Bears and Wolves in Paradise | Wildlife Photography in Eastern Finland – Part 1 | Nikon Z7

I really get to say it now the bear is here it’s 6:00 in the morning let’s go to Finland and see some bears hi folks welcome to paradise we’re in a hide in
Eastern Finland near the Russian border and it really is paradise if you’re a
bear or a wolf or a wolverine because they bring carcasses here to feed those animals and there are lots of hides set out over this little bit of marshland and the hides are all full of photographers
waiting to see what’s gonna come later on in the night we’ve just seen a wolf
quite distant on the other side of this clearing and we’re very hopeful of seeing bears
later on I’m all set up with a camera on the 500mm f/5.6 which I’m gonna be using
I think most of the time but I’ve also got the 300mm already set up on
a ball head and sticking out of the hide because I can swap to that if the light’s
really low or if something comes closer to the hide and the 500mm is just too long and I’ve also put a microphone out through one of
the holes in the hide so with a bit of luck when I’m recording video I’ll actually
be able to get audio from outside and not just listen to us rustling about
inside here oh it’s so exciting it’s an absolute dream come true being here and seeing that wolf already just now was
stunning the weather’s quite overcast and it’s
been showery today but the forecast is of it to be broken sunshine later on
tonight and then in the early morning so I’m quite hopeful that there’ll be
enough light but at the same time it doesn’t really matter if the animals
come and I don’t really get anything more than really grainy photos or video it’s
the experience of seeing them here is gonna be absolutely awesome
it will just be nice to have some cracking photos as well obviously I
don’t know what the collective noun is for ravens but there’s a lot of them right here right I’m just gonna sit here
night wait and I guess if something interesting happens I’ll talk to you again there’s a bear there’s a bear quite far on the other side but something’s also made the ravens all fly up into the trees so there might be another one nearby because the bear ran at some point yeah, there’s a bear there’s another eagle as well it’s immense
it’s just flying it’s gonna next to the other one I think I need to stop doing this
vlogging and actually watch these things the eagle’s landed in a tree and the ravens are mobbing it holy shit there’s a bear right here I really get to say it now the bear is here look at this I’ll just turn you around absolutely insane Ooh, that was absolutely unbelievable the first bear came and it was starting to break into that carcass and then the second bear came out of the woods and casually walked over and the first bear saw it coming and just sloped away and there’s obviously a pecking order and that second bear was at the top of it and it fed there for a bit and now it’s moved off into the woods but all within the first two hours of being here in this hide absolutely incredible so good anyway now we’ve
seen our first Finnish bear it’s time to have some hide refreshment and the
appropriate thing to have of course is a can of ‘karhu olut’ which means bear beer in Finnish Wow, the eagle just came and was gonna land on the carcass but then it just pulled away at the last moment there’s a bear
feeding there just now oh absolutely amazing
yeah so there’ve had been three bears four in fact going backwards and forwards now they’ve
been feeding so at one point two bears were feeding off the carcass at the same
time they were really grumbling at each other but they seemed to be able to get on
with each other enough and there’s an eagle as well as just swooped in a
couple of times but it’s kind of keeping its distance and yeah so we’re still
just chilling out watching these bears it’s absolutely incredible that’s an
eagle flying pass right now actually there are six bears at least I think the
most we’ve seen at any one moment is five but there are at least six because we’re starting to recognize individuals now and it’s really all just going on here
there’s hardly been a moment in the last I don’t know maybe five hours that we’ve
been here that I’ve been able to pick up the Osmo Pocket and actually talk to
camera because it is just all go and by the time you’re seeing this as a video
it might look like everything’s just been cut together to sensationalise it make it look like it’s all action when it isn’t but my goodness it really is I
mean right now let me turn you around if I can I don’t know whether you can see out
of there very well but right now there are two bears on the carcass and a wolf trying
to dart in and a third bear sitting or standing a little bit further
away waiting for a turn and then further over here you may or may not be able to
see there is a fourth bear sitting in the scrub there waiting I’ll just pass
the window there is a fifth bear sitting over there by the woods
and there are two white-tailed eagles somewhere I can see one of them sitting
in a branch up there now I’m recording right now but you see on the back of the
camera may or may not focus right now I’m actually recording the wolf and
these two bears because there’ve been some really kind of
interesting interactions between them the wolf’s trying to dart in and steal some
of the food and the bears have been one has been standing up on its
hind legs and they’ve been growling at each other making incredible sounds
I’ve got a microphone stuck out of the hide connected to the camera and I really hope I’ve caught some the audio becasue that would be really amazing the sun has set now it’s really starting to
get quite dark I switched from using the 500mm 5.6 to the 300mm 2.8
quite a while ago not actually because of the low light but because there was so
much going on so close to the hide I just needed the wider field of view but
it’s now starting to be difficult to take stills at all and it won’t be long until
it starts to be impossible to take video and once that happens it’ll be time to
catch a few hours sleep in the hide here and then sort of wake up very early
hours once it starts to get light again and continue although I don’t know
what there’ll be for the bears to to eat here in the morning because they have
absolutely demolished that carcass over the last few hours so maybe tonight
was the show and tomorrow morning there might not be that much to see but we’ll find out right I wasn’t going to vlog anymore today but yeah look at this this is absolutely ridicululous let me turn you round there’s a bear lying about 20 meters outside out hide it’s just lying on this decomposing plant material here and we think that it’s warm because of the decomposition there we go he’s just on the move now there”s another bear coming to see it this is all kicking off here and I’m just recording with the Osmo I don’t whether that will actually work this is absolutely crazy and also threre’s
