Beef With A Local Artist + My Opinion On RAW Showcases

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I’ve been dying to bring to life the cute little chubby caricatures of my family and what better way than to make a web comic! The first 500 people to click the link in the description box down below get their first two months of Skillshare premium for free just to try, so why don’t you give it a shot and learn something new today? Hello everyone, my name is Emily and welcome back to another sketchbook storytime. We’ve got a doozy today! Um, this sketchbook storytime actually took place recently which, I think other than my “Problem With a Big YouTube Artist” video, is unheard of. And even that situation is kind of starting to show its age just a little bit, but the rest of my sketchbook storytimes took place back when I was making really really terrible decisions for myself. I always fully admit that most of those stories would never have happened unless I made an active decision to be around someone who was toxic or be in a situation that was toxic. Sans, of course, the art teacher that was not very nice to me at the summer camp I attended when I was a kid because that was out of my control, but pretty much everything else was because I was careless, stupid, thoughtless, just making terrible decisions. But the whole point of my sketchbook storytime series is to look back at them, vent about them, kind of be funny about them and try to take a LESSON from them. I feel like 99% of you get that, but there’s always that 1% of people who just kind of roll in and these kind of people don’t know my channel and they’re just like “ugh, stop complaining, this is all your fault,” And I’m just like, “I know!” But of course like I said earlier, another trait of my sketchbook storytimes is most of them have happened 5+ years ago. This one happened within this last year and boy, let me tell y’all, it is a doozy and because it’s happened recently, Mama has some receipts. Now unfortunately, I am missing a few receipts. They’re not too terribly vital, thankfully, because this person blocked me and I know that may seem terrible on my end, but I promise you you will understand towards the end of the story. I guess, understand as far as you can because I am still wildly confused. The reason I even found out that I WAS blocked was because I went to message this person who we are going to call “Jack,” I went to message Jack and be like, “hey, here’s an awesome opportunity for you, I really think you should look into it” and I couldn’t find his DM. I then went and searched his name, I couldn’t find him and then I went on to our family account to see if, you know, he’d maybe deleted his Instagram because he was a little volatile and no, he had just blocked me on my regular Emily Artful Instagram and I was so confused. But before we get to that and all the weird stuff in between, let’s start from the beginning. This all started last summer, which was the summer of 2018. My husband, babes and I made it a habit of going downtown, sometimes on the weekend, sometimes on the weekdays if we were feeling real crazy, uh, just kind of to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the ambiance of our downtown. As with any downtown area in the summer, there are a lot of performance artists performing on the street corners. We have a – Actually, we have TWO saxophone guys, both of them are really great and sometimes they’ll play like, on opposite corners of each other and like, try to play over the other one. It’s actually really funny. I think they’re friends but like, I stan dueling saxophones, like I – this needs to be a thing! *epic voice* Who will win in the Great Sax-off? Will it be Randy, the white guy with a fedora and the bandaid on his middle finger or Jerome, the black guy with the sweet mustache and the backpack full of collector pins? find out next week on the Great Sax-off 2: Sax on the Beach! Hopefully YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t pick “sax” up as any other word. So person reviewing this once it’s been demonetized, if you are a real person, I was saying sax, S-A-X. So there’s no excuse for demonetizing me, daddy. Okay, so we’ve got the saxophone guys, we’ve got the bagpipe guy who has this really thick heavy Scottish accent that SOUNDS legit except neither of his parents are Scottish and he was born and raised in *expletive* Chicago! Last time I checked Chicagoians… Chicagons… *quietly* Chicagoan… Chicagoans don’t have heavy Scottish accents unless their family is from Scotland or THEY are from Scotland. And what’s funny is when you ask him about it, he just is like… “I don’t *expletive* know.” “Don’t ask me how the world works. It works in mysterious ways. (in Scottish accent): Now give me 10 pence for playing on the bagpipe!” *Imitates bagpipes* That was all really terrible, but anyway what I’m trying to get at is that we’ve got a real cast of characters in the freelance performing arts community downtown. And Jack was no exception to that. Now let me be very very clear, there is NO-HUH-HUH-THING wrong with being eccentric. I love eccentric people. I love weird people! It’s amazing, we need more weird people in the world. But there IS something wrong with being a ripe hole. But we’ll get back to that. When I first saw Jack, we just walked right by him, but I didn’t notice him, he was leaning up against a wall. He wasn’t performance-arting at the moment. Yeah, or performing one might say. I noticed his hands, his face, his clothes, everything was like, splattered with a bunch of different colors of paint and he was very disheveled- looking and he wasn’t standing right next to his station so I was