Behind The Scenes Filming Setup – Microphone, DSLR Camera, Lighting, Teleprompter Video Equipment

Tyrone: Am I looking good? This episode on Five Minute Video Marketing
is brought to you by First Five. Tyrone: Yeah, we’ve just finished a shoot
with Martin Harris from Massey Pharmacy and he’s flown in from New Zealand to do 24 videos
with us. Justin: Yeah, so today we did a few piece-to-camera
shots in the studio back here. Tyrone: Videos that we shot today were content
videos, they’re informational type of videos that are about health, nutrition. Justin: Okay so this is the behind the scenes.
This is the setup that we had for today. So I guess we’ll start from the start. Over here
is our camera. So this is a 60D, we love it because it’s got one of these jobbies which
means we can do the audio monitoring. There’s nothing worst than having a client fly all
the way over New Zealand and then finding out at the end of the day that the audio was
rubbish. Tyrone: I’ve got 2 mics here, one is designed
to be redundant or a backup, and the first one is connected straight to the main camera,
which is right behind Justin. And then, the second camera right there is designed to be
for the backup, but you’ll also have a separate angle. So the reason why we chose 4 lights
here is because we’ve got 2 lights to light up the white background, which is located
right here. Now the other 2 lights that you see right in front are designed to light the
candidate’s face or the presentor’s face. So we’ve got 2 mics setup, 2 cameras setup,
and 4 lights. Justin: Okay, the next thing that you can
see here is our teleprompter. So I’m going to see if I can turn this on, and this thing
is magical. And it really is – and it’s going to surprise a lot of people. So it’s just
an iPad. Tyrone: So if we put this in here, you can
see there’s a setup. It’s just a piece of a reflective mirror with also a stand, and
you put the iPad straight in. It allows the presenter to look directly at the camera and
also read off the teleprompt script which has been designed to – it’s been pretty much
written. So that’s how we do the angle studio shoot. Are you struggling to get new leads and sales? Or just not having any success with your online
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