Artograph Tracer and Inspire 800 projectors w/ Lachri

today I'm going to share the two kinds of projectors that I have personally used and talk about some of the things I like and dislike about both hi I'm Lisa the artist behind law a fine art I think the easiest way to show you guys this is just to go ahead and show you both of these projections in action so let's go ahead and take a look at that the first one we're going to take a look at is the least-expensive this one is very common you see it in most art supply stores this is a autographed racer projector I want to see it runs around $80 that's about what I paid for it years ago and I think the last time I checked it still costs about the same so it's semi inexpensive so the way that this one works it uses a light bulb and a system of mirrors inside to project the image onto the canvas you're going to adjust this nozzle thing here to control how sharp your images are get it into focus in order for this projector to work your room has to be completely completely dark or you won't really be able to see anything and even then the results that you get it's fairly dim it's not the best projects let's go ahead and take a look at it in action so as with any projector you're going to want to make sure that your canvas is at a 90 degree angle in your projector is leveled right at the center if your canvas is slightly skewed it will skew your end result so you do want to make sure that everything is very even and with these projectors especially with this one you will have some distortion of the image itself just because of the nature of how this works in the way that it blows it up so that is something to know when using projectors it's minor it's not a huge deal but it is something to be aware of now the way that this projector works is that you print an image and you set the projector on the image you have to make sure that the image is printed fairly small here's another problem with this one you are printing a small image and blowing it up much larger which means you are not going to see a lot of detail it gives you your general outline which really is all most of us are going to want when using a projector just to save time for the initial outline one of the problems is it makes the image super super hot which is always a bit of a concern to me I have placed this directly on images and it caused the edges of the image to kind of peel because it got so hot the other thing is that this one is a little bit hard to get in the position the right level so I have to play around with putting boxes or books underneath it to get it exactly the right height you can't really put this on a tripod like you can the the projector I'm going to show you in a minute so that is so that really does tend to be a pain but we're just going to set that on the image we've got to turn the lights off in order for this to work now with all of the lights off that gives you an idea of how much detail you're able to see with this image it's not super sharp not super bright but you can see the general outline so now let's go ahead and take a look at my other projector the next projector we're going to look at is the AR DeGraff inspire 800 digital projector this one seems to range in price when watching it on amazon it ranged from around 650 up to 700 so this one is a much bigger investment but it has a lot of bonuses over some of the less expensive projectors so has its own little case it's pretty small it does not take up much space which for me that is a big deal this one has the little hole on the bottom so that you can use this on a tripod which made my life that alone made everything so much easier and being able to use a projector you can set it on a table just like I did with the other one but the tripod definitely is the way to go so this one sets on a tripod it makes it so much easier to adjust everything raise it higher lower move it around it's just that alone made such a huge difference this one comes with the USB Drive so I can just put my image right onto that this also will work wirelessly I have not messed around with those settings I just put my image on this little USB Drive that seems to be the fastest way for me to go so we turn this one on you can see it is super bright I could still that lights on in this room and that is not a problem that is really bright can actually watch movies and stuff I believe on this so I'm going to pull that into focus so I can actually read what it says and there's just a knob on top of the device to do that and I'm going to use the remote control to find my images you just scroll through until you find the image you want look at the detail and actually this looks way better in person I'm not even able to capture all of the detail on the video camera the detail there is in credible you can see every single thing so even if you didn't want to trace if you wanted to draw it yourself if you want to draw all the little details small you can blow them up and see everything I've got lights on in this room and you can still see them I can put more lights on and you will still be able to see this guy perfectly clear so this is one you can use in the daylight with bright sunlight coming in the room and you are going to be able to see everything you could possibly need the quality the image quality is incredible there's just such a huge difference between these two devices one of the problems that the other projector has it's taking a small image and try to blow it up large you're going to lose so much detail everything's kind of blurry you can't really see it and again you have to be in a really dark room this projector gets so bright and works in it just about any lighting situation it's convenient if you're teaching classes you can take this with you and use it you can use it for slideshow presentations I believe watching movies on this one you can do a lot with this very very versatile product this projector is intended for art use so it has a lot of art programs on it that will create grids and whatever you need there I've not used them I really don't have use for that that's kind of one of those optional things but it does have some art features or it is specifically for art this model is the exact same thing as the LG I can't remember the name I'll have the name pop up on the screen exact same unit hardware wise it's got different software because this one is meant for art but you can use the other one which is a lot less expensive I have a friend who uses it for art she just has to do a few things a little bit differently to make it work well for art one of the problems that the LG version has is that it turns itself off or goes into power saving mode after a while when you have an image that's static like this with me I could have this up for hours if I wanted to not that I've needed to have it up for more than five minutes but it could be done with the LG one it wants to go into a power saving mode my friend just puts two images the exact same images and it causes it to cycle through them so if it doesn't power itself off but it works so there are workarounds if you wanted to save some money because that one is a little bit less expensive that one is intended for watching movies and TV and such but the quality is going to be the same it's one of those things that I had to save up for for awhile but it was so so worth it the difference is amazing it really makes my a lot easier now as amazing as this unit is it does have one major flaw and that is in the remote control my first remote control and I've read where a lot of people have this problem the battery pulls out like this so it's got the little circle battery that seems straightforward enough I use these often enough I know how to put them right side up and such they did not want to go in I could not get this to close once I had the battery in it so you have to push really hard and what was happening is once you push hard there's a little metal piece in there the connector that when you push the battery in it causes it to do kind of an accordion thing where it met it pushes the connector all the way back so it can't connect it's a pretty big issue and I wouldn't have known what was happening I just thought I had a defective remote I contacted our de Graaff themselves and talked to a guy who was super helpful he talked me through or walked me through how to pull the two pieces apart on the remote and kind of fix that problem it didn't fix for me mine was too messed up but it's a problem that I guess they've known about they were told by the manufacturer that they fixed it the manufacturer also tried to claim that it was an error in the people who were putting the battery in they were putting it in wrong that's not the problem at all it's a bad design in the way that that connects so they sent me a replacement remote control right away no problem I was actually really happy with our de Graaff I think they handled it so well they were so helpful they never doubted me or acted like I did something wrong which was nice but the new remote same problem I could the battery didn't want to go in and I knew if I pushed it I was gonna end up with that accordion problem again so this time I had to use a palette knife to hold that metal piece down which I wouldn't have known where it was had I not pulled it apart on the first broken one so getting the battery into the remote control is a bit of an issue and if you end up with this device and have a problem just contact our de Graaff they seem very very responsible and they contacted me back right away it took no time to get the new remote and you can use the device without a remote it's just a bit of a pain that and then the price again being as high as it is are the only two real drawbacks I do think it's worth the cost if you're willing to save up for it so it is one that I do recommend I really like this projector thanks for watching if you're new to my channel I have any video critiques every Tuesday where I'm critiquing your all paintings or drawings my own speed paintings drawings in tutorials every Wednesday our Q&A videos every Thursday and artists logs each weekend so if you haven't already I would love for you to subscribe so you miss out on anything and you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ all of the social media sites are linked below in the video description where you can keep up with news my newest work and see real-time clips of whatever it is I'm currently working on I'll see you guys in a few days

