Audio Recording with a Canon XH A1 Video Camera : What are Dynamic Microphones?

Now we’re going to talk about a Dynamic microphone.
We talked a little bit, earlier, about it, but the way this is different than the mics
we’ve been looking at so far is that it’s not powered by a battery like everything we’ve
looked at so far. One characteristic of the Dynamic microphone, like this, is it’s not
quite as sensitive as all the more expensive condenser mics we’ve been looking at and,
like I just said, it’s a lot cheaper. Condenser mics are usually high tech, electronic equipment,
like our Lavalier system and even our shotgun mics. But this is like your barebums basic
microphone. Typically, like musicians, especially singers will use a microphone like this and
can get great results. Some of the benefits of using this is not having to use batteries
like our other mics. Not even worrying about that. The great benefit is it’s cheaper and
it’s not like a super sensitive noise pickup like I’m saying. If I hold this mic up and
just talk into it like I’m a reporter, or if I were singing, I was in a band I was going
to get pretty good sound and not have to worry about picking up a lot of ambient noise from
around like our more sensitive condenser mics. Let’s get started setting up this Dynamic
mic on our XH A1.

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