absolutely beautiful beautiful bit of sunset going on over there and I don’t know if I can capture that but oh we’d have been happy if we’d seen one bear or even if we’d just seen that wolf
earlier this is absolutely incredible beyond our wildest dreams as to what we’d see here
absolutely amazing now this really is the end of vlogging
for today and I’ll continue this in the morning when it gets a bit lighter well good morning welcome back to the hide in the marshland of Eastern Finland they call this area these hide are
paradise and from a wildlife photography point of view it absolutely is we’ve seen seven bears at most last
night and two eagles and two wolves and any number of ravens and gulls flying around and whatever
editing and whatever I can say to that camera making this video can’t even begin to
describe what a privilege it is to see all this wildlife here and how amazing is
just watching it last night and then this morning
absolutely stunning just lost for words so once it got really dark last night I
went to sleep for a couple of hours and then woke up just as it was getting light again between 2:00
and 3:00 in the morning sunrise is just before 3:00 at the moment yes I came and sat in the chair and yeah there’ve been a couple of bears and two wolves that have been
around this morning but it’s not been the spectacular numbers of last night that’s
actually to be honest more like what I was expecting
it’s pretty cold here the thermometer outside the hide reckons it’s about five
degrees so I’m having to sit here wrapped up in the sleeping bag because it’s pretty chilly actually because you’re sitting still and the wind’s coming in through these fabric openings
where the lenses are poking out of the hide we’ve seen a few interesting bits of
behavior last night in this morning the the eagles while you might have thought that at least when there wasn’t a bear or wolf the
carcass that the eagles would just fly in and lord it over everything and take their
fill they’ve actually very reluctant to come in and get involved instead they’ve
just swooped through and grabbed some tidbits and then flow away to eat them further away interestingly the ravens went to bed while the gulls stayed here all night
and there were no ravens actually this morning until about 04:30 and
then suddenly they all came from somewhere in a big group and now of
course they’re out there making plenty of noise picking over the
last of the bits of the carcass that are left over when we first saw that
carcass yesterday I thought that would be several days worth but it’s been
absolutely demolished in the bears tore it apart and took some of the pieces away and
then this morning the wolves have taken several large sections off into the woodland
they’ve been waiting for an opportunity to dart in while the bears are either busy
facing off against each other or just not at the carcass and the wolves have
darted in taken some of the meat and run off with it it’s been really
interesting watching the different behaviors play out and the fact that there are clear pecking orders in both the wolves and the bears and the wolves seem to know
the pecking order of the bears and which ones they can get away with stealing
from and which ones will put up a fight it’s really quite interesting
photographing and videoing in really low light also really made me appreciate the
300mm 2.8 lens and the fact that once you get into really low light the difference between
f/2.8 and f/5.6 is really noticeable it’s been
very different recording video here and vlogging compared to some of the other
videos I’ve made because last night it was so much activity happening that
every time I picked up the Osmo Pocket some other spectacular wildlife moment started to unfold and I had to put it down again which is you know obviously it’s a good problem to have but I don’t know how this video will turn out it might be
really quite different and of course there won’t really be the same level
and B-roll and scenery although I’ve tried to take some kind of wider shots
through the windows of the hide but it has been absolutely incredible being in the
hide here so I’ve managed to fill two 128 gigabyte memory cards mostly with video I
suspect and we’ve got another hour here before we have to pack up and then go
back to the base camp where we’ll be able to empty the video cards and have a sleep
and then this evening do it all again in a different hide probably the hides here
are really very well set up they’ve got nice long shelves the full length of
the hide that have got holes in and bolts so that you can just put your ball
head there you don’t need to bring a tripod and all along the hide there are nice clear windows that I think have got some kind of reflective coating
on them so that the wildlife can’t see in quite so easily
the floors are nice and soft and then there are beds for sleeping there’s a kind of
porch where you leave your boots and the door from there to the outside is not to
be opened until the guide comes to fetch you in the morning and there’s even a
toilet so you don’t have to leave right so unfortunately this was the
point at which the audio adapter for the Osmo Pocket worked itself loose and so I lost the audio to the last pieces to camera that
I recorded in the hide so I’m having to kind of finish the video from home it
had actually been an intermittent fault on some of the previous clips but I hope
I’ve managed to cobble together a coherent story out of the bits that
still had decent audio it was an absolutely fantastic experience being
out watching the bears and the wolves and the eagles and all the ravens
absolutely unforgettable and as I’ve said already there’s no way that the
video can really convey the whole experience but I hope I’ve managed to
give you a taste of what it was like being out there if you’ve enjoyed the
video please like share and leave a comment and yeah consider subscribing to
my channel while I was editing this video I actually passed 500 subscribers
which is absolutely awesome so thank you very very much for that and yeah it’s
really cool to see that the channel is growing let’s see where we can take it
I’m not sure that I can go out and watch bears every week that’s a bit too
expensive and involves taking lots of time off work but there will be one more
video from the hides in Finland from the second day I’m not quite sure how that’s
going to work yet because I lost almost all of the audio from that one so I’m
going to have to either rerecord the audio or do a slightly different style
of video anyway as always thank you very much for watching and goodbye

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