Audio Recording with a Canon XH A1 Video Camera : How to Boom Mount Shotgun Microphones

If you don’t want a camera mount, your Cardioids,
or Shotgun Mic, another couple of options are using either a stand or a Boom. Here’s
a typical Mic stand over here, a really simple stand. What you would do is set your Mic up,
to come off the stand and be pointed at your subject, wherever they were. Most likely from
above them. The other option would be a Boom Pole like this one. Which, obviously, if you’re
using a Boom Pole you’re going to need somebody to hold it over the talent. You know, you’ve
seen the Boom guy before. So a stand might be a better option or your only option if
you’re by yourself, Boom Pole if you’ve got a dedicated sound person. Their difference
being in your setup, you’ll obviously need a longer XLR cable because the input is going
to be much further away from the Mic, depending on on where the stand is. You’ll probably
want a cable that’s extremely long, just one long enough if you have multiple cables to
choose from. If you’re using a stand or a Boom pole definitely use a a Shock Mount which
basically absorbs some of the noises of things clicking together. Because, if you’ve got
your microphone up here and it’s just clicking against this little holder, you’re going to
pick up those noises in your headphones and on your video. Invest in a good Shock Mount
if you’re going to be using a stand for your Shotgun Mic.

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