like, okay, maybe this guy is homeless, down on his luck and he’s painting as a side job or something. I didn’t really think too much of it. I just noticed that he was covered in paint. He didn’t interact with us that first time that we passed through so I’m guessing that he was taking a break from his performing which by the way, I’m not going to mention what kind of performance art he does just because I don’t want you guys to go find him and bother him because that’s, that’s not what I want. This is just a really interesting story that I’d like to share. So the first time we walked past and we do our thing, we circle back and we go down that same street, he had started doing some of his performing but he hadn’t really gathered a crowd, so he pointed at us and said “Hey, you guys! Do you want some free art?” and by then I was like, “ding ding ding!” He’s a local artist. I love to support local artists, and I was like, “hell yeah, I’d love some free art!” Jack immediately got to working, there was a lot of pizzazz and his performance, a lot of very gimmicky, but still really cool things that he did. He is good at what he does, like he was then and he is now. I – I’m not even denying that, it was awesome! And because he was really going at it he gathered a crowd afterwards, he was really starting to feel the energy so he would twirl things and it was just a very interesting performance and he had a little tip jar out. So my husband threw some money in there. He was very grateful, he finished the painting and gave it to us. And because da babes was just completely enamored by everything he was doing, he’s like “here, that – that can be for the little guy’s bedroom” and we very very much appreciated it. He started telling us his story, about how he kind of came up from nothing and, and he’s busting his a** to make this his like, grind, to make this his hustle, to make this his job one day. He told us he had never drawn or done anything artistic in his LIFE until the past like, three months. So he literally just started his artistic journey, and of course the painting that he gave us wasn’t amazing amazing amazing, but it was really damn good for someone who had only started three months prior. So like, his story and everything ticked all the box for me like there’s nothing I respect more than the hustle in the grind, he was a local artist and he had tons and tons of potential and promise. So I feel like all of that was really admirable and I wanted to help him but before I even opened my mouth about anything he was like, “okay, can you get out your phone and follow me on Instagram?” And I was a little taken aback by his forwardness because he had given me a card with his Instagram handle, I just thought it was kind of weird that he was like, “do this now,” but at the same time I was like, “this dude is giving away free art.” We did give him a pretty good tip. But from the beginning he was offering it for free so I know we would have received it even if we didn’t give him a tip. So I’m like, “OK, you know what? That’s the least I could do,” and not only that but I was planning on following the dude anyway. And when I thought about it, I was like, well it would have been a lot weirder if he would have asked me to follow him before he started the artwork opposed to after he finished the artwork, so it’s not that big of a deal. But then he moved on to my husband and he said, “You’re going to follow me, right?” If I remember correctly, I believe my husband just said, “oh, I don’t have Instagram” because he felt uncomfortable with Jack kind of pushing the Instagram follows. After that kind of strange interaction, I mentioned to him that I was also an artist and that I had a small following but that I’d really like to share some of his artwork with my followers, and he just was COMPLETELY dismissive of that. He was almost irritated that I brought it up and I’m not somebody who like, *stuck-up voice* brags about how many followers she has. I was just like “hey, I do art on Instagram and YouTube, I’ve got a following, it’s small, but the people that do follow me love to see new interesting art and I think they’d really enjoy your artwork and your style of artwork. And is that alright? Can we like, connect in the future? I think you’ve got a lot of promise” and he kind of just cut me off and he was like, “okay, okay,” and I understand, like, he had gathered a crowd so he wanted to keep working. So I just wrote it off to that and I said, “alright. Well, we’ll keep in touch. Have a nice day. Goodbye.” So I continued my life as normal, kind of put the interaction out of my head for a few days, but then I started to see his feed on Instagram, I kind of got a feel for his business model. During the weekends he would perform and he would give out a bunch of free art pieces, kind of to get his name out there. And that business model seemed to really really work for him because after about two weeks of doing it he started to have people fairly regularly purchasing artwork from him. Not only that, but the quality of his product drastically increased because he was doing it so frequently. So I started commenting on some of his posts, giving him advice, saying “oh, this looks amazing! Have you checked out this artist? Have you checked out these tutorials?” Just kind of giving him friendly advice. Well, I guess he took notice to that, and then he went to my Instagram and took notice that I had a handful of followers. So he messaged me and basically said “hey, I really appreciate the advice. Any advice that you could give me I would greatly, greatly appreciate. I’ve noticed that you’ve got a handful of followers.” Obviously, I’m paraphrasing but