Badlands National Park, Day 4 (&5) | Analog and Digital Landscape Photography

Good morning guys, so it’s 5:23 in the morning Still one hour till sunrise, but I’ve been driving a little bit around the park just to warm up the car and myself, because it was freezing. it’s 10 degrees out there. I think it went down to 8 I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter. It’s really cold, so yeah Waiting for sunrise. I think I know where I want to go, but there are some clouds there. Let me show you That’s where the Sun is rising from you can see some clouds but hopefully that will be fine. More facts of this morning I can’t make hot coffee because I don’t want to be out there boiling water. It’s gonna take a while and I don’t want to be out there It’s not worth it. I’ll wait until it gets a little bit warmer I was taking photos at sunset time yesterday, and my boots got wet from the snow. Now they are pretty much frozen and completely wet and really cold, so I’m wearing tennis shoes that is gonna limit me a little bit this morning about where I can go because if it’s icy or whatever, it’s going to be very slippery with these shoes For the fourth day the Badlands kept testing my determination They gave me the coldest night of the trip yet Anywhere other than the road was a mix of ice, snow and mud Maybe it was the cold, maybe it was that I was limited to shooting from the road Maybe I was tired after so many nights sleeping in the back of the car Maybe that lack of a warm coffee that morning, maybe a combination of all of this Whatever it was, I wasn’t inspired. I couldn’t find any composition I liked The light was very good and the landscape beautiful, and I was there not being able to capture it the way I wanted So I decided to stop trying and just enjoy Later that day, I tried again and again to hike to somewhere, anywhere and again again, I kept failing Finally I made a hard decision of calling it a trip and leave the park a day early But even though the Badlands had beaten me, I wasn’t going to leave without a fight I had one sunset and one sunrise left, and I was going to give them my best try

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  1. Visto desde casa ,y sin estar cansado,demasiado grande,demasiado anárquico,muy,muy dificil de componer…….y si encima te acompaña el frio,la humedad y mmuchos días solo en lugar tan salvaje… me estraña tu desánimo ,pero ya tendrás algo escondido sin enseñar……

  2. Excellent work, I really loved that cloud image it mimics the formation on the side of the hills well caught.

  3. Very well documented and filmed. I just came across your channel. I have been thinking of making a trip out to photograph in the Badlands, and as you often said it looks quite challenging. I will check out the videos for the days prior. Will subscribe:)

  4. Thanks for the video! 🙂

    I think I've seen you use both now… would you recommend getting screw-on color filters for the bronica or a lee filter system (or similar)?

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