Behind the Scenes – TEEN MODEL photoshoot – FINE ART studio teenager portrait PHOTOGRAPHY

welcome for today's new video so I have actually three sessions today we're gonna first start off with the kicks med session then it's going to be a sitter session and then I have a teen model coming here through some portraits here in the studio some more like serious portraits and if there is already blossom outside we're gonna go maybe outside as well and take some photos in between the blossom trees but I have to check it out after the second shoot to see what the trees are doing today first you can see the setup for the cake smash here you see the beautiful cake on the stand with just a little bit of decor around it but keeping it clean and simple and kind of cool looking little marshmallows on top of the cake and we're gonna do the portrait photos here I think that's really cool as well cuz the mom wanted to have something like more cool looking for the boy so we're gonna do portrait photos here so ya know new words today and for the teen model I still have the really cool dresses that we're going to try on so yeah I think the weather's pretty nice today as well and the model that the teen model is coming at 3:30 and there's gonna be like a hair and makeup artist coming as well so I just finished with the geeks musician with lovely photos and now I'm going to set up for sitter section with a little bully so here we have the clothing for a little boy it's a little bit of everything it's all kind of like around the size for like a nine month old two one-year-old baby so on the mom can choose what she likes I have some shorts as well underneath and then here I have it's a court it's actually gonna be the last one we're gonna go back in time now there's gonna be the third decor I love the flokati with the green backdrop here I really always like these photos a lot with the dark wood we're gonna start with this decor so it's just creamy it's very neutral yeah my shutter speed is always 1/200 my aperture is around three point-two sometimes 3.5 depending on how much the baby is moving around and my ISO will match so sometimes it's 640 on the dark wood it might be like 500 or even 400 depending on how much light I want to have in the image photographing with the nikon d750 and the 24 to 70 millimeter lens aperture 2.8 ya ready waiting for the middle [Applause] so I just finished a sitter session with a little boy and I could film so that was really cute and he was very cute so um yeah I'm gonna head over to the blossom trees right now to check out if they are already looking very pretty it's seven minutes drive from the studio so if it is already pretty we can start here this afternoon taking the photos with a team model and then head over to the trees if they're not pretty yet we'll just stay here and do some indoor portraits so excited to work with a makeup artist for the first time so I'll keep you updated okay so I'm here as you can see the trees are looking beautiful the only thing is is that it's quite busy there are people everywhere photographing you have cars and houses on this site and the blossom is still pretty high so you cannot really place your model in between the blossom but it still looks beautiful okay so I'm currently walking in the same area and where the studio is it's actually just crossing three streets and we're there so when we drive it should be less than three minutes and they also have blossom trees but there's like no one here not that many trees either look so this is what it looks like love the sign so yeah we step in a little bit there's no sign so this is what it looks like so yeah less pretty but also there's absolutely no one here and it's way closer to the studio so this might be an option as well okay so I am back in the studio it's 3:00 now around 3 ish I'm gonna throw on this dark brown almost like a velvety backdrop material I don't know if it comes across on the video I'll put the link to this backdrop in the description I'll put the link to other backdrop we're using in the description as well another it matters that much because I would put a digital overlay on the backdrop so you don't really see the backdrop anymore it's first I'm gonna throw on this one yeah with this fabric backdrop it does show some wrinkles but that's okay because I'm kinda like going for this like painterly look I'm gonna get the dresses ready [Applause] so we're in this video right now the model is here I'm going to introduce her to you in a second and we have the makeup artist who is doing her hair she's going to make like a fishtail braid but then like a little bit more messy I'm going to insert my mood board so you can see which that we're going for and I have the two backdrops ready so the lighter one and the darker one and some dresses ready that we're going to use so I'm super excited so here we have Jess this is the team model I'm going to link her Instagram as well all over her and check her out she's doing amazing work already being only 14 years old she has a beautiful face so we just finished doing her makeup and now dominique is doing her hair so we're going for the fishtail it's already looking really beautiful and here in the back you can see the second hand dress which I bought in the thrift store for only 13 euros and 50 cents it's actually like almost like a like a wedding dress and I have another lace dress that we're gonna use maybe I have the little couch from Made calm that we can use for some portraits of her sitting down and today I'm again using the go dog stroke so here we have the go ducks ad 400 Pro and the photos with the lighter backgrounds I'm going to use a beauty disc and then for the darker backgrounds I'm going to use this big soft box with the two diffusers on there okay so we're not changing our hair up and we're going for a big bun on the side to make it look a little bit different like more avant-garde and she's wearing a lace top now so it's going to be again her face most of the time just to frame her face it's looking beautiful and yeah we're going to start with a dark background again so just with the softbox and then later on we're gonna go to the lighter background and then using the beauty disk so my shutter speed is the same it's the same with all the sessions here in the studio it's 1/200 as far as aperture I have it on 4.5 now I could shoot with a larger aperture with for example 3.2 or 3.5 I might do that later it doesn't really matter that much because we don't have a blurry background but I want to have her in focus and sharp and with both eyes and then my eyes so for now is 250 on the darker background and on the lighter background I'll put it with the photo as well to show you the settings [Applause] dried lavender there's lemon or everywhere in the studio right now but we're going to do the dark background with him without the lavender and then I think we're going to head outside she's so easy to photograph her face is so beautiful now we're driving to the blossom trees to take a few more photos there so we have our hair the same like the ponytail to the side with some curls and then the lace dress so we're gonna go and take some more photos so as you can see we're outside right now you can see the blossom in the trees we're gonna take a few less photos here so yeah you can see there are houses on both sides but with the 105 Sigma art lens you can really blur the background when photographing with an aperture of 1.4 or 1.8 so I'm gonna go for that to see if I can play a little bit with the sunshine the blossom trees are quite high so I cannot really place her in between the blossom but I think it's still going to be nice for like the end of the shoot Wow seriously I could not be happier it was such a great shoot the last shoots so yeah it was wonderful to photograph Tess she is so beautiful and she has this beautiful model look like one second she would be smiling and then she would just like pull her face straight and like look at me and it would just be so amazing if you can do that when you're 14 you have a career ahead of you if you want of course because she is an amazing model so beautiful and just very focused very yeah concentrate it very serious and just so easy to work with I am bouncing right now I have so much energy I got so much energy from this shoot please like subscribe leave a comments check out the Instagram account of the makeup artist as well she did three looks so fast so professional and so beautiful she was really just like thinking along as well like to keep it natural to keep it soft very great to work with so both the model the makeup artist and me we are open to traveling to other countries to do shoots there you can focus as a team if you want no it was just so great I am super super happy that these people wanted to work with me I feel so blessed so yeah thank you so much for watching please follow us on Instagram follow the makeup artists Dominique on Instagram and me as well if you want to and then it would be great so thank you so much for watching please like subscribe leave a comment and then I'd love to read your comments and then yeah you can see me in my next video thank you you