that was the basic structure of that first message. It was “hi, thank you for the advice so far, if you have any more advice, please please give it to me and oh! You’ve got a little bit of a following.” I explained to him that I’m a YouTuber, I make art-related content, I sent him a link to my YouTube channel, and I said “my Instagram is really just a branch off of my YouTube channel, but YouTube is where I post my main content.” But then I went on to say like, “hey, I really want to help you. You’ve got tons of potential, I love what you do. It’s awesome. Like, whatever I can do to help, I want to help.” And that’s when that first really strange interaction went down. He said, “Like, I don’t know if you got a man or something like that, but if you ever want to go out and get a drink or something like that, let me know. Maybe we can hang out and get to know each other a little bit. I mean, I’m not trying to like, make a move on you here, but I’d like to think I’m a pretty okay guy and I make a legit friend.” So notice how he asked me if I have a man, asked me to go get a drink, but then backpedals a little bit to make it safe and say like “hey, I’m a pretty cool guy and I make a good friend.” So he mentions all of those things in his message and, you know, I think this is a perfectly respectable way to just kind of see if there’s an avenue at all there, you know what I mean? And even, even if he wasn’t directly flirting with me, I think he was saying like, “hey, like, could this MAYBE be something?” Which is fine, like, this is fine. It’s a, again it’s a perfectly respectable way to do it. And this isn’t me like, trying to draw subtext from something, he explicitly at the beginning asked me if I have a man. But instead of directly assuming that he was asking me out, I decided to just play it safe and answer his questions. So I said, “I’m definitely down to be friends! I’m married with a family, funnily enough we have one of your paintings in my son’s room. You made it for him last year, early summer in front of (redacted). That’s how I know you.” So again, I did not immediately assume that he was like, super duper hitting on me, I didn’t even allude to the fact that I MAY have thought that. I answered his questions, that I’m married, I do have a man and that I WOULD like to be friends because he said he can be a “good friend!” But then he comes in and says, “Well, that’s super awesome any way you look at it. I wasn’t necessarily asking you out, LOL, I can see how that’s misconstrued though. LOL. I am seeing a gal too, so yeah, glad we’re on the same page. I remember you though, Emily, from (redacted). That’s back when my art still sucked! Ha! I don’t know what I was thinking back then! I live that you guys put it up for the kiddo, though. That is super cool. Can you send me a pic of it hanging up?” And I did send him a picture of that which he did immediately put up to his Instagram and is like, “here’s another happy customer,” which is fine. That’s like, fine. I don’t care about that. But I just thought it was a little… WEIRD, a little abrasive for him to be like “whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, I wasn’t asking you out” and it’s like, “well, I – *laughs* I didn’t even say that I thought you were,” it was just – I just thought it was another strange interaction. So from that point on I was like, “okay, those are red flags, I am going to kind of keep this person at arm’s length. I still respect this person’s hustle and would like to help this person but I don’t think I really want to form a close bond with this person.” I felt like both the making us follow him on Instagram on the spot and the “whoa, whoa, I’m not hitting on you” situation, both of those situations were just, they were very manipulative, and if you think about the Instagram thing, it’s definitely a way to get followers but it’s kind of preying upon people’s kindness and people’s ability not to say no when they are confronted with something in person. Sure, that’s a way to earn followers, but that’s not really a way to make a core fanbase. You want people to stick around because they WANT to stick around, because they hit the follow button, because they want to see what you’re up to and they want to see how your art’s improving. You don’t want followers there because you kind of manipulated them to being there. But anyway from there, we had pretty minimal contact. Every now and again, I would send him, um, things that I thought he’d find useful, opportunities that I thought he might want to take and just general advice. Now I did share his work in the past, those posts have since been removed. I just really don’t want this to result in a witch hunt because I don’t think this person is inherently evil but I will give my two cents on that at the end. Early on this year I started the very, very early baby step, developmental stages of an artist spotlight series, like an actual video series. I kind of had to break it down, look at the logistics of it, figure out what kind of financial backing I would need to make it happen. All of that development is still very much in its infancy. I’m very stretched thin right now working on a couple secret projects. So that may not uh, come into existence until next year. But I still brought the idea up to Jack and I mentioned that it would be great if he could be one of the artists featured in this spotlight series. This was just another example of me really wanting to help him, but it also was like, this would be like a good first episode, he’s local, I wouldn’t need to finance any kind of travel, like this would be really great. Not only that but again like, his art was getting really really great. So