“Anatomía del tiempo”-Reinier Nande [Havana Cultura Visual Arts Project]

My name’s Reinier Nande Pérez. My project is called “Anatomía del tiempo”
[“Anatomy of Time”] We Cubans take taxis in every direction because of public transportation problems. And I realized that taxis… Taxis are like social observatories. So I wanted to build a video-installation that simulated
a big car from the inside, with all the different points of view
you have from the inside. And to play with time and different motifs
that I treat in my work like the panopticon, for example. It’s an idea that I have been working on
since my thesis at the ISA [Higher Institute of Art]. The panopticon conceived by Foucault… He was trying to structure society
from the architectural point of view. And he was referring to the panopticon
as a point of control, a tower surrounded by cells from which a guard observed what people were doing inside the cells but he couldn’t be seen by them. So I like this theory
that I have incorporated into my work. And to me, in the video-installation
the spectator is like the guard in the panopticon. However, in modern society there’s no longer a guard. We are all guards and prisoners at once. It is made up of 4 screens, a windscreen, and three rearview mirrors. The image you seen on the windscreen
are poor neighborhoods here in Cuba. The landscape that you leave behind
are residential neighborhoods. I’m playing with the idea of which things are certain, whether reality is real or not. And I’m also working with time, which I was always interested in since
my first big project, the ISA thesis. So I combined that idea with the panopticon. You have a landscape that moves away
and another one that gets closer. Where past and present can be… You are living in the present while surveying the past and the future. Like a straight line
that expands and shortens in different presents. This program Havana Club
is very important for me as an artist. Because the young generation here in Cuba
had a lot of obstacles to break into the art world. And it is a huge opportunity for me because it gives me the means to carry out a project
that I couldn’t do otherwise.

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