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hey it's Lisa from Melbourne Australia and I help coaches and consultants and online experts and course creators basically help them to get their businesses and their courses launched and happen to get more clients and their businesses and bringing their businesses online using different strategies and different tools and software and automated systems and today I'm going to teach you something that's kind of basic but it's actually a program that I use like every single day in my business so it's kind of like an important tool and this tool is canva and you can just go to to sign up to get your free copy now basically it's oh it's a website where you can just sign up and in it or create images online it's like a graphic design software but it's so much easier than Photoshop so a lot of marketers use it because you know we're not all interior you know how would he call it graphic designers you know what I mean so this is an easy way that you can create images and even for social media so like a lot of people use this even if they're not you know hardcore business you know just for creating images for social media and that type of thing and what I want to show you is like I actually build funnels for clients and what these are is they're basically just a series of web pages kind of like many websites and it's kind of like they're kind of replacing web sites in a big way to sell products and services so often we need like a lot of elements so this is a software that I'm using now and I'm creating this page right and I wanted some elements so I wanted some little arrows here which I made and then I just duplicated a couple here and I wanted a nice banner a ribbon banner and for a button that you know I can be clickable right so basically I'd seen an idea of this ribbon and I had looked on canva and if you come up to canva and say for example I'm going to create a new project and I'm just going to duplicate this just for the sake of showing you this so for this one I'll just you look at that and then I'm just going to delete these elements I actually have deleted the whole thing okay delete these elements up here you'll see that this is just made up of a series of little parts I had to figure out how to do this because I I wanted to make it and I like I like little challenges right safe so basically anyway I made up this ribbon and if you come here to down the side bar here on cam there you can see elements and I fire search for example ribbons there's there's a lot that you can actually get that are already inside the system that are already pre-made for you like this one here is actually you know not bad but there's a lot of them that are also there's also a lot of them that you can't you have to have the pro version for which is a paid version as well see so I could have this one there and I could I could change the outline here to even just the same color if I wanted and I could form a shadow but and I could also turn this around to make it look like the other one that I've done and then I can make that bigger but what I was finding is by the time I get it to the size that I want it's going really wide and I wanted more of a longer narrow ribbon so that's why I decided to create my own but canva gives you all sorts of little parts that you can actually you know use also to actually just have a look at listen so you can't actually should stretch it lengthwise if you could stretch it lengthwise I could just make it longer but this one you can only sort of stretch it out and then it just goes bigger and bigger and bigger I'm pretty sure you can't just stretch it lengthwise there could be a way but I don't know how so anyway I decided to make my own anyway so basically if you go to the elements and you can just search shapes and then it'll give you all sorts of basic shapes like triangles and squares and everything where you can just create your own right so basically all I did for this ramona's I just got a square okay and then see it's got the little handles on the side that you can move it to make it longer right so I just did that and then grab the handles down the side to make it narrower okay and then the great thing about canvas see how it's got those purple lines to position so it'll exposition a perfectly Center for you as well which is great and then what I did is I just scrolled down looking for more shapes to see if I could find the ends of the ribbons and so you'll see there's even one up here that's like a see-through one and there's one here for example so I get that and I turn that around and then oh oh I'll put it on top of this one here just so I can get the exact right size see so I'll go down to the same size and then I'll move that to sort of where I want touch which I'm gonna need to move it down a little bit to make it look like it's behind like a shadow right okay and then basically I can put this behind so if I go up here to position I can go backward and I can just put that behind the first shape right and then all I have to do is I come here and I just copy it up to the top here I go copy to duplicate it right and then I just turn it around and then I position this on the other side to make it the same okay so just say it's roughly there and then I'll position it backward okay now what I want to do is I want to have to create some type of little shadow down here in this corner so what I did for that which was a little bit more of a hassle but I did you know when there's a will there's a way I always figure out how to do something somehow I think I used this this triangle up here this right angle and yeah so what I did is I I think I turned it around like that right and then what I did now if I change the colors here you'll see better okay so I'll change the colors just to what how I did it before so this is a main color and they did a slightly darker shade a slightly darker shade for these in bits because it looks like a shadow right so it's so slightly hidden behind okay and and this this particular little in room and I've chosen its got like a gray border so I'm going to change that gray border to the same color so it doesn't have a border at all okay and then I'm going to change this triangle up here to the darkest color which is the darkest shadow right and then I'm going to reduce this down in size and I'm going to play around with it until it just gets to the same size as what I want to fit into this little piece here right like that and then I want to do is I need to cut off that bottom piece so I just click on it again and I just move that handle up to crop it like that right and then we have it and then what I did is I just copied that and then I just turned that around to do it on the other side and then basically what you do is then you go down to the side bar here two ticks and then basically you grab some ticks so say I'll grab a subheading and then I'll just start typing okay and then I can change the font to whatever I want as well so then I can stretch this handle out to make this text fit and one line and I can describe it and I can move it and Center it so it tells