Art is Hard

As much as I love drawing, painting, art, and all other weird creative stuff. I’m not going to lie. It’s hard.
It gets tough. Anyone can learn to do it. But that doesn’t make it easy. First off, drawing itself is just hard. And you get very frustrated, and your head hurts. And you’re trying to make “The Thing” happen, “The Thing” is not happening. This is not “The Thing”, ….So you stopped. And you have to ask yourself “Oh, Am i actually an idiot?” I can’t do this.
And continuing to do it is going nowhere. But somehow, you just have to move on from that, and keep doing it. And you have to do it again,
and again, and again, And it could either look like it’s getting better, or it’s getting worse, you can’t even tell anymore. But somehow you keep doing it. And then suddenly, you’re done. You did it over, and over again,
and you learned it. And now you can finally look yourself in the mirror,
and you can say, “Wow, I can draw… …..a cube, …..Congratulations to me!” So you moved past that difficulty, And now you’re learning a lot more “Hey, maybe I’ll try drawing some anatomy,
some perspective, maybe I’ll try some forms that aren’t cube.” And you keep doing it And you’re actually using the cube
to learn something different something new,
and it actually works! So you’re learning and trying new things,
and because of that now you’re doing entirely new Original creative work of your own And now you can look at all of that,
all that, art you have made, And you can say, “I’m not very good at this, am i?” Despite all the time you put into this, It’s still not good! And maybe you’ve been doing it for years. And maybe it’s your only hobby now Maybe you don’t even want to mention it to anyone. Because they would be interested to see it, and they would be very disappointed. So somehow, despite all of that,
you just have to keep doing it. And maybe it feels worse now Maybe you lost that initial spark
you have for learning Trying new things and
finding your voice But you have to do it anyway,
cause you still want to improve And maybe it takes years,
and you get better, But there are things
that’s just keep frustrating you, like, “God, if only this was simpler,
Why isn’t this simpler? What am i doing wrong? ……Wait, am I doing something wrong?” And you start to remember that question
you had a long time ago, and you finally have an actual answer “Oh my god, I am an actual idiot!” Because as it turns out, You’ve been doing it wrong! There are things that you didn’t consider how important they were, and as a result,
you’ve been drawing wrong the entire time! So despite all the effort you put in, You have to take some steps back And think, “Damn!, I have some things to relearn, don’t I?” And you can’t help but ask yourself, “Should it really take someone this long
to learn something? That simple and basic? Should I feel ashamed? Can I even remember To draw that cube anymore?” Every artists’ journey is different, Because we all had different strength
and different weaknesses We learn things in different order,
and approach things in different ways, And sometimes it does take us a long time to learn something basic Because every artists’ journey is a personal journey It’s a magical ride! ……of constant humility * cries * The thing about learning art is
that it IS hard It’s a part of a journey,
and sometimes, it requires changing a different set of fundamentals, Who you are as a person and then all of a sudden it’s like,
“wait,” “What do you mean i have to learn to be more productive, To keep a schedule,
and learn how to study efficiently? I never asked for this! I wanted to be an artist!
I didn’t want to become a better person!” So maybe despite all of this, the hardships, the time investment,
the boredom, the difficulty, the pressure, you somehow make it, because somehow there’s something in you
that makes you feel something or something that speaks to you,
that pushes you forward, It’s something that gives meaning to the work, and the studying, And maybe,
it makes you forget about everything else, in these moments, you also worked, you also felt more content than ever So, finally, You had set up a goal to do something And you actually did it! Maybe you used your arts to finish a project, or maybe you got your first commission, Maybe you got a job, Maybe you finally drew that “Thing”! You’ve gone through all the hardships and the difficulty, And now, you can say, “When is this over?” “How long is this going to go on for?” “I was told I would be happy and successful now” “Oh No” No Nonono Nonononono Nonononononono “All of this?” “I hope you liked it” “Because it never, Ends!” Things in general, are hard, And that’s why people give up We have to consistently push ourself to our limits, And we manage to get better because, “Anyone can learn to do it” But most people are not willing to Because maybe, it IS too hard Because we aren’t all idiots
who take too long to learn things The world around us is just very difficult We chose to do something like art Because we saw something in it,
A way to express ourselves And it’s very admirable, and it’s very tough But what kind of person would we be
if it wasn’t that way? We kept doing it Because we don’t really wanna be that person
who you might dream of being, The one who learned everything immediately
Without any effort Because they were never really taught any lessons They never learn anything new They never develop as people What kind of person would that be? Would they even have anything interesting to say? Things are hard, they get tough And maybe, That’s fine. Maybe we need to let things take as long
as they need to take Because its that never-ending creative loop of frustration that ends up giving a lot of meaning to things And we didn’t start making art because it was hard, We wanted to make art. But now all that hardwork has come to define us as who we are as people. And together, maybe one day We can all be people who can draw cubes.

