Best Graphic Designers From Around The World Video

Hey what’s going on it’s Liam Zed The
Designer. And we’re gonna look at design from around the world. So the first designer from around the
world tour is gonna be Ian Jeppesen from Cape Town South Africa his design styles really colorful and its rich with illustrations.
Why there is a lot of negative design space available it is filled up
with that cool illustrations rich colours. Let’s just cycle through the images see
what we see. So this next designer I want to check out is Lyle Hawthorn from Auckland New Zealand he came up with a really cool CD design for a band called Yoko Zuma… or is it Zuna… yes Yoko Zuna and it’s a it’s got a really cool blend of minimalistic Swiss Western graphic design approach and beautiful graphic illustrative design. over here you’re gonna check out that
it’s got interesting illustration up this jellyfish now for those of you who have never been to New Zealand before… It is surrounded by water, its an island and got this really cool surf/ Māori culture. Now you can
kinda see that illustration you know the all aquatic going theme going on. lts also got one of New Zealands classic dive bars that place a lot jazz ska. I didn’t spend a lot of time there
is there for a wedding. back in she doesn’t 2006-2007 but it is a
really really interesting place. This next piece
is by and I know I am going to mess this up. Anja D Doubnlair I believe from Belgium hope I pronounce that correctly
I probably didn’t. She designs post cards and paper and her patterns textiles her textures are just awesome I find a lot of Western stationery design focuses heavily on a singular graphic elements. workers are more pattern it almost looks
like a textile design for whatever reason but it is a wicked
approach. So this is gotta be my favorite international design piece Because it is so far outside the box. Done by a studio called Toormix T00RMIX checking them out on Behance. These guys can ALL be found on Behance the and they gotta have some the coolest branding design Design I’ve ever come across like if
your branding graphic designer doing logo design in focusing on the key branding elements.
You have gotta check this out and so which it purple the graphics the
typography everything about this is like woah! For design from around the world check
it out as always I would love to hear your
feedback and comments below you can always reach me on my Facebook
Twitter and Instagram accounts catch at a later date. 😛 Hey guy’s you like my video. You’re gonna to love my other ones check them out in the links below. Or watch my funny mess ups and bloopers over

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