter should I get that would fit well with this tripod ?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Hey, super useful and nice review! Could you put the specs in CM and Kilos as well for your European audience in your next video? I just feel like it could be very relevant for every person living outside of the USA who would like to watch your videos. Thank you! Cheers from Denmark and France.

  23. Tripods with this type of leg locks only locks in the outward position but can easily be kicked or bumped inward.

  24. Thanks. Can you swap out the ball head with a fluid head such as a Varavon? I have yet to find a budget tripod review which makes this clear….

  25. What about the Geekoto 77 tripod? Going to do a review on that. It's almost the same thing as the mactrem. It has that K&F snap legs as well. Would have loved to see the monopod selfie angle like if you're vlogging.

  26. Is their another tripod exactly like this because amazon doesn’t have this in stock for a while already?

  27. Tygot tripod you can buy in 349/- rs only now. video : and amazon link if that helps you

  28. Will not handle full frame weight. Will not lock in, camera quick release will not lock onto camera body. Ball will not stay locked even with two knobs.
    I have one, very disappointed.

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