AYPAD Film-making Program Campaign Video

My name is Hannah Babah Richard My name is Mohamed Lamin Kamara Aminata Bangura Ibrahim Alusine Kamara AYPAD is currently trying to find funding to start a filmmaking project During this project the participants will learn how to make films They will learn the skills needed to: write a script, to tell their own story. The funds gained from this campaign will be used to buy video equipment and audio recording equipment In order for these participants to partake in the program. Actually, I’ve seen most of the things that this organization have done meaning – AYPAD. I want to be part of the filming project I’ve seen the things that AYPAD have done for so many peoples and I want to be part of those people. My vision is that I will be expecting a change in me and for me to be a modelist in the filming industry I want to become a world leader because, I I admire a lot of actors and actress and I want to become a director. My vision… be the best female actress My vision is to be as one of the best directors in this country or in the world. I thank you for watching this video and hope you have a great day.

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