step seven how to create custom images in canva canva also has free images i normally use canva to apply text and other image overlay edits to personalize all my website and social media images it's free and you can import your own images use custom dimensions text and shapes I absolutely love it now we'll go into a text tutorial on how to create a customized image so in the previous video we went over where you can get images let's go in your workbook and click the hyperlink can take you to their website and say I want to create a custom Twitter post now there are all types of options that you can create there's special social media Pinterest Facebook if it's not a social media the image you're looking for you want to create a book cover a blog title a graphic and album cover ebook any marketing materials like Flyers or your business card your logo want to create just a card or an invitation or an ad you have a lot of options you also have the option to use your own custom dimensions if you know what dimensions you want to follow the be when you're done and then you just click design and it will give you a template for those dimensions but for the sake of this tutorial let's create a Twitter post it will tell you the dimensions so it's 1024 by 512 you hover over them with your mouse it will tell you what each dimension is you can even use some of these templates for something else for my headers' I use the Twitter post the headers that are on my website so once you click whoops on either using a custom dimension or a particular icon like a Twitter post it'll upload a blank square for where you can add images now if you are not a designer and you just want something quick and you don't want to grab images and make any kind of crazy edits you can look at the three options that they have for templates for instance there's one here at the top all you do is left click drag it into your box and here's your image and you can change the text by just less clicking on the text and changing the text so change it to my love Saturdays whatever you want if you want to change the font just highlight the text you can make any font chain you want you can change the size you can change the color of the text you can also change the color of the box by just clicking on the box and clicking the different options you can make the text bold it italicize you can align the text you want it to the right or left or Center you create a list you can fix the spacing or letters so we want them wider we want the height if you have more words you can just the height you can even copy say you want this text again you can click copy and you'll give you the exact same copy you can arrange so if you have a picture on top add text arrange it so that it's either backward for you can adjust the transparency you can do this with images as well adjusting the transparency can add length you can also delete and you can when you're done you just select download if you want to be jpg you want a PDF a PNG wherever you want you click download and it will download the image for you you can say what you do stuff but for this tutorial let's just back out and get a brand-new sleep more it also saves what you did in the past will say you want the same type of template we could just click on whatever you did in the past and just change whatever you want to change and then save it and download it for purposes of this tutorial let's customize an image from the world can free links that I showed you so if you do have an image that you want specifically for this post you can upload images here so I have an image I want so all you do is take it from where it is you can either click the upload image upload your image and it will bring up your desktop you can find a folder with images or you can if it's on your desktop or somewhere accessible you can just drag it on you see the plus sign with the green circle and then it will load you can see the green bar loading image now you have it images selected so once you uploaded your desired image you want the box to have an image box over it so that the image will fit the box so to do that we'll go to elements will select grids from the options there is also free photo frame shapes icons but for this we want to select grids only want one image in here you can select any kind of grid you want but I'm just going to left-click and drag it so now that I have my grid for my picture and go to uploads take my picture and drag it by just left click and drag it into the box now if I don't like the way it looks I can always double click it and drag it to fit whatever I want I wanted to show the headphones more so than the screen image so you can play around with it you can also adjust the IMP actual size of the image before you bring it in here if you want the entire image in there I'm fine with this sucks select the checkmark so it stays I say I want to add some special text here in my image I'll just go to text you can select any of the free options here I actually have boxes next to them you can select any of these and change the color you can select just a heading I'm going to select this text just drag and drop that's black I want to actually show up so I'm going to change it to white I just highlight text click on the color select white and now it's white let's just click on the text with the color that's white play the end of the options we mentioned above the previous section these are two different text boxes to change the font of each one to make one bold italicize whatever you want I'm going to take this font down so it's a screen better I'll take this font down as well it's the spoon little bit up where the black part is now you do left click and then just drag your mouth and don't let go and now I have my words my text my changes from now are to motivation Monday obtain tip whatever you want so I like this I like the way it looks this will probably use it as an image from my facebook group or have a special quote for my Twitter profile it's just a nice caching image and I'm just going to select download humbly as a PNG you can change the JPEG or PDF and then select download design now I have my image wine to just save my image you can relate Maine I'm going to save it to my desktop there just press ENTER and now it's a to my desktop you can see right here and that's how you customize or create custom images in canvas


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