BEST Filmmaking Advice? (How to Make Youtube Videos)

– Hey, Knoptop here. Where? Here, here, here, here, here, here, here. I’m here. Knoptop here with some things
that you might not have heard or ever thought about. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone talk about this
in any filmmaking school or read in any book or
watch in any other video besides this one right here. Let’s get into it. You’re a media creator,
you’re a filmmaker, whatever the case, tell people
that you’re into filmmaking. If you’re into filmmaking, let them know. Stop talking about your film, don’t talk about your film, just go make your film. The more family members and friends that know that you’re into this stuff will be more likely to buy you
gifts related to this stuff. People are always retiring
or getting rid of old stuff, props, gear, tripods,
lighting, whatever the case. You never know what
people are getting rid of and they never know
unless you let them know that you’re into this stuff. “I have some old lights. “You might be interested. “My uncle’s giving them to me “and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to.” And I’m like, “Mmhmm,
I’ll take those lights.” Let people know that
you’re into this stuff. I always get people thinking
I’m into photography and I just nod my head and
go, “Yeah, I kind of am.” Lenses, lenses, lenses, vintage lenses. I’m a video maker though but they don’t need to know all that. They just want to know that
their camera or their lens or their gear is going to
someone that’s gonna use it and that’s usually the best incentive for someone to help out
and just give you stuff. Having people know what
you’re into is beneficial if you want to do this for a living and actually earn money doing it. All of the work that I’ve gotten has been through word of mouth, people that I know that know somebody that knew I liked video. So let people know that
you like video creating. Don’t just talk about the
stuff you want to make, make the stuff. Right? Stop talking about your film, nobody wants to hear about your film, stop talking about the film, go make the film. Now if you need help on that film, here’s a great idea, help other people on the
projects they’re working on. Help them out. Maybe they’ll help you in return but even better than that, you’re gonna get experience. And here’s what’s so awesome about the experience you’re gonna get, you help them out, you’re gonna learn some stuff the easy way ’cause it’ll be on their budget not yours. Help them, learn some stuff, maybe they’ll help you back, whatever the case, you’re
gonna get something from it which is gonna be experience. That experience is
priceless, I’m telling you and maybe even some money if
they’re willing to pay you. Who knows? Helping somebody does more than just get you free help as well. I don’t know if that’s even the case. I’ve helped a lot of people and they’ve never helped me back but the help they’ve given
me by letting me help them has helped me tremendously. It makes sense, work it out. People, living at home, your parents are supporting you, let’s just put it out there, they’re paying the bills for you, maybe they even bought your computer, your camera, all your (metal clanking) Think of it this way, your parents are your producers. This is a perfect work
environment situation. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, maybe you need some gear, some money for some project
you want to work on, they are going to provide you the funds. So before you go out and
make your shoot ’em up, gangster, sci-fi, Star
Wars, Matrix remake, your parents might not be that into it. They want to see that you
are legitimately interested in the stuff you’re talking about. So one, stop talking
about it. (metal clanking) Two, go make something but specifically, make something that your parents or family or friends might enjoy. Maybe a slideshow of the
last even that happened, maybe a holiday event or a birthday. (metal clanking) Really? (metal clanking) Or maybe a collage of some old photos from their childhood or their wedding, whatever the case. Do a video that they might like. Now here’s how this’ll work out, you’re gonna please the producers, right? Now yeah, sure, you might think, “I’m an artist so I don’t
want to compromise anything.” Trust me, it’ll be worth
it for a couple of reasons. One, you’ll have a little
bit more diverse media or films under your belt. You’re gonna learn
something from that as well. But more importantly,
you might do something that they really enjoy and when your parents or the people that are providing for you enjoy a video that you work on, you’ve talked about how
you want to make films and you want to be a
filmmaker or media creator. It’s that much more likely that they’ll be willing to
help you out because they see that you’re legitimately
passionate about this, that you’re good at what you do and then you take that
camera that they bought you or that new laptop and you edit up the movie you want to make
and then show that to them. But this comes back to why
it’s important to tell people and let them know that you’re interested in video.
(metal clanking) Why? Why the clanking? The more people know that
you’re into what you’re into, the filmmaking, media
creation, whatever it is, they see the samples of work that you do, they see a wide variety, not just only things that you like but they see that you’re
able to be diverse. Wow, you do a lot of different things, this is great. And you have something that
you can actually show people and not just something you talk about. Cool? Cool. Stop talking about your film, nobody wants to hear about your film, stop talking about the film, go make the film. Thanks for watching. I hope these ideas are something you might not have ever
really thought about the way I’m rolling them out. Leave a comment if you
have some more ideas on these things that lots
of people don’t talk about. Thanks for watching Knoptop. Alright. (metal clanking)

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    runs to a window to see if the world is ending

    Stop talking about making and make it.
    This … my wife doesn;t understand why I do some low paying gigs or the odds colaboration … we'll that got me a demo reel and some credibility and has lead to other paying work.

    I didn't do those shoots for "exposure" (shudder) but for the potential for my demo reel and my portfolio. I now have a media company sending me paying photo and video gigs every now and again based on the work that I did at cost or for very little money.

    I strongly believe that we should NOT WORK FOR FREE. But a collaboration isn't working for free.

  2. Seriously though was that clanking bit planned from the start and you're just the most abstractly creative person on the planet or was it on accident and you came up with the idea afterwards?? Anyways, I'm glad you are back! Your videos always have something special to them.

  3. good advise I did not go to film scole so I lernd this erly but good to know some one is shering this opinion whit my

  4. "Mhm I'll take those lights" LOL great video. I like the emphasis on making videos instead of talking about the ideas.

  5. Takes absence from his channel for 8 months

    … still goes and makes something! ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

  6. Bro! Soooooo absolutely STOOOOKED To see this! I cannot explain how happy I am to see you doing vids again! Love it! Top notch dude…….can't wait for more!

  7. All the Likes for working that banging sound into your video. I legit audible laughed out loud and I'm a jaded grumpy pants. Glad you're back!

  8. This is exactly what i tell so many young filmmakers! thank you for making this video i now a have a video i can link them!

  9. #RaptorRadiator
    great advice,
    It definitely touched on common ground, but had good, personal points that seem to be missed in translation by many creators. Thanks for getting real and inspiring fellow content/film creators.

  10. hey man, great video. where are ya? i discovered u a while ago and really like ur videos.what are u working on now/'?

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  12. That's a pretty awesome tip! Christmas time is usually a great time to get extra camera gear that you wouldn't have otherwise picked up for yourself too 🙂

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