I just felt like he was at a place in his career where that would really boost him up. So I brought it up to him, he absolutely loved the idea, he was 100% on board and I said, “okay, awesome!” And I let him know that it probably wouldn’t happen till later and he was like, “That’s fine. As long as you keep me in mind, like, that’s awesome.” So that happened, that was a great interaction we had, but then I noticed his feed started to take a really aggressive turn. He went from talking about his humble roots and just being humble in general to posting these really really arrogant, almost angry posts! Like, “I’m the best,” “why are people not following?”, “you’re lazy if you’re not following me,” “I don’t understand why other people are blowing up and I’m not because I’m better than them.” And I just… it really, really, REALLY rubbed me the wrong way. Then he started using copyrighted music in his YouTube videos so they would get demonetized and he would get very angry and frustrated and vent about it on his Instagram. So I messaged him and said “hey, you probably shouldn’t be using copyrighted materials in your work or in your content so here is a website that offers you royalty-free music to use.” He didn’t say anything back to that. You know, and I didn’t have an issue with him not responding, it wasn’t really something that you really necessarily need to respond to. It would have been nice if he said “hey, thanks, I’ll look into that” but he completely disregarded it and continued to use, and still does use copyrighted music in his videos and gets angry when YouTube takes action against that. I think I said demonetized before but that’s not what I meant because he is not part of the YouTube Partner Program. I’m actually kind of shocked that his channel is still up because he does use very popular songs in EVERY single one of his videos. He has to have three strikes by now. Maybe because he’s talking over the music during like the first 30 seconds of the video and that’s why the algorithm isn’t detecting it, I don’t know. All I know is he’s one lucky son of a gun because he has not gotten his channel terminated. I know he’s gotten strikes, but it’s still there. It’s still up to this day, I checked. So I continued to caution him not to use copyrighted material in his work, and I know I cautioned him against a few other things so that his art and his work would more easily flourish, but pretty much everything I would warn him against I would get ignored, and you guys know me, like I’m not going to be mean about it. I’m like, “hey, this might not be a great idea, here’s an alternative.” Like, that is, is how I talk, that is literally – when I’m in person with someone that is how I explain things to them when I think they’re making a bad decision. I do that because I realize if someone would have done that to me when I was struggling instead of telling me “you’re ruining your life and you’re going to die,” like, I would have been more receptive to the criticism. Sometimes that cutthroat, cautionary tale, kind of way of talking is needed but I feel like more often than not, people just need someone who is compassionate and you feel like they’re giving you criticism because they care, not because they’re fed up with you. Because at that point I wasn’t like, fed up with him, his life had nothing to do with mine, I was just trying to help. I didn’t think he was annoyed with me either, I just feel like, you know, these messages weren’t necessarily something you NEEDED to respond to. We all know those kind of messages that kind of like, end the conversation or they’re just messages that like, you don’t really need to respond to. We – you all know what I’m talking about. Well, then he posted something I believe, to his story about a RAW artist showcase representative contacting him. Now, for those of you who are unaware of what RAW is, I will give a very brief explanation or as brief as Emily Artful can make it. RAW is a company that direct showcases all across the world, that showcase art, music, fashion, whatever creative thing you can think of, they showcase it. They typically reach out to small local artists and ask if they want to be a part of this big showcase, and these small local artists get really excited because it’s like, “oh my god! Finally a chance to showcase my work!” Now mind you, its RAW inviting these artists. It’s not like a convention’s Artist Alley where you sign up and pay to be a part of it. RAW is seeking out these small local artists to be a part of their showcase. However, in order to be a part of the showcase you need to sell 20 tickets and I believe the 20 tickets amount to about 200, $250. If you are not able to sell all 20 tickets, you need to pay the remainder of the balance so it comes out of YOUR pocket, in order to stay in the showcase. Now, it sounds pretty cut-and-dry and pretty fair, right? You sell the tickets because they invited you to the event, they need to make money somehow but what you’re going to earn is uh, people buying your artwork, you’re going to earn more subscribers or followers from the exposure that RAW has given you. I mean, it’s a “they scratch your back, you scratch theirs” kind of deal right? Well no, not actually. And mind you, all this information is stuff that I have garnered from other artists that I personally know that have been screwed by RAW and also a really comprehensive highlight on Tyler Thrasher’s Instagram. If you don’t know who Tyler Thrasher is, he’s the guy that does the crystals on the bugs, Several of his works have gone viral in the past but I think people don’t usually attach his face to his work. So here it is. This is Tyler Thrasher, and this is his work. But he’s got a really comprehensive guide on why RAW is terrible, I’m just kind of paraphrasing what he has said. But anyway, it seems like a pretty cut-and-dry deal, right? They scratch your back, you scratch theirs. Well, no. Yes, RAW has a relationship with some bigger artists, but that is to draw in their real desired demographic. Small local artists with very small followings, they know these small artists have such a small following that it makes more sense for them to sell tickets to their friends and their families and realistically, only a few of their followers would buy tickets. So these small artists are left to foot the bill of the tickets they did not sell. Not only that, but I have been looking and looking and looking, trying to find some advertisement for the upcoming showcase in my area and the only ads I’m finding are basically like “Are you an artist? Join RAW” ads. I only found I think one, one ad that was like, “this is going on in this place” So they’re really not advertising these showcases to the general public. So what that means is all these local artists are inviting their friends and families to this event and the friends and families are there to support their friend and family member. They’re not there to purchase artwork from other competing artists. Does that mean it just never happens? No, of course not. I’m sure there’s plenty of times where friends and family members buy little knickknacks here and there from other artists but ultimately they’re there to support their friend or family member. By that logic, what kind of exposure would the local artist be receiving by being at a RAW showcase? However much exposure it is, it does not match the expenditure the artist made in making prints, stickers, buying furnishing for their booth to hold their prints and stickers and pins and what-have-you. It doesn’t match the amount of time that artist took to create something to have specifically for the showcase cause we all know when we do conventions or fairs or what-have-you, we like to create new product for the people specifically at that convention or fair or what-have-you. It simply is not worth it for the artist in the end but RAW targets these small local artists because it’s exciting, you’re invited to a showcase, and they don’t know better. They’re profiting off of the naivety of these small artists and it’s just wrong. I actually had a run-in with RAW last year, before I knew ANY of this. They said they found me on Instagram, yet they called me Michael, which is my husband’s name, which, we do have a dead family account with a bunch of pictures of da babes, but it doesn’t have any artwork on it so it would make no sense that they found me through my Instagram through that dead Instagram account. Like, why are you calling me Michael? If they had any desire to uplift local artists, if they were really truly doing this to uplift other artists, they would do their damn research. But at the time I was really small and naive and excited and I figured it was just a little mistake that they made, so I emailed them back and corrected them and gave them my information. Then after that happened, I’m not entirely sure of the time frame here but I got kind of a rush of subscribers, whether it be like two or three weeks after we had that email exchange, and then I did a little bit more research into RAW because I had a friend be like “dude, DON’T do it. It’s bad.” So I did some research and then I was like, “oh my god, you know what would be awesome? Is if I did a documentary on RAW” and I know I had mentioned it publicly in two different places which was so stupid of me because I’m pretty sure RAW somehow caught wind of that, because then they just ignored me and I sent them like five messages over the course of like two months, like “hey, I’m responding to you. Like, what’s going on?” I contacted them via their “Contact Us,” you know, thing on their web page and nothing. Nothing, like just total radio silence from them. Actually no, wait, I lie, they did send me ONE message back pretending like they weren’t receiving my messages! Like, “I’m just so confused!” Mind you, I had messaged them from two separate emails addressing who I was in BOTH emails. To the one time they actually do their research, they couldn’t have done it right off the bat, why did they have to do it after the fact? But what’s so funny and what’s proof of the fact that they do not do their research, is in April I received an email asking me if I wanted to be “part of our showcase!” It’s like dude, your company blacklisted me because I got a tiny bit bigger and you finally started to do research into me and you found that I made some Twitter comment about exposing you and you were like “uh-uh-uh, timeout, no no no.” You know, opposed to doing research about me before you asked me to be a part of your showcase, that just proves to me that they don’t care about their artists, they care about making money. Before I get my a** sued here, everything I am saying is either an allegation or opinion. I am NOT presenting any of what I say here as fact. These are all things that I personally feel about this company. Does that mean that it is necessarily 100% true for every single person who has ever interacted with RAW? No, it doesn’t. But I just had to give my opinion on why I think RAW is bad and why some of my other artist friends think RAW is bad. It is my right to review. However, I don’t think the RAW artist showcases are a scam. I just think the output and input are largely different. I think you expend too much in order to be a part of that showcase. I don’t think it’s a scam, I don’t think they trick you into doing this and this and this and this, it’s just the expenditure is not worth what you receive in return. I think it’s shady as *expletive* but I don’t think it’s a scam. But anyway, so much for brief. So I noticed that Jack was going to be possibly signing up for one of these RAW showcases and me and another one of his friends warned him in his Instagram comments. Then I DMed him and I was like “Hey, dude, I don’t think this is such a great idea.” Just kind of uh, giving him my two cents on it and he responded and he’s like, “oh, I already know what you’re going to say, that RAW is a scam and this that and the other, like, I don’t want to hear it” basically. And I was like, “I’m just trying to give you good advice,” like he ASKED me to from the beginning! But I was just like, “it’s just not a great idea.” So after that, maybe like three weeks go by, I find something, like a link or something that I’m like “oh, this is cool, he might really like this. This might really help boost him.” I go to look for his messages and they’re gone. Like, there is – they’re, they’re just not in my inbox anymore. So then I look up his name and I can’t find him. I switched to our family account thinking like, “did he block me? Did he delete his Instagram account?” No, he blocked me! And my jaw just dropped, it’s like, all I have done is helped this person, given this person advice, like he ASKED me to! It’s not like he, I was just like, giving him this unsolicited advice, and I had NO idea that he was irritated with me. That was something I didn’t realize till later, that he wasn’t responding not because it’s just like, like I said, messages you don’t respond to, but because he was like, personally OFFENDED that I was giving him advice. It was all Gucci and golden when there was a promise of me sharing his stuff with my followers, or him being a part of my spotlight series, but anytime I like, cautioned him against something it irritated him! That’s part of giving advice, is sometimes doling out something you don’t want to hear. At no point did he ask me to step back on the advice, he didn’t even really give off cues that he was angry because he would respond to me occasionally, again when it SUITED him, when it was a positive piece of advice or when he could gain something from that advice or exposure, he’d respond to me. Everything was Gucci! We talked back and forth, you know, it was – it was a very much a positive uh, acquaintance relationship that I had with him. But looking at it now, he just wanted advice when it would suit him or he would gain something from it. So normally I would just kind of let it go, but I was pretty irritated so I sent him a message through my family account. I just said, “Why did you block me on my main account? I was going to share your work with my followers again, and it says you blocked me. I’ve been supportive to you and your work for a long time. I’m not sure what warranted the blocking.” And you know what he sent back? He sent back LINKS for me to share with my followers of his new Facebook Live videos! And that’s when it just hit me that this guy was just toxic and better off to be blocked by him, better off to not have any contact with him whatsoever, someone like that who feeds off only the praise and the good opportunity and refuses to learn lessons from when they may have done something wrong or when someone warns them against doing something potentially wrong, when someone is like that, they tend to stagnate. They tend to not grow. And I’m not saying that this person is going to be this way forever, I just feel like he’s in this headspace right now where all he cares about is how many followers he has, who’s subscribing to him, what opportunities are coming his way and he doesn’t care about actually improving. He could say all he wants that he wants to improve and he wants to do better every day, but I personally firsthand witnessed how he went from a really humble, nice, driven guy to someone who was just hungry for followers, someone who actively put down other artists in his field to make himself look better. And we’re not talking about a young kid, this guy is in his mid 30s. He should know by now that respecting yourself and others is what’s important in life and will get you so, so, so much farther than being an arrogant *expletive*. But anyway guys, that was my story. It was kind of one of those things where I had some part in it but it was really just, I sat back and watched this unfold in front of me. I still can’t believe how quickly this dude fell from grace but I guess that’s the effect social media has on some people. And again, I’m really hoping that this is just a phase for this person. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is, I think everyone at some point goes through a phase where they think they are, you know, the next sliced bread, and then they get taken down a peg really really quickly. Lord knows that I went through a phase like that where I thought selling myself and my abilities was the most important thing and I realized very quickly that the only reason I was doing that was because I was so wildly insecure about myself and my abilities, that I didn’t really feel that way about myself. So I very quickly turned that attitude around, but at the time I was young and making very, VERY stupid decisions, as we know. So I wasn’t really the glowing example that anyone would want to follow or listen to. But anyway, thank you guys so much for watching and don’t forget to stay out of trouble. See you guys later! *Guitar music* This video was also brought to you by viewers like you. If you’d like to support the channel, please go to Thanks again for watching! *Continues* *Ends*

100 Replies to “Beef With A Local Artist + My Opinion On RAW Showcases”

  1. i've gotten a few copywrite strikes in some videos, but youtube just demonitizes them and puts their own ads in the video. they even send out a message every time saying that i don't need to do anything but that all the ad revenue will go to the copywrite holder. so that's probably what's happening to this guy's channel.

  2. I know I likely won’t get a response but I just kinda wanna say this? I know my abilities and I want to get them to be so much better, I’m entering a competition (also I don’t really like the piece I’m entering but I’m also proud of it??) I’m hoping the judges like it at least :/ woo

  3. You have literally inspired me to start drawing and painting again. When I first got to your channel, I had genuinely given up on art but I then found your channel and that single video sparked my creativity again! You are the very reason I am able to be creative again!

  4. I absolutely love your channel! So much so that I finally turned on the YouTube notifications. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As a former webtoon addict, I had a mini nerdgasm when I saw Sarah's art during that skillshare part at the beginning.

  6. 3 months from just starting to being a competent painter? Yeah, I'm calling bullshit. That guy's an art thief.

  7. I like your drawings i kinda draw too I draw plushies and sometimes unicorns I dont have a channel tho 🙁

  8. This is kinda unrelated but you talking about him blocking you it reminded me. Let’s call this boy Bob. This girl DM’s me (lets call her Leah bc i dont know her name and it will be less confusing) , shes from the neighboring town and Ive never met her or even heard of her but she keeps messaging me about Bob (Bob is my friend and classmate) and she was like “bobbsss sooo hottt ayeee” and i was like “hes okay looking…” and shes like “i was joking” and she went on to ask if he had a girl friend and about her name and school etc , she asked weird stuff about Bob as well. I messaged Bob about this. Turns out Leah’s bestie (Lets call her Sally for same reasons as Leah) had been asking Bob the same messages. Bob and I were confused and went to confront them but both of them had blocked us ,we couldn’t find them in our DM’s and when we searched their users (copying from the screenshots we sent) and we couldn’t find them , it was so weird. Anywho LOVE you Emily <3

  9. Dude..I found your channel a couple hours ago and now I’ve been binge watching your videos! Currently, it’s midnight! Shit..I learned a lot about watercoloring Bc of you! and you’ve inspired me to try it out! I already ordered a few things! I can’t wait when my stuff arrives so I can WATERCOLOR PAINT!

    P.s I love your storytime and YOU ARE SOOOO HILARIOUS!! 💜 from Boston, Ma! 💜

  10. Hi I love your videos so much and your chance to and I liked this video and you need more subscribers

  11. That raw thing is so frustrating, I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING, it gives me a negative feeling I can't

  12. I can’t understand how people are obsessed with followers. My art account only has 60, and all I care about is that 60 people enjoy looking at my art and it makes them and me happy! 😊

  13. It's 2:35 in the morning and binging listening to you while I draw. When I listened to you, I thought about a girl who used to make fun of me and honestly her art was trash(but ofc you get better so I understood) She used to be better and acted like she WAS better, and when I drew anything she said it was " it's eh, work on it. Hopefully it's a wip ha" and and it hurt me. It's a year later I'm better at drawing at her and she still acts like she's better, but after listening to you I finally got the pride I saying, so what. She can think what she want, I don't even care of her judgement she doesnt even work on her drawing. Anyways, you made me realized in 2 am that's my art me. Ily! Subscribed! Thank you for making me laugh, and realizing I can be me lmao.

    edit: sorry if this is cringe, it's just a hard time I used to have with my art

  14. i love your art and this art you made in this video you are very talented. And i love how you explain and say your storys. You sound very Mature and you inspire me very much.

  15. I appreciate your feedback on the raw showcase. They messaged me through my Etsy and I did get really excited considering I have 20 artwork pieces just chillin in the garage. I feel better about. Ot doing it. What advice do you have for doing an art show in general, like what to look for to see of its worth it?

  16. "I don't understand what people with nothing have figured out that I haven't" – ummm.. humility and courtesy? Amazing art by the way. I would like to see a video where you do a "Brief" play by play of your thoughts while making surrealistic art. I enjoy surrealism but I don't think I will ever be able to make an original piece because I really cannot imagine what would prompt someone to think like that. It has happened before that I heard the thought process of a particular style and I massively improved in it. I was thinking maybe it would help here as well. Could you do one, pretty please?

  17. I don't doubt that that first "Thanks for the advice, give me more…" was just a way to flirt, before he found out he didn't have a chance.

  18. Raw sounds like it's avoiding being an MLM by a cat-hair. Asking you to sell a minimum of tickets, not supporting you to do so, and the only online support being geared towards getting new artists (as in people who'll sell the product) rather than helping sell the product is a major MLM redflag!

  19. Raw sounds pretty much exactly like battle of the bands. You have to sell tickets to the show, and then people 'vote' and then you could win but it's pay to play. They just make money off you and get free entertainment for the venue where they don't have to pay a band. Anyway it sounds like the guy's ego got the best of him if his insta started being about not having followers.

  20. As an artist (being young, using the term artist very lightly) I see all of these people who are toxic against help whether it be to boost themself or whatever it might be, and i am just amazed. I am most of the time, almost always open for tips, criticism, help, whatever might come. Because I can learn. I am trying to learn. It's just wacky how people are so sour about thag kind of help because Emily was MEGA helping "Jack" so thats just wacky.

  21. I was referred to your channel by JenniferWalshDesigns and have really been enjoying these sketches and stories. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Your videos are so funny. I saw a couple of people said you sound like the voice actor for Elastigirl in the Incredibles. In this video you sound like Amy Poehler. 😍🤣

  23. "… I'm a pretty okay guy…"

    So, I have a younger brother. He's an asshole, but in a way a sibling would be an ass to you. But outside of that, he's actually a decent guy, a good friend and would try to be helpful to people. One thing he never did and will never do is to claim that he's a "nice guy", and I make sure he learns that. Because if you have to say that to someone you're trying to appeal to, you're most likely an asshole.

  24. Have you ever drawn a Cubone? Every time I see you draw a skull it makes me wonder what your version of a Cubone would look like.

  25. I wish I could have had that type of support like you gave him lol… That is sad that he gained such an ego … and became a jerk.. he was luck enough to have someone to help guide him in a way like have a mentor and not everyone has that …

  26. Mother artful brings towards us the mighty tea cup, so that we may sip and gain nourishment, and she minds not if we spill some of it

  27. Heh, we both had “sucky” 2018 summers.
    I broke my ankle the first f***ing WEEK.
    In the worst sport ever, and actually I usually avoid it too…? But I was with my bestie who likes it.
    R.i.p all my water park and pool trips.

    Though I was walking mote after than I should’ve on it…

  28. I was contacted by a "RAW Representative" a couple of months ago. They said they found me on Etsy (which I am on Etsy) but they also said they loved my jewelry designs (and if you follow my Etsy account you will see that I definitely DO NOT design jewelry, I do oil paintings).

  29. I love the way your videos are. Story time+art that’s just unrelated. I haven’t seen anything like and and I’m IN LOVE! How do you not have more subs???

  30. I have received invites to RAW here in Connecticut, along with some others I know. Personally, I feel their business module is flawed, however, I may be wrong about this as I've never attended a show. But for me, what might work in a large city like LA or NYC (destination places to travel to)may not work in a small city with a different vibe. Also, most artists with a large following have fans from all over not just in the microcosm of their own area, and in order for a show to attract a lot of attendees you need to have many artists with a large following at the venue like Comicon, and these famous artists have corporate backing with lots of money to advertise. I do feel a show promoter should invest in promoting the show from monies made from artists buying booths, but I also feel it's the artists' job to promote as well, some do some don't and I don't get the latter unless they're relying on others to bring in customers, which some do. I can understand why someone came up with this idea. I appreciate your take on this as young artists on a tight budget might be swayed to invest when they could be better off selling online and building their following without the extra burden of trying to sell tickets to a smaller audience of friends or family. There are online sites that have shows rated by the vendors and this could be a good benchmark for young artists seeking local venues to sell their art. Nothing is more crushing than working really hard to set a booth only to have no sales.

  31. When I fully saw the piece I was like:
    Yeah this is what my composition teacher would like ( sorry if I said the wrong word but it sounds so familiar to the word in my language I wanted to say )

  32. "Do you want free art?"
    "Yes, I love to support artists"
    – how is it support if you get something for free to beginn with? I am glad that you gave him something anyway but I don't get the thought pattern…

  33. I went through something similar at a recent con. I met this girl and her boyfriend who were both artists, I thought they were nice; she mentioned that she wanted to branch out her social media reach and at the time I had mustered up almost 300 followers on twitter, small but I'm in the art community there and I told her I'd help her foot in the door, we exchanged handles and that was that. We were both from the same college, so I thought I had made a friend- lol, nope, as soon as the con was over she deleted me off social media and blocked me. Also I learned after the fact that she and her boyfriend were both smack talking other artists behind their back. It's sad really, seeing so much wasted talent and potential on bad personalities.

  34. Emily, Horrible Teacher Video: Let’s call her Becky

    Emily, Rude Artist Video: Sans, the art teacher in my art teacher video,

    Me: So DiDjA mEeT tHe MeMe HiMsElF, oR wHaT?!

  35. Thanks for the advice about RAW! I was thinking about starting up my art instagram again (after it’s been dead for ages) and being a small teenage artist, the advice will probably come in handy quite quickly.

    And I just wanna say, live your art and you style! Your someone I look up to, especially when it comes to watercolor. I hope you grow to be an even better artist, and I wish you good luck on the rest of your artistic path!

  36. If I were him I would already appreciate it if you gave me a shoutout in any platform 😒 the nerve of some people to be ungrateful

  37. Emily: Teacher Sans

    Every single person in the hole world:
    Me: eh eh- eh ehh eh eh
    (Ketchup is used as paint in this class 🙂 )

  38. I know this piece is completely independent and original, but have you heard of the webcomic Larkspur? The main character has eyes all over just like this! 8D

  39. ive been binging your sketchbook rants and i personally love that you clap every syllable in words that make you upset 😀

  40. I just discovered your channel. I absolutely adore your personality (it kinda reminds me of my own). I love it! Keep up the brilliant work 😊

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