art transformation, draw with me! (honestly please don’t)

I used to be edgy. Not like “I say
controversial things on the Internet” edgy. No. I listened to Skrillex, and I was
12 so this wasn’t “Justin Bieber collaboration” era Skrillex, this was
“screaming and chainsaw noises” Skrillex. [insert screaming and chainsaw noises] I wore all black, I refused to smile, it
wasn’t a good look. I was sarcastic about literally everything– what I’m trying to
say here is I haven’t grown or matured as a person at all since age 12. But, if
you thought my taste in fashion, and music, and lifestyle choices was bad when
I was 12? My artwork was a whole different story. So I guess I’m about to expose
myself. Hi, how are you doing, that’s amazing. Now, I know this is a part of
the video where I’m supposed to effortlessly transition into an ad read
mid-sentence, but this video is in fact sponsored by Skillshare so that is what
I actually just did. I have a list of things I’m supposed to say about Skillshare, like how it’s an online learning community and it has over seven million
users taking over 28-thousand courses, but I say that every time I give Skillshare a feature so that’s why I just said it again. I know a lot of you have
already signed up using my link, and so you know what I mean but those of you
who haven’t? I think one of my favorites lately has been one by Patrick Brown.
Look at this guy’s artwork. An annual subscription to Skillshare comes out to
less than $10 a month, but that’s not counting the two months free, so use my
link in the description and be one of the first 500 people to sign up today.
Literally today. Like right now. But please finish watching the video first.
Now too bad I didn’t have that Skillshare free trial back when I was in my [s k r i l l e x] phase
because my art was– Let’s just say I could have used it. I’ve been avoiding
showing you this for long enough so . . . behold my masterpiece, I believe I was
about 16 years old when I drew this. Not that that really excuses anything. I
mean look at this guy, he looks depressed. But you know what, we’re gonna fix him
right up. A bit of a spice up. A bit of a facelift. A bit of a non-invasive
cosmetic procedure– which you can definitely trust me to perform because I
have a degree. I mean surgery, drawing, I use sharp objects to make pretty people.
It’s basically the same thing, right? Alright, we got ourselves a new canvas. Also,
none of the shortcut buttons on my tablet are working, so that’s fantastic.
So the most noticeable thing for me about the old illustration is that it
has no anatomy going on. I guess I just thought if I could cover it with baggy
clothes, I wouldn’t have to actually draw. It was a valiant effort, I’ll give myself
that. I can’t lie, I’m very glad to be done with the Tati/James Charles
thing. I felt like I was trapped in a Black Mirror episode where the only two
celebrities in the entire world we’re Tati Westbrook and James Charles. You’re
just gonna block in some basic shapes– oh wait, I forgot to draw this on a
different layer so my lines are stuck to the background, You have no idea how
often I start off on the wrong layer. It’s some sort of divine punishment, I
swear. Okay, now that we’ve got them in a pose
we got to add on some anatomy. Even though we are gonna cover it with
clothes later, it’ll just work better overall if the anatomy works from the
beginning. Alright, so here’s the sketch I came up
with. How did that even happen? It’s just wonderful, that’s what it is. So this is the
sketch we have. I like it but we still have a whole lot of work to do. Now you may be
wondering how his hair got so much longer than it was on the original post,
and that’s actually pretty simple: my guy took sugar bear hair and Halo Beauty
hair vitamins at the exact same time, so . . . Doctors hate him for this simple hair
growth trip, and I imagine Tati Westbrook does too. I pretty much kept his outfit
very similar, except I just tried to make it less . . . I don’t know? Now it’s time to go
in with the lasso tool. This part is honestly so relaxing and the lasso
keeps it really really clean. One of the things I was talking about (while I
thought my microphone was recording but it wasn’t, so I’m gonna have to repeat) was
merch. For example, I’m wearing my merch right now. That’s my hat, um you know–
crowdmade dot com slash collections slash D’Angelo, link in description. No
big deal. I’m really sad that my camera wound up not recording the sketch. That’s
so much content I could have used. I could have gotten to ten minutes so easily.
Being a youtuber . . . is one of the hardest jobs you will ever face. Did you see that
everyone was trying to cancel Jake Paul for what he said about Cody Ko? Apparently
he called Cody Ko a cyber bully, and everyone was like “that’s ridiculous”.
I guess everyone knows like, criticism isn’t bullying. But honestly, where was
that same energy when I said LavenderTowne’s anatomy was broken and then
everybody came from me on her Instagram? That was kind of lame. They really
got bent out of shape. Kind of like the anatomy in her drawing.
Okay so now we’re gonna fill this with a solid color. Now that’s clean, that’s what
I like to see. Look at that. Now, where I just realized I went wrong, the original
drawing doesn’t even have any color so I’m not sure what’s supposed to be what.
