Best Mirrorless Camera 2019 | Best Review Of Sony A6400 In Hindi

I have been asked repeatedly… …review Sony A6400… ..When will i review A6400 ? & now sony has launched 2 new models… A6100 & A6600… sorry for being late guys.. actually I was unable to find a camera to make a review… but finally I got to know that one of my friend.. has a A6400 & he agreed to help me … so after a long wait…. today I am reviewing Sony A6400 I thought, instead of making .. …an indoor review of this amazing camera why not find a cool outdoor location.. & utilize the potential of this camera.. so here I am in a place called “Damdama Lake” Gurgaon.. ..I found here some wild life also…. you can see here… jokes apart..its a nice and quite place perfect for making reviews.. so I am currently shooting this episode.. on A6400 with 16-50mm Kit lens Sony A6400 has same 24.2 mpx sesor.. which is also found on A6500 it shoots 4k in 30p but in our region we use PAL… so we can only shoot 4K in 25p it shoots full HD in 25, 50 as well as 100p.. which is a extreme slowmotion… in stills department, it can shoot 11 frames per second with full auto focus… & the image quality is as always.. amazing !! it has 425 face detection & 425 … ..contrast detecting focusing points the most highlighted feature of Sony A6400… its continous tracking capability.. which is super accurate & blazzing fast… they have also implemented… touch focusing capabilities in this camera though which we can select our subject… touching on screen & camera will track it… just like canon DSLRs like 80D or 5Div…. & its very very accurate…as you can see here this helps in photos as well as in video mode.. they have implemented AI technology ….. in there new focusing system… which improves its focus accuracy.. when we focus on a subject…. camera first try to maintain the focus on eyes.. ..if it looses eye focus, then it will automatically… detect the face & start tracking face… & if it looses track of face..then it will switch… & this all will happen automatically…. ..& in a blink of a second.. to make sure that your subject is … ..always in focus… another wlecome feature in A6400 is… ..always On Eye Autofocus… in earlier models…we used to… ..dig inside the camera menue to enable it… but in A6400 Eye AF is always on… infact now you have the option… track animal,s eyes as well… in the camera menue, just select the… ..animal & it will track animals eyes as well.. I dont know yet howmany types of animal it can track but its a cool feature for pet lovers …. it is the first camera in A6000 series… ..which has a flip screen ..thats why I am able to do this Vlog today…. In older models, vlogg was just impossible… however the implementation of… …flip screen is little akward… ..if you plan to use a mic on hotshoe… then this screen is good for nothing… but now atleast something is better then nothing.. right now I am using lav mic…. so i can see myself on the screen… infact by now..tones of comapnies… are offering specialize barcket for A6400 where you can mount camera as well as a mic together.. Sony A6400 used a similar processor… used in its flagship model Sony A9 which makes everything fast in this camera for example.. you will find it to be quick in booting as well as the camer buffer management in older a6500 if you shoot 20-30 stills in a brust… the camrea use to freez untill its buffer is not cleared but in A6400 with new processor… you can access the camera menue… while the buffer is getting cleared another first for sony camera…. A6400 has no video recording limit.. in older models, you can record for… …29 minutes & then recording used to auto stopped.. & it requires you to start a new recording again… in this one… there is no time limit you can record till your battery die…. or your memory card gets filled up… so A6400 is good for documentary work… as well as for wedding cinematographers also because of this new processor… there is no more overheating problem… older models like A6300 or A6500…. tent to overheat if use them on continous recording… battery life has also improved a bit… its not drastic…but if use to get 350 shots earlier… you will get 380 photos per charge… ISO limits has also been increased in A6400 In A6500 ISO limit in video mode was 25000… in A6400 its now 32000 in video mode in A6500 ISO limit in stills was around 51000 & now its 102400 in stills mode Low light performance was always …. a strong point for Sony Alpha series cameras… & sony A6400 is not different… at some places I crank it up to ISO 12000 in 4K & i was surprised to see how clean was the footage… I have also noticed a slight focusing… ….improvement with adapted lenses e.g. here i am using canon 10-18 with adaptor… i am getting quick & accurate focusing… i am coming from sony A6000.. compare to that ..i can see a drastic difference… in focusing