Art Makes Us | A Dynamic New Centre for the Visual Arts

artists is so many things to so many people and everybody can turn their hand to it assisting which gives them inner peace and and comfort and really at the end of it that's what it's all about we've exploded you know we have so many more artworks that we've acquired we have so many more members and so many more programs that we've literally outgrown the space and it's time to move forward we live in a seismic zone that is something that absolutely must be recognized and we must protect these priceless works that are so important as a story of our heritage and our history the new design is just it's so inviting the pictures make you want to be there something that people look to and go that building speaks to the creativity of this community I think that it it's very important as a trustee that we are stewards and that we are examples for the community and I think that we have to lead by example we're behind it 100% and we'll continue to support it and we hope there are many many others who realize the importance of this new building and what it can do or thank you

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