Maybe he has red hair, who knows. I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn anybody
with red hair before. (ThAt iS nOt coRREcT.) You know what would be really funny? If his
bright red hair contrasts with like, the dark clothes he’s wearing. So you should be
really proud of me, because I actually started recording this video not at 1:00
a.m.! Not thinking about the fact that it
would take several hours to draw, and therefore it’s now past 1:00 a.m.!
I like the shapes we’ve got going on here. Now I’m going to add in a skin tone. Now
we’re gonna do the inside of the Cape. I think it’d be cool to make the inside
of the cape really dark. Can we just get one thing out of the way: I’m literally
so bad at talking and drawing. Let me give you a little background as to how
my youtube channel used to be. So see now, I’ve got like, the green screen and the
microphone, and I’ve got the camera and all that stuff. But, did you know that I
used to just record time lapses of me drawing? That’s it. I would just upload–
Let me show you an example. [S K R I L L E X] Yep. that is what I thought people wanted to watch on
YouTube. Imagine my shock when it never got me anywhere. I had uploaded like 60
of these videos to– not this channel, but a different channel, and I think the most
I ever had was 200 subscribers. See, the reason for this is because people will
like your artwork, but they’re not just gonna watch a sped up version of you
drawing, which I did not realize. I really thought I was on to something. So
there was no commentary, no nothing. No– now he looks like am one of those things
from Game of Thrones. Honestly, I’m so glad Game of Thrones ended. It’s funny
though because from what I heard, the ending was disappointing . . . So you
watched all those episodes, and you waited all those years for a
disappointing series finale? Can’t relate. And honestly, it’s what you deserve.
There was one point where I went on Twitter, just to look for– why was I on
Twitter? Probably to post something terrible, but I noticed that literally
every single thing that was trending was Game of Thrones. All of them. Every single
one. This character I’m working on right now was for a comic. I never actually
told you the story of my comic, did I? Okay so basically, after reading
approximately one page of one comic ever on Webtoon, I knew in my heart: “Oh this is
it. I’m going to become a famous Webtoon artist”. So what do you think I did? Let’s
play a little game. Did I A) sit down and write up a draft for a comic, B) make
a test comic to see, you know if I could actually do what I had just committed my
entire life to, or C) tell literally everyone I knew that was making a comic
before I even started a page. It was so bad that people were waiting, and people
would ask me about it like “I just can’t wait for your comic!” And when I realized
people like, cared, I was like “oh”. In an attempt to
make things better . . . I gave them an exact release date. What
did I think was going to happen? I’m so confused– but yes, I gave him exact
release date for page one of my comic. And I actually made it, that’s the weird
part. I guess the release date gave me
motivation? Because I was able to make that first page easy peasy.
It was probably terrible but– Wow, it looks kind of stylish. But, so yeah
basically page one was just someone jumping into a volcano. Which, thinking
back, may have been a representation of what it exactly was I was i wanted to do at the
time. I had so much pressure on me to finish this comic, but the only one who
put the pressure on me was myself. So I uploaded page one. The response was
pretty much just “Whoa . . . did she jump into a volcano?” You’re just gonna have to read
page two if you want to know why. And if she survived. But mostly like, why. Cuz
that’s probably relevant information. Needless to say, I didn’t get very far
because I didn’t even have an outline. I made one character sheet for one of the
characters– not the one who had jumped into a volcano– and I just somehow
convinced myself that I was just gonna wing it. Um, yeah that one page is the
only one I ever made. The funny part about that story is, it has absolutely no
redeeming qualities for me whatsoever. I guess a lot of youtubers try really hard
to make themselves look really good in their own stories when they retell them, but
I’m just like um “Basically I just lied to a lot of people . . . and they were all
disappointed in me. That’s the story!” Now I got to add in the piercings for
maximum edge. Wow, wig snatched. Alright, I think from here I’m just gonna
draw everything on top. Alright, so guess what! It is 2:30 a.m.! Don’t worry, the
transformation is not complete, I’m still gonna show you the rest of it. I’m also running
out of space on my computer. I have a lot of footage. I am exhausted. As you can see,
he went from an edgy depressed mess to . . . literally the exact same thing but in HD!
So a bit of an HD remaster going on. Anyway, looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes of
content out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think, buy my merch, and
subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you to my 120,000 subscribers. Okay bye. I am so tired of seeing videos
about Tati Westbrook and James Charles. Those are my only two skills and that’s
why I had to become a youtuber. My opinion of her was pretty good, but then
it dropped to lower than James Charles’s sub count. Honestly though, who cares if
flies get harmed, like why is that even a saying? “Oh, she wouldn’t hurt a fly!” Why
not Karen? It’s right there. Kill it. “Cruelty free”. So that’s good to know. Too bad it’s not FDA approved.

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