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  1. I think there are several HD 1080p projectors for like $70 would work to just project a digital image… but certainly not as nice as what I'm dreaming of, like that Artograph 1000 that's out now. Definitely for someday, when I can no longer find a decent workaround, or for when I just have to have it. LOL! Right now the Artograph 1000 is at $667…but it is certainly awesome, with awesome features for artists….You know, AmazonStore card has 1 year financing for purchases over $600, so….. LOL!!
    HOOOLY.. so the biggest difference is the contrast ratio. The way lower priced projectors are 2000:1 and the Artograph and LG are 100000:1. But then again, would I notice this? idk.. I need a Youtube video review and comparison. Hmm… maybe I just really need this new toy. lol

    If you click on Lisa's affiliate links and decide on a different item, Amazon is still supposed to give credit to her for the entire shopping purchase if purchase is made within the hour or something. If you need more time just click on the link again. lol So basically when you use the links to get into Amazon to buy anything, it would help the person that got you to Amazon to shop. I shop on Amazon for lots of things anyway and use these links to support artists I am thankful for, anytime I'm thinking about buying from Amazon.

  2. im really confused now… it seems like every artograph model is the same as the lg version but cheaper, do they project the same quality if someone knows the answer thank you

  3. désolée, malgré la traduction correcte, le commentaire trop rapide ne permet pas d'apprécier la démonstration qui semble être dirigée vers un modèle précis,le Tracer est tout à fait négligé, au profit du projecteur….dommage pour ceux qui possèdent un Tracer et qui ont des difficultés a bien l'utiliser.

  4. How does the artigraph compare to presentation projectors? Is it more color correct, or have less lens distortion? I've heard the distortion is an issue in projection.

  5. Is the artigraph good for painting murals? I'm looking forward to painting my kids room and want to make sure it can scale to a large wall rather than only smaller canvases. Thanks for the vid.

  6. Hi, I want to save money and buy the LG. Apart from the lack of grids probably and the saving mode you mentioned, do you know of any other major differences that could affect the use of the LG for art?

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