Best Black Friday Canon Camera Deals 2019

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  1. QOTD ⚑Are you planning on upgrading your camera soon? Which camera are you think planning to buy? Let me know! πŸ‘‡πŸΌ **** 🎯 Watch the next video in our Canon M50 tips series on Think Media here πŸ‘‰

  2. What do you think would be the most affordable camera for youtube videos. Take into consideration I have canon lenses.

  3. I’m looking to upgrade from my canon 80D. What would you suggest the canon 90D or the Sony 6400/6600. Looking for good 4K video.

  4. Thanks for this info! I'm thinking of an 80D or 90D for video in my home studio and product shots for my e-commerce business. Currently using a Canon EOS T6 for the products and my Pixel phone for videos. (No mic in on the Canon)

  5. Thank you for this ! πŸ™πŸ» I just started my YouTube channel & I’m currently filming on my iPhone but I know I’m going to need a camera soon ☺️

  6. I know its two extremes but I'm stuck between the m50 and sony a7 iii… I really want high quality 4K videos… is there anything in between?

  7. So you filmed this with a panasonic lumix. I have a Panasonic lumix fz300. Thoughts on that camera? Pretty cheap in comparison to most… your Panasonic is about $800 more than mine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. FiancΓ© just bought my Canon m50 with the Black Friday sale this past weekend and I immediately went out and bought myself the 50mm lens!

  9. I'm loving the Canon M50.
    I currently have the canon Rebel T3. Definitely time for an upgrade. ❀ I'm currently using my galaxy S9 to film. Thank you so much for your very informative videos.

  10. Nice video, but even the budget cameras here are on the high side for me. Can anyone pls volunteer to get me a camera? Plsssssss

  11. I already bought the Rebel t6 on a wimb for mother's day so I'm stuck with her for a bit longer! lol. What I'm planning is to buy a lapel mic or the Rode VideoMic Me into an iPhone for audio.

  12. Great deals happen sickkkk you guys are on the road to 1 milly i been following you since September 2018 thank u for all your cutting edge tips and ninja tricks…god bless..

  13. Ahh love, love this video! Much needed so I don't have to dig through a million websites. Also, you guys are almost a 1mil on Think Media here. Yay! All the best of luck!

  14. Just ordered mine direct from Canon, the m50 refurbished. I’m totally okay with a refurbished camera! Merry Christmas to me!

  15. Hi Think Media, Thanks for the video. I'm going for my M50 for vlog. How do I grow my channel? Anyone here to connect? I'll sub back as a loyal one.

  16. Thanks so much for this video! So im a new YouTube creator ( I somehow jumped into making videos this May lol and got monetized in 1 MONTH!! 😳 I received my first adsense check in June 🀩), I basically have very little idea of what im doing and am flying by the seat of my pants as they say! Im currently using my i8 for filming and have basically no video experience.. im shopping this week for a camera, which would you choose if you were in my position? Thanks so much!! My channel is Lavenderclothesline so you can see how inexperienced I am!

  17. Currently have an Osmo Pocket, but needing an actual camera that’s good but inexpensive. I’m thinking about the Nikon D3500, wondering if that’s a good decision?

  18. Hi, Great videos love your style, I just got the canon G7X Mark 2 open box, $550.00 Canadian so I was thinking of the SL2 or the M-50 and taking my GX7 back. I got it to take it to disney and to take pictures / videos at night, and I do plan on doing videos for youtube and I love pictures also, can you take a few seconds and let me know what you think.

  19. I love my Canon T7I and still learning off it but I want to move into a full frame camara. I plan to upgrade to a Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera with a w/ 24-70mm Full Frame Lens

  20. Awesome Sean. Got the m50 and looking for lenses to vlog realstate and possible other videograpgy. Stuck on wether stay m mount lenses or go with ef lenses so that in the future i would just upgrade body when necessary. Any tips ??

  21. I want an angle to gift me a camera! I would like to have an M50 or even a 250D… I want Videography… and also like to capture slow motion (120 fps) videography… and I want to create YouTube videos…. and do some portrait and beauty shoots…

  22. Awesome video. Thank you for all the tips
    Also are the refurbished section in the canon only for black Friday or its always available? Im looking for the g7x mkii

  23. Nice information.
    Unfortunately, Canon does not include Africa ( Nigeria ) in their black Friday sales plan. How do I ( from Nigeria ) participate in the black Friday purchase?

  24. Wow not bad, I listed my m50 last night also. Kit lens, bag, sd card, + Viltrox adapter and that efs 18-135mm usm lens.

    *upgraded to EOS R

  25. Do you have links to Canada site for the canon M50? Because your links won’t ship to Canada. Please include πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ in your videos and ask Canon to include us. I have been a Canon fan for 30 years now. I am wanting a good vlog camera?

  26. Don't buy refurbished honestly at this moment. Just look on eBay and Best Buy!! The best deals you can get. They have an M50 BRAND NEW from eBay for 509 with the kit lens. Why pay more for used. And a T7i with two lenses for 699 from Best buy

  27. These Savings you see but depending on your use case, cost of depreciation and use case are gonna deter you away.

    Youtube Content creators, Makeup tutorials, video recording, and twitch streaming-
    Low to High- Panasonic G7, Canon SL3, Panasonic G85,

    I don't like all this hype for the M50 due to the lack of Clean HDMI out for all of the use cases above.

    *If Autofocus is important and dont feel like having a fixed Focal for doing Makeup Videos or showing product switching between your face and you showing products or Doing Twitch/Livestreaming SL3 Hands.
    -Clean HDMI out (Use with ELGATO CAMLINK)
    -Good Upgrade path
    -Mic/headphone jack

    If you don't mind having a fixed focal Point- G85 Hands down. Pair with a 24mm (50mm) Equivalent, you can get all the shots you need with that lens and kit lens or just go with the body and the 24mm to save some coin.

    T7i ,M50 and 80d- No clean HDMI out. Unless you pay for third party software if I remember right.
    M50 only has 4k if you want 4k content from the listed above.

  28. I need one for myself, I just started my youtube channel and Ive been using my phone for shooting videos, and the quality isnt that good

  29. Whats a good affordable camera and lens for taking action pics? My bf owns a jiu jitsu and mma gym. I would like to get good quality pics during class and competition.

  30. I have a question. I am fairly new but I do a lot of seminars that I record both from a recording and a live stream using a atem or a Roland switcher. What is the best camera for general use and the most affordable price.

  31. Had no intention of upgrading my camera until I saw your vid…..LOL Ended up getting the refurbished M50 w/ 2 lenses. Thanks for all the info.

  32. Hey, quick question Sean. I shoot videos for clients and have an M50 which I love, but want to be able to do 2-camera shooting in some situations. Do you recommend the exact same camera rig for the 2nd shot, or is it ok to use a different quality (for example my backup rig is a Nikon D5300)?

  33. Sean would you recommend me getting that camcorder for my live streaming needs? I'm an art youtuber and I want to live stream me drawing once a week in 2020? What are the pros and cons?

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