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  1. It is difficult. But I love it. So it’s kind of a masochist thing between me and art. Oh art, you kinky mistress.

  2. I recently started drawing again after a long hiatus of 10+ years. It was scary how fast I got back on my game after doing just a few sketches.
    Recently I undertook a massive project I wanted to do and sell it for charity. I spent 10 days doing it, experimenting, re-learning what I though I had for granted, making mistakes, fixing mistakes, taking risks… sweating bullets while taking risks…

    And I made it. I had made "the thing". But something felt off…. I pushed myself so much during this project… experimented so much… took so many risks…. made so many mistakes… learned how to fix them as well… that it just wasn't enough. I need more. "The thing" as I envisioned it 10 years ago just doesn't cut it anymore… I've come to realize how much I've grown as a person since then…. how much I matured.

    That project, as it turns out, wasn't "the thing". And it's never going to be. Only now I realize that… because now, nothing quite makes the cut. I need to improve more and more. I need to try new techniques, even knowing I could use something more familiar. I need to experiment. This is what it means to be a real artist. The "thing" will never come, and one must keep pushing themselves alwasy to their very limits until the end.

  3. Típico exitismo y pensamiento estoico de que hay que sufrir para tener dicha.
    Muchísima gente se queda en el camino, abandonando frustrada, por tener la vara alta y compararse.
    Lejos de la demagogia, donde queda el amor al arte, la diversión, el juego?.. haciendo un control del ego y la frustración también se puede aprender y estudiar divirtiéndose.
    Y que bajeza insultar a Kim con que tiene la mente vacía sin nada que ofrecer… se nota la envidia.

  4. This actually really helped me, for a while now I have started to feel that maybe I don't want to do art anymore, everything that I tried to draw came out really bad and I had stopped putting in time to draw for myself. Every time I started to do anything I became super frustrated and sad and angry, after mere minutes I would give up, I felt exhausted after completing absolutely nothing. I think that this video just re ignited something that I really needed. Thank you so much

  5. I'm a self-proclaimed artist that doesn't draw/paint.
    An animator who doesn't animate.
    A composer who doesn't compose.
    A game developer who doesn't make games.
    Knowing the basics on how to do each of them is meaningless if you can't utilise that skill and push yourself to get better. You never finish your projects, even the small ones you could do in a week. When life gives you taxes, jobs, food, stress and other errands and annoyances, no wonder people give up on creative endeavours.

  6. Kinda interesting dude, i feel like very identified with this, cause when you are part of this world it, the infinite loop of frustration with little bunny jumps of autosuperation, automatically starts to be part of your life. And i've born in the worst context in worst country to do this (i' mean, not really, but that my excuse to see not every comercial progress in my carrer) and it feels like there's no sense anymore, and somethimes motivation is not enough to keep puting energy into this. But at the end i've started to remember it's not about the money or the popular reception of your work, it's because that thing you created, you designed and developed with your own mind, hand and heart,if you want, it's what you discovered that, maybe it`s not necesary be dramatic here but, is what keeps you in line,at least you don`t feel empty and you have a little sunshine of hope when you realise that you have many ways and spaces to express yourself and thats what keeps you moving to do what you do.

  7. There are artists in every field. Not just hand-drawn images. Thank for for reassuring us that we're having a hard time because life is hard, not because we are idiots.

  8. Art is easy for me because I didn't know I was "learning" something. However, when watching this video I replaced the subject with mathematics and now I feel inspired.

  9. Thank you so much you don't know how much your video helped me, I thought I am a LOSER but no, I am not

  10. Thankfully I'm trying to do 3D modeling and the starting scene has a 3D cube in it. So I'm somewhat of a prodigy, you might say.

  11. I have days when I'm good with art and I have more days when I'm just shit and my hands don't do what my brain tells them to.

  12. I think this can apply to any complex profession: programming, engineering, science, etc. Thanks for the motivation to keep going.

  13. People are so ignorant when it comes to art now.
    They completely ignore how it's never easy, how you can only improve.
    "i cAn oNlY dRAW a stiCkmAn whIlE ThEyRe dRAwinG mOnA liSa!!" -for example.
    It's kind of harmful to other artists in my opinion.
    Those people now expect others to draw something straight from their head in 5 minutes.
    It's not just drawing.
    Imagine you're trying to lift a weight you've been having trouble on, but you just 'can't'.. would you automatically give up? I would without realizing because it's hard to remember you only improve. But.. i am trying to.
    Just a little rant.

  14. Okay, I was NOT expecting this to expose me on that deep of a level. That’s an entire existential crisis but very profound. Good life changes can translate to good art changes. Nice.

  15. it sucks when people tell you to get a real job, or that you cant get rich with it.
    but i know that, and like, i cant do anything else so well yeah.

  16. ima draw a face on a head…. ohh no its and egg head……(nothing until one month later) uh oh is now a demon egg head…….(one day later) oh look its gary the demon egg head thing……. and thats how my gary was made

  17. People saying art is hard, simply doesnt uses references or doesnt try to copy other stuff to learn. Nobody has invented something from nothing, history of art teaches this very well.

  18. My parents didn’t want things to be hard for me which is understandable, but it was as if they taught me that if something is hard, I should just give up because it’s not what I’m meant to do or whatever. I love writing but it’s really hard, I’ve also taken up drawing and it’s pretty difficult. Anyway, I hope you all persevere and create great things

  19. here's the story started . hey zahin . what's the limitation of you . me . idk let's try . i imagine the hell out of everything i see giberish but the more i try the more i see things …… then the things got so real in my mind i can picture it and make it into reality using reality logic. then that's how i become genius as heck.

  20. I wish I could draw stuff from my head. I can make music that I hear in my head an actuality. But I don't know if that's "lesser" than drawing something.

  21. It's not just hard, it's underappreciated. Oh, you're a great digital artist? "Well it's just computer generated art anyways, it can't be that difficult.
    Oh, you're a great traditional artist? "Wow, you're so talented, lucky you."
    Drawing is absurdly difficult? "Pfft, sureeeeeeee…. It's just moving a pen around, anyone could do it for days man!"

    To be honest, I'm surprised there are so many artists that are excellent at all, I mean the game studios sure manage to find them with ease. But it's going to end at this rate. Artists were quite highly valued just a hundred years ago, now they're, at best, middle class, but usually not even that. The fact that there are also 'modern artists' who want to take a literal shit on the hard work of all the real artists, and somehow manage to make millions by doing exactly that, word for word, does not help much either.

  22. Art in other categories doesn't quite feel this way, at least the categories I know, ive found that writing and acting for their own sake have had their own frustrations, but even when it was hard work and I wanted to give up, it didnt feel like that hard of a choice to keep going. Maybe I havent reached enough brick walls yet to have felt truly disheartned or maybe im downplaying my own experiences in my head. But if art is only this hard compared to life and life for alot of people, then thats fairly chill dog

  23. Just, thank you.

    Thank you for making this video I can personaly relate to. Drawing on the other hand is easy. What is hard is to grasp how its meant to be done. I've been drawing for 13 years and it got me nowhere because I just kept drawing, ironically, cubes without giving it a proper thought.

    Days and days I've been drawing from start to finish. It was frustrating. What really helped me is that I, spoiler, changed my aproach. Unleashed my inner child who wants to learn by heart. And I suceeded in that. I no longer judge my artworks because they do not match the image I'm intending to shape. I just go with the flow and guestion my arts with love and care, REASON that they deserve to have.

    I'm bad at giving advices but Nsio artist might help you on your journey.

  24. Ain't this the truth? I thought after years of studying/practicing art I'd come to a place where I'm content with the way I draw. But every illustration I'm criticizing my poses, perspective, or overall composition. And then we all find out our favorite artists go through the same stuff. At least in that, we can find comfort. But maaaaaan I did NOT realize how stressful this path would be!

  25. We can all agree the outside world doesn't see what we see through our eyes. Through our eyes who have seen the dedication and pain we have experienced. Lots of pain. We get criticism, and it's not always good. It's not usually good. Sometimes that criticism is tips on a path away from what we have put in our sweat, blood and tears into to come to the talent and skill we have present day. They say this is a hobby you're over-obsessing about. Our determination to keep pushing through the stress and insomnia to be demoralized by the ones we know. To have cold water being thrown on our fire that took years, if not decades to grow. But do we stop? No. This is us. And this is our future. We can't be guided by "perfect" hands trying to adjust and perfect our life. We are artists. And we own this place. You can't petrify us. You can save your discouraging words and spit them out in a mirror and we couldn't care less. Us artists were born for this.

  26. how i feel about everything in my life. Tho it doesnt help i try to be good at so many things before managing to GIT GUD at anything first

  27. I’m not much of an artist, but I like writing. This still speaks to me on that level of doing it constantly, and it being tiring. While also needing to improve constantly.

  28. I'm in the middle of another "back to basics" stage again, and I guess Youtube knew how badly I needed this video. Thank you for this.

  29. i’m learning how to do gestures and figures right now and it freaking sucks. i worked on a figure for 1.5 hours today and it looks really bad. i’ve got a long way to go but i’m stubborn and refuse to give up

  30. I love this video because I stumbled upon it as I was taking a poo contemplating wether I should continue with a writing I didn’t even know how to begin, but I now know I should just begin, thank you

  31. Just over a year or two ago I had started trying to learn how to draw the human form. I had decided (since I was so new to drawing and art in general) that I would try gesture drawing. I spent the next year or so doing half hour to hour long spurts I’d gesture drawing practice daily (though I was really bad at keeping a schedule). I had seen a little improvement, and decided to try a new program that would space out different amounts of time. For the first 15 or so minutes, the figures looked about the same,, until the ten minute figure. Somehow I had managed to use all that practice from the last year and produce the best, most detailed looking person I had ever made. I even got fabric to look good, despite me never even practicing it. It was the first time I had ever felt real improvement in my skill. I have been able to recreate that figure, But it helps me to know that I might be able to recreate something like that one day.

  32. I’m one of those people who see others succeed so easily where I see I’m struggling. Makes me want to quit, the constant thought of “if they can do what does it matter if I can’t? It’s all worthless in the end.”
    But an unexplainable drive keeps me Drawing and creating.
    I want to quit once I poor everything I’ve got out, and compared to someone else who just whipped it up makes mine look like chicken scratch.

    Just keep moving forward; cause even if you don’t see your hard work for what is, someone else does. Someone’s always watching, looking up to you and taking in tips. It gets really rough, but doesn’t everything in life? Persevere, and grow.

    Wonderful video man.

  33. Art is hard. I know but I never thought that being good was why I would draw. It was something fun and that's why I stuck with it. Even if I didn't know how to do things id always practice on it but I never thought I wasn't good enough cause that wasn't the point. Thats how I kinda went through it

  34. *Ever since I stopped thinking art was hard, I stopped getting art block. Perhaps it takes a long time to get the results you want, but it isn't hard if you want to do it. If you think like that, you'll think of it as a chore. And then you'll burn out.

  35. When im drawing i feel like" it is a prety cool looking drawing! "But after finishing it i feel like "that part is off its pretty bad". Once i drew a face and i was so happy it was my best drawing so i drew it again on a sketch book it was looking good i added hair body and all that stuff after drawing i felt like "thats bad ughh". Good thing tho i managed to get a style of drawing that i felt like it is a decent style (cartoons inspired by turtle amigo steven universe and my old style)

  36. I got good at drawing by doing it in third grade because no one was good at drawing in third grade so when I looked at my own drawings I was convinced I was good so I kept going. I wasn’t good, I was pretty trash. But it was a good thing that I thought I was good because I wouldn’t have kept drawing. I’m glad I kept drawing

  37. In addition to painting only. Looking at those who are better, more famous, more capable, and more social than me.
    Sometimes it's more painful than trauma.
    Every time I encounter the truth, "I'm not special."
    actually I already know it.
    I feel sad because I think I'm trying to deny myself. And I draw porn pictures … I feel better.
    I'll go back to this work.
    So this story is repeated. Forever unless I'm famous.

  38. I lowkey started drawing because I liked the fact that you can create something with a large variety of styles and mediums and how there's no end point for everything. Learned how to master anatomy? How about gestures, then? Okay, nice, but how about background? Plants? Animals? Om

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