time & accuracy as well as tracking… its almost like i am using a native sony lens.. its made of magnisium alloye… and all of its buttons & ports are sealed… which makes this a moisture as well as dust resistant.. you can use it in drizzling with appropriate lens.. in older models like A6300 & A6500 there was a problem… when we record in 4k mode….. …screen dims to a point…. …where its really hard to see what you are recording…. but i am happy to tell you that there is no screen diming problem with A6400 this fact this camera comes with a “Sunny Weather” setting which can be used when recording in daylight… & it makes the screen even more brighter… in older models, to get timelapse feature…. we required to purchase an app from play memory store it was a cumbursome process to use it as an app go to app page, lunch app, then dial in your settings… but now a6400 has a built in timelapse feature & you can tweak its every parameter to your liking e.g. exposure settings, number of shots, interval etc… we use to get Slog on A6300 as well as A6500…. apart from these A6400 has a new picture profile… which is called HLG or Hybrid Log Gamma and i really like it for a couple of reasons.. slog is really flat & you have to grade it before
delivery… & if you are in a rush..slog gonna slow you down.. On the Other hand HLG captures …… similar kind of dynamic range… with better color & contrast…. which can be delivered without a grade, if you are in hurry another point in favour of HLG is… the minium ISO value in Slog is ISO 500… and if your are shooting in daylight……. you cant getaway without a ND filter….. on the other hand..default ISO in HLG is ISO100 sony provided “S&Q” mode in there more recent models.. I think its there in A7iii as well as A9… sorry guys i am little hungry …thats why fumbling… ๐Ÿ™‚ i guess its also there in A6500 but its in the camera menue… good thing is that a6400 has S&Q on mode dial… which makes it faster to access.. if you see something which you want….. …to capture in slowmotion…no more searching the menu just trun the camera dial to S&Q….. & hit the record button to record in slowmotion… there is a new addition in metering mode…. which is called “Face Priority” once enable, it will expose your face better… this can be helpful in situations where… we stand in front of brightly light background… & camer tent to dark our face to balance the exposure… in that case it will give a slight boost to your face… as we all know that sony camer menu…. ……is not the best & there is a lot of scope for improvement….. however they have added a “My Menu” page…. …… Sony A6400 where you can add all your frequently….. …used settings & access them quickly… through my menu pages….. which saves a lot of time….. lets talk about some of the weak points of this camera…. although I liked this camera a lot… & irrispective of weakness, I’ll buy it ๐Ÿ™‚ but to highlight.. i would say ..its battery life… which is the weakest point of entire sony a6000 series for a full day shoot you atleast need 3 of them… which is sad…. 2nd point…its flip screen position effect of hunger are getting worse now ๐Ÿ™‚ why they used this design….. while other are doing it better like canon & nikon but anyways .. i am happy that it has a flip screen now & the 3rd point is…. which i forgot……. let me check ….. yes… lack of headphone jack although they have launched A6600 with headphone jack… so thats a business decision… thats how they can draw customer for higher models… so I understand.. and its totally logical… overall its the best Sony A6000 series model so far…. some people will argue that it lacks IBIS… in body image stablization… which minimize the camera shakes… so I would like to tell them..that look at its price…. you get what you pay for…. in this price point…there is no camera in the market…. which could provide all these features in single camera
body… apart from that…. although this camera doesn’t have IBIS…. but I have noticed that If you use a lens…. which has inbuilt OSS or IS….. for example right now i am using 16-50mm kit lens… and i am continously moving & you can see…. that OSS on this lens is doing a decent job… if you use a lens that doesn’t have OSS or IS… in that case IBIS can be very helpful….. with OSS lens ..the effect is not that drastic… now you tell me, how was today’s video…. if you want me to make this vlog style videos… where are go to a location & shoot some sample footage.. then comment below & I will do that… although its hard to getup at 5am on weekends… thats it for today’s video guys… dont forget to give it a thums up..please do that… if you have any question..please comment below I’ll reply as soon as I can… you can also follow me on Instagram… you can also DM me there…. I am very quick in replying there…

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