you where to Center it with the center is okay so it's perfectly Center then I highlight the text and I'll just change that to white up on the color here what and then I'm going to change the font so the font i'm using is railway so i can search at the top railway and now the reason I'm choosing this font is because this is the font that I'm using inside of my funnel pages so I want all the font to match okay and then basically once I finished you know editing that then I'm going to save it now what you'll see now you can only do this with the pro version which is $17.99 us a month and honestly it's worth paying for because you'll use canva like literally just about every day especially if you're doing social media stuff but the free version will get you a long way to it's just that you can't save an image with a transparent background if it's a free via version and that's what I actually do the most especially for websites and things like that so if I come back over to my funnel you'll see I just put I just put this on a light grey background well if you go back to camber here right actually if you go back to came to here right if I click on if I highlight this main object right and I click on this color wheel up here I can click the background so if I go a light gray it'll be a light gray background right now what I did at first was just to see the size and play it until I play around with it and I know that this is the right size the tick's is the right size of ribbons the right size everything just to see if it's perfect before I download you know the master copy right so then I upload it to my funnel and I place it in here just with the background so I can see what it looks like I think oh yeah that's fine I'm happy with that I'm happy with the size happy with the text size yep I'm going to go ahead and that's going to be my final okay you can do that you can do it download the transparent straightaway too but this is just what I did at this particular time right so then what I'll do is I doesn't matter even if I leave that gray or if I change it to a different color I'll make it white I can still download it as transparent right so basically what I do is I'll highlight I'm on page two here because I've been duplicating these these objects right so go up the top here to where the arrow is where it says download and I'm going to download it as a PNG you can also have the option for PDFs and that as well if you're making documents and lead magnets and then I need to click here transparent background and it'll download this as a transparent background okay and take off that gray color and the back so then we can put this object anywhere you want and it'll just look like it's perfectly you know fits into the page okay so now I'm going to open this Oh actually no I what I did is I I chose all of it so I'm gonna do that again okay what I forgot to show you is I meet to go down to all pages here and I choose page two so I only want to download this one not all of it and it's that far right okay so download it because it'll just come up as image to save if I do it this way okay so it's opening my computer is really slow now you'll see here the gray is gone and it's a nice beautiful clear background and this is how you can make icons and buttons and so many other things for your websites and social media everything by having these clear backgrounds okay so green banner I just say things so my desktop so it's easy to find okay and also I'll show you here to how I made the arrows if I come back here I'll show you that little arrow that I made and this is the same I downloaded this on a clear background to basically all I did as I went to elements and I just typed and down arrow okay and then I found one that looked how I wanted it to look where is it there's lots and lots of different types of down arrows but anyway I found this one I can't remember where it is now anyway for the sake of this video so I'm not taking up too much time basically this is just two objects right and I just put two on top of each other and change the colors so that I had like a little bit of a border on one okay and that's all I did for that and then I downloaded that with a transparent background sometimes you have to play around with sizes as well if you're doing it for a website you know play around with the pixel sizes so now what I'm going to do is I'm coming back to my funnel I've saved to this ribbon with a clear background so it's perfect it's ready to go and I'm just going to replace this dummy image that I put in so in this particular program I'm using called clickfunnels which is absolutely amazing most exciting program of my life the best all I've ever had basically you just go up to settings here I think if you've got clickfunnels and you click on images and then basically I upload a new image and then I find this on my desktop and I think I saved it as green banner yep here we go okay it'll upload that and then basically I add image and it'll replace the other one so now you can see that now the gray is gone you can see my beautiful background here on the website and it just looks beautiful now what I can do too is I can also because I've done this as an image rather than a button like something like this I can actually you know go into the settings and actually actually change this to click to open a pop-up board which I have actually got to pop up here or I can or I can make it go to another website or link or something like that so this is the pop-up I've got which I'm still I'm sort you know editing the text here but I can actually make that banner image when people click it to actually open up this pop-up to put up their email address if I want so it's it's absolutely amazing so yeah so this is what I'm doing the moment playing around with us and I'm going to show you more about this and the weekend I'm going to do a live in my Facebook group if you want to see what's going on and what I'm going to talk about about this demo find out how exciting it is and how you can use it for your business and how I can bring in so many more subscribers and how if you grow your YouTube YouTube fan base the subscriber base as well yeah join my facebook group and I'm gonna be going live in the weekend it's WWB small collective calm so that's boss mums with mu MS because it's a spout the Kiwi and Australian way so boss mums collective calm and you can join the group and you'll see my live in the weekend where I'm going to be talking all about this demo funnel how you can use it for different businesses and awesome for network marketing awesome for people that demo products awesome for crafters that demo will do classes any business basically they wants to show off what they do and have a behind the scenes and also like a your own reality show so yeah so that's it for this video go get your copy of canva because that will change your life seriously one of the best free graphic design software tools on the internet and so many people are using it online now so thanks for watching this video and we'll see you on the next one thanks

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