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  1. I love your work and how you share your knowledge and experience so generously! And the photos are gorgeous!

    I have a little question though. How come you don't shoot on a lower ISO (such as iso 100) and some add more flash power? In order to have maximum quality in the photos? I know that iso 500 isn't a problem for a camera like the one you use, but non the less is of course iso 100 technically better. But with your skills and experience, I'm sure there is a good reason as to why you choose to work with this setup and these settings?

    Thanks a lot for a great channel!

  2. OH WOW!!! Gorgeous. Model and make up are lovely, even experimenting you never stop to wow me 🙂 I drink your videos up and get SO inspired! Thanks so much! <3

  3. I see the nikon d750 with 2470mm is so big for your hand,, maybe you should switch to sony a7iii because it's lightweight fullframe mirroless and the eye autofocus is so cool , for baby photoshoot who always moving you can use Eye autofocus with no worry, and electronics viewvinders is good

  4. I love how the model goes from smiling and happy to super serious pose and face expression.

    And also, music is so spooky 😲😂

  5. Absolutely so beautiful Fenna . . your rocked the session !! Gorgeous model and beautiful photos . . . .I know you are going to branch out with these lovely images !! Have fun !!

  6. Thanks for the video. I have a question: do you show your clients a fully edited gallery for them to choose, or they are just soft edited and once they choose you edit just those. Can you talk about business? How are your packages and all? Thanks;) 😍

  7. What a beautiful and helpful video. Thank you so much for the excellent quality and sharing your knowledge and expertise, appreciate you taking the time to create this content . Really enjoying your fine art direction in recent videos , your enthusiasm and positivity is infectious , wishing you continued success and happiness x x

  8. I loved this session! not only because of the model and MUA but also because your photos are incredible! watching the final results is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us. ( I agree with you about Tess, as I was watching the photoshoot I was thinking, how can she change her expressions so fast!? and that look in her eyes OMG!) Kisses

  9. Wowwww beautiful work Fenna, everything look so smooth and easy but I know is your work that makes it look like that. I love the outcome, pictures are beautiful. Nice job, you all 3 make a great team! !

  10. At 6:46-ish… I was already looking, so you did not need to point out the obvious… lol. It is you, not the pants, that make your visual image flattering, or not. Just so you are fully aware of what I was seeing, you very well flattered yourself in this video also. Now, get on with your photography.

  11. Love the teen model photos. Some very beautiful and very elegant photo's. The old dresses helped out massively as they really add that touch of real elegance. Doesn't have to cost a fortune either when you find them in a thrift shop.

  12. 5:45 oh, good choice – nice leading lines, nobody in the background, and according to the sign, no dog droppings either! 😅

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