Anonymous | Hacktivism – Online Vigilantism | Infographic Kinetic Typography

In 2003 a group of hacktavists drawn together
by sub-board b/ of online forum 4chan were impulsively motivated to focus their efforts
on internet neutrality and online vigilantism. Each comment on b/ is displayed as a publication
by ‘anonymous’, as the use of 4chan does not require, nor display ones personal information.
Resultantly, all communication displayed on the board was a message by ‘Anonymous’,
The birth of the collective, often abbreviated simply to anon, was realised.
Since birth anon has operated as an online community acting toward a loose narcissistic
goal with no official members and no hierarchical structure.
Anons self-indulgent indignation was labeled externally as Anarchist.
Not deterred by the label, anon adopted traditional anarchist symbolism such as the guy fawks
mask. Anon does not use bombs, nor bullets, instead
it beats bullies belligerently by besting them with code and brain not brawn.
in 2008 Cyber Anon met real world Anon when they simultaneously crashed the church of
Scientology website and as many as 10,000 hacktavists spilled onto the streets of the
world in protest of the churches cult-like status.
In retaliation of legal processes against fellow hackers Anonymous, in collaboration
with affiliated hacktivists Lulzsec, stole credit card numbers from sonys playstation
network, damaging Sonys public reputation. In late 2010 Anonymous used ‘strength in
numbers’ take down attacks on the websites of paypal, mastercard and visa for cuting
off finical support for the online whistle blowers wikileaks.
As these examples represent only a few drops in the ocean that is anonymous’ public exploits,
it is little wonder that they are scrutinised closly by the FBI and other government authorities.
Whether you agree with their motives, execution or philosophy; One things for sure; Anonymous
has both undeniable momentum and leverage on the world.
They are Anonymous. They are legion. They do not forgive. They
do not forget. Expect them.

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