hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so today’s video is going to be the boys bedroom makeover you all have
been waiting for this video for a long time and I finally finished up their
room I’ve been working on this room all day long so if I look tired and my hair
looks crazy that is the reason why first portion of this video is going to be the
bedroom makeover I’m just gonna put together a couple of clips of us like
putting together the bunk beds and decorating and all that kind of stuff
and then after that I will show you the before and after and show you how the
room turned out give you a full room tour show you where everything is from
and stay tuned until the end of the video because I’m going to be filming
the boys reaction when they see their room for the first time I’m going to
surprise them they haven’t seen the room yet I absolutely love how the room
turned out it was pretty much exactly what I was envisioning for this room so
I’m super excited to show it to you guys first I will give you a peek at what the
room looked like before this was the day that we started the makeover and it was
a disaster on this day so I was just ready to get this makeover started and
start keeping this room better organized so first thing that we did was to go
through all the toys and just get that room cleaned up and then my husband took
apart the crib and packed that away and then I started to take all of the screws
and the nails out of the wall and then after that I had to fill in all of those
holes there were so many holes in the wall and then I had to paint over them
all and the next step was to put together the bunk bed and I will talk
more about this bunk bed later on in the video but putting together this bunk bed
took us about the rest of the afternoon fast forward a couple of days and I
finally had time to finish decorating their room put their bedding on their
bed the rug on the floor the decor on the walls all of that stuff okay so now I’m going to give you guys a
little room tour show you how I have everything set up tell you where
everything is from and then after the room tour I will be filming the boys
reaction to their new room so this wall is what you see when you first walk into
the room and obviously the bunk bed is not in the center of the wall because if
it was in the center of this wall then it wouldn’t be centered with this piece
over here on this wall so it just made sense to kind of do it like how we had
the crib and have it a little bit over to the right and then have the teepee
there beside of it and by the way I’m open to hearing all of your opinions and
ideas down below you can let me know if you like it if you hate it so we will
start off with the rugs this big rug is a seven by ten outdoor rug from Target
and I’m going to explain why I got an outdoor rug I was gonna get a very fuzzy
rug for this floor but they love to push their trucks and tractors on the floor
and that would just be hard to do on a fuzzy rug so I got this outdoor rug it’s
going to be easy to clean it’s nice for them to push their tractors and stuff on
and it was about 1/4 of the price of an indoor rug I got this rug on clearance
in the outdoor home section at Target for only $30 and rugs this size at
Target are $99 so it was a steal of a deal and I think it’s going to work
great for a playroom and boys bedroom it’s gonna be easy to clean so on top of
this big rug I have this long like canvas runner type rug and you wouldn’t
really consider this an actual rug because it’s more like just a piece of
canvas the boys got to play with this a little bit when it first came in the
mail and they absolutely love it because they can run their cars down the road I
got this off of Amazon there’s a couple of people selling it but I found someone
selling it for only $16 plus I got 10% off so I will link it down below I will
try to link as many things as I can down below but it just goes with the theme of
the room it’s got teepees pine trees mountains now let’s talk about these
bunk beds and the bedding because this may be my favorite part of the room you
guys saw me and my husband pieced this bunk bed together in a previous video I
will link that down below this is a black metal bunk bed and I don’t
remember which website I got it off of but I will have it linked down below it
might have been like Wayfair or something like that what drew me to this
particular bunk bed was because it was a smaller
my boys are five and two and so since Owen was transitioning from a crib to a
bunk bed I didn’t want his mattress to be too far off the floor just in case he
rolled out of bed or something as you can see this bottom bunk is only about
an inch off the floor and then right here it’s got the little staircase going
up and up here is where Kyle sleeps and this bunk bed is very sturdy relatively
easy to put together it’s definitely a two-person job
okay so now we have to talk about this beautiful bedding that I have on the top
bunk and the bottom bunk this bedding was sent to me by Betty’s beds I will
put the link for their website down below and I’ll also put the link for
this specific bedding set this is called the – bedding set for twin bunk beds it
is so easy for the kids to make their beds you literally just grab the zipper
to unzip it the kids can get into beds super easy very cozy like a sleeping bag
and then in the morning they just have to grab the zipper and zip up their bed
so easy and perfect for kids and I love it for the top bunk because it is so
hard to make top bunk beds like to put the sheet and then the comforter and all
that but this is just so easy one zip and the bed is made it’s just basically
the best thing ever and if you get bunk beds
you definitely need to put Betty’s beds on them this is all just one set that
goes over top of the mattress so I’ll show you here you can see you just pull
the whole thing off to wash it and inside it is a minke blanket so super
soft and cozy and then it’s got the sheet right here also comes with a
matching sham and then a matching pillowcase so like I said I will link
Betty’s bedding down below they make bedding sets for all different sizes of
beds and they have all different colors and styles for up above the bunk beds I
didn’t want to put anything too huge that could possibly like fall on Kyle
while he’s sleeping or anything so I just got this little hanging I guess you
would call it like a garland type of a thing these are like wooden arrows on a
string I got this from Hobby Lobby on clearance for like ten dollars think it
looks perfect up there it goes really well with the color scheme over here on
this wall I stuck this little squirrel pendulum clock this is so cute it was
sent to me by modern moose and I put it right there so that when Kyle is laying
in bed you can look and see what time it is
it is a super-cute clock I will put the link for their website down below so
moving over to this wall this whole wall is just one big closet behind these
doors this side I’ve got all of their clothing right here I’ve got this place
sign from Hobby Lobby and over here on this side they just keep all of their
like bigger toys the rocky horse the wagon their tractor back there we need
to come up with a better way to organize that but it’s just nice that we have
this space here to put all those big toys and then we can just shut the door
on it I’ve had this basket for awhile and I get lots of questions about it I
got it from home goods and we just have it full of stuffed animals moving over
