Android and iPhone Camera Lens Filters for Better Smartphone Videos!

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  1. I got boya mic .
    What are the . Best settings. That can. Be done to get better results on smartphone. .
    It's CK bhall here .
    Justin u r the best

  2. Hey bro I just ordered this tripod for my ulefone Gemini pro phone can you tell me if it is good

  3. Primal Video is creating YouTube Rock Stars with its awesome content!!! Thanks for the passion and professionalism Justin, love your reviews. Be well and stay encouraged!

  4. Great advice I'm going to use my android phone more to create photography and videos using the tips you've shared in your videos. Keep up the great work!

  5. pls, answer me, what can I buy for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – its have 2 cameras. Will this filter good? The diameter will not small?

  6. Hi, great vid… what lenses do you recommend for galaxy s9? New to the galaxy and android platform use to be iphone user till recent and seems like there are more accessories for iphone for filming and limited to samsung phones… thanks for any suggestions or opinions

  7. I bought Sandmarc's ND filters and Drama polarizer on my iphone 6s thinking they would be helpful when taking pics and videos of planes in air shows. Typically, the sky brightness makes it difficult to center the plane in the middle of the viewfinder when the plane is in the air and thought these filters would help. Not sure yet what combination of NDs and polarizer would be best for this. Indoors makes a big difference, when taking a few shots outdoors, the effect seems to be very subtle. I guess I need to experiment. If anyone has any suggestions on iphone settings which may make a difference, let me know.

  8. You said you will show us your #1 tip on how to get the most out of your video. You just provided a link to another of your video. You could have just provided the link in the 1st place.

  9. This vid was very helpful, but all of the filters are currently unavailable on Amazon (6-22-18) Do you have any comparable alternatives?

  10. Looking at getting the polarization lens to get rid of glares when shooting photos of my acrylic painting in my art studio. Does anyone have any experience with that?

  11. Hi! I've been searching for an Android app that lets you set (or at least view) the shutter speed of video recording. But I can't seem to find it. Do you know an Android app for it? "Open Camera" only lets you set the fps, ISO and a slider for the exposure, but NO shutter speed 😪 Please help! 🤐😘😘

  12. I'm in real estate and I've ordered the Sandmarc wide angle for my iPhone XS MAX. When shooting interior photos, brightness from windows and such are always a challenge. Which Sandmarc filter(s) would you recommend that I experiment with?

  13. THE FILTERS ARE NOT STACKABLE! They clearly were at the time the video was made but the ones I just purchased by following the above link do not stack together.

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