Behind the Photo – Portrait Masters 2018

Hello and welcome everybody behind the scenes of Gregory James Photography. Now we recently won a Portrait Masters award for Boudoir. And we came in first place and we are super excited about that! And we actually won it with a photo that we took of our lovely assistant Gianna. And we just want to talk a liitle bit about how that photo came about. And we are going to show you guys exactly how we did it all in my living room. Which is I do most of my shooting. And we are going to show you how we clean everything out get all of the photo equipment in. And we are going to show you how we got this award winning photo. So to start things off I just want to talk a liite bit about the concept. So, I was watching a video with Sue Bryce and she kept talking about all the things that the judges look for. And any contest that you enter you should really look for what the judges want to see in an award winning photo. So one of the main things that they said was that they wanted a sharp, in-focus photo. So, I just wanted to break that rule and I wanted to win with a blurry type of photo. So I went through Instagram and I found some inspiration photos of kind of like blurry concepts and we found something that really worked and we wanted to try it out. So Gianna, how was that for you? It was a little nerve racking espically seeing the concept. I was like, how am I going to do this? You know the original model she was standing in a certain pose. And I thought that I had to be so posey and so you know different and think of different ideas. And it’s funny that I ended up laying down Because that’s not what we were going for or planning. It wasn’t at all. Like that whole laying down shot, it was a happy mistake. And we are going to show you how we got to that happy mistake. And how it ended up winning. And what a lot of people don’t realize is that A this photo was done in my living room. It was done with inexpensive equipment And on top of that it wasn’t Photoshopped much. All we did was essentially do a background extension and you’ll see exactly why and how this came about. So, let’s start by cleaning up this living room and then we’re going to come back and show you guys exactly how it was done. Alright, so to start off we have an inspiration photo that we used that I will show you here. And what we, what I knoticed from here was the way that it was done it was done using a giant diffuser panel. And the model was standing directly behind it and it was back lit and it looked awesome. I liked the pose, I liked the look. So I wanted to create something similar. So I ended up setting up the exact same thing and what I wanted to add to it was color. So, on my speedlites, I just use cheap Yongnuo speedlites This is the YN-560 III I think the other one is the 560 IV I use MagMod attachments to modify my lights So I knew I wanted a soft light so I used their diffuser. And I knew I wanted color, so I used the gels. On this light I have red, on the other light I have blue. And that’s how we got that awesome look. Now what I will do is I will take the camera. And Gianna, We’re going to have you pose. Essentially how you posed for the photo. So now a lot of people are still wondering how you were laying down. So the way you were laying down was, the way you were standing. So you were standing up on it like that, Let’s see it from this end. And if you just rotate that a bit it looks like she’s laying down. And in the photo, you can relax now, int he photo the way it shows up you really don’t see that back leg. So here take the camera let me show the, how it came out in camera. So in camera I’m shooting vertically like this. And that’s how she’s standing. And you really don’t notice her back leg. It’s not showing up at all. And we did was we just held the camera like this And we’re like Oh my God it looks like your laying down. So we just ran with that idea. And this was the final photo that we ended up editing. And let me see if I can actually, pull up, yeach cause we were trying some more standing ideas. Which were cool and nice. But once we came across her laying down it was like that’s it, we have to run with this idea. And that’s were we got and you can see that most iof it, is in camera So all we ended up doing, was putting it into Photosho taking out tese edges and just extending the background a bit to have her more compisitioned in the center. And that’s essentially it, that’s how it was done, that’s how we got this shot and I hope you guys like that. And I hope you guys learned that you don’t need expensive equipment. You don’t need a huge space to work in. And you can do all this stuff inside your home. And I just want you guys to learn from this, go out and play, and if you take a photo using this setup tag me in it, let me see it, I’d love to see what you guys create using this, and I’d love to see how you guys improve on this what would you do differently? And let us know, So that will do it for today’s video, take care.

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  1. Thats brilliant Gregory. Very
    And educational. Looking
    Forward to more videos like this from you. Cheers:)

  2. Hey- I really appreciate your behind the scenes look at this. It’s a gorgeous image and I can’t believe how simple it actually was to create. Beautiful work! I submitted work to PM for the first time this year and received bronze, so I’m going for even better next time. Thanks for sharing here!

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