to this corner of the room this is their teepee that they’ve had in here for
probably like two years I just took a couple of things off of it just to give
it a different look this teepee was sent to me by a company off of Amazon but
they don’t sell it anymore so I’ll try to find a similar one on Amazon and link
it down below and this little beaded garland was sent
to me by time yard I just tied it around the top of there just to give it a
little something different and I just threw a couple of things in this teepee
these great big round pillows you probably recognize them they’re usually
out on my living room couch this is one of the boys as blankie I just threw that
in there I just wanted to see how some great big round pillows would look in
there so I think that I’m going to buy a few more of these so that I can have
some in here and also have them out in my living room I think it’ll just make
it cozy in there they can read a book in there and stuff and this fiddly fig tree
is usually out in the living room but I wanted to see what some greenery would
look like in this corner I couldn’t decide what to do on this wall I thought
about doing a canvas or a framed picture or something but I just didn’t want it
to seem too too crowded over here so I just put this little play sign from
Hobby Lobby I think they recently got these in because I haven’t seen them
there before and they have a whole bunch of them in there right now another one
of my favorite things in this bedroom is this little hanging file shelf that I
turned into a little bookshelf I got this off of Amazon this is a real metal
very sturdy and I got it for only $30 I was looking at one on Wayfarer that was
a little bit bigger with but it was kind of the same concept and it was like over
a hundred dollars this one is a little bit smaller but at least it was only $30
so I still got the same look but for a lot cheaper price and I have mentioned
before where these curtains are from these curtains are from Hobby Lobby but
I bought them like two years ago so I don’t know if they
still sell them or not these curtains are not blackout curtains and it is
essential to have blackout curtains in a baby and little kid’s room so they can
actually nap during the day and stuff though I just attached these blackout
liners that I got from Amazon to the back of this curtain and it makes it a
blackout curtain this is what the wall looks like that faces the bunk bed
I kept the same collage up here that I’ve had up here for probably two years
I just really love all the pieces and I love how I have it laid out all of those
decor pieces on the wall are from Hobby Lobby and this white cube storage is
from Walmart I highly recommend these we’ve had this thing for two years it’s
very durable great for in a kid’s room I’ve got all their extra books in this
cube and then these two baskets are empty I used to keep diapers in here but
now I don’t anymore so let me know down in the comments what I could store in
these now and then in all four of these gray bins are just a ton of toys I love
having their toys stored in these bins because they can grab them take them out
to the living room it’s easy for them to pick them up and just put them back in
the bins and stick them back in here this woven basket was sent to me by tiny
yard off of Amazon and I stuck this here to use for their laundry basket instead
of the plastic laundry basket that I used to have here this wooden arrow hook
was also sent to me by time yard and I just hang both of their backpacks on
there this little basket I just keep odds-and-ends items in and this was from
Hobby Lobby I don’t remember where this tray was from but this little sign was
Hobby Lobby this was Marshalls I think we’ve got their camera there so that we
can spy on them and then we’ve got the oil diffuser back there and their little
piggy bank and I got a que for Kyle my five year old and then a o for Owen my
two year old also really love how this little corner turned out I just hung
this chalkboard that I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby right here and
then up here from the ceiling I hung this plant I really love how this just
adds a little bit of greenery to the room and just something different this
macrame plant holder was also sent to me by time yard and then I just got this
bunch of greenery from Hobby Lobby they’re like the best place to go for
greenery and it was 50% off and I didn’t even put it in a pot I just stuck it in
there and let it hang down and the boys just love having a chalkboard in here
but originally we just used like the little pieces of chalk and they were
breaking them and like getting it all over their hands and then the chalk
would get all over this and all over the car
and everywhere it was like okay we got to come up with a solution for this so
down here on the floor I’ve got all of their chalkboard items in this little
tin that I probably got a Hobby Lobby like four years ago I want to eventually
just hang it right here but for now it’s just on the floor so these are from the
brand Melissa and Doug and it is just like big sidewalk chalk that you can
also use on chalkboard in these holders it is just basically the best thing ever
it was a little bit pricey but you can continue to use these holders even after
you run out of chalk because you can just pull the chalk out of it replace it
and then just snap it back down and I literally could not recommend these
enough the boys enjoy coloring on the chalkboard so much more that they have
these they’re really easy for my two year old to hold them in color it’s
definitely worth just paying the extra money and getting these I will link them
down below for you guys these two baskets were also sent to me by time
yard they sent me a whole bunch of home decor a while back I really love this
little woven basket it’s got some little handles on the side and we just have
even more stuffed animals in these baskets I love that these have like this
little leather piece on the handle and as you have gathered from this room tour
we have an abundant supply of teddy bears but you can never have too many
teddy bears right okay boys are you ready to see your new room what do you
think yeah I put a screw in the ceiling what
time is it I’ll show you that cosy okay here we go so cozy no not yet I gotta get it cozy that says mommy you built that what does
that say now I don’t know you wrote mommy thank you mommy you’re welcome
rhyme she mad me okay so I think that’s everything I am very tired this took me
way longer than I thought it was going to it took me all day long plus the
other day we spent like all day long setting up this bunk bed and clearing
out this side of the room so this has just definitely been a lot bigger job
than we thought it was going to be but we really loved how it turned out like I
said earlier you can share all of your thoughts and opinions on this room
makeover down below if you loved it or if you think that I should change
something up you can just let me know down below or let me know what is your
favorite part of the bedroom and yeah I think that is it if you enjoy seeing
room makeovers here on my channel then give this video a thumbs up leave me a
comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new and I will see
you in a few days with a new video bye


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  12. Hi Hannah, I love your videos !!! Where did you get the curtains on your boy's room ?? Could you give me a